The Best and Worst Teeth Whitening Products

Since hitting the market more than a decade ago, teeth whitening products are impossible to avoid.

If a whitening toothpaste just isn’t your thing, there are strips, mouthwashes, and even at-home UV treatments which are a fraction of the cost compared to a dentist visit. We’ve shared with you some of our best and worst whitening products over the last year.

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Purchase: Pearl Drops Glam White, $8.99

A gentle formula which whitens teeth with daily use over a period of just 2 weeks. Use once a day to decrease the appearance of plaque, remove stains from your teeth, and create a glossy finish which is perfect for sensitive teeth.

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Pass: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, $9.99

While this toothpaste leaves a minty, fresh after-taste, it doesn’t do much to actually whiten your smile. Even when used twice daily for a prolonged period of time, the formula doesn’t appear to remove stains, let alone plaque.

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Ideal for sensitive teeth: Cleverwhite Dissolving Whitening Strips, $29.99

Effective whitening strips are notoriously difficult to get your hands on in Australia. Most people resort to dupes through eBay or other speciality whitening sites, but Priceline offers a great alternative at an affordable price. The whitening strips dissolve into your teeth so there’s nothing to remove, without causing additional sensitivity to delicate teeth.

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Pass: Polident Whitening Cleanser Tablets, $5.79

Although the tablets leave your breath feeling minty fresh, they don’t do much to whiten the appearance of stained teeth. Rather, they are effective at removing nasty plaque from hard to reach places.

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Purchase: Desert Essence Whitening Plus Mouthwash, $5.40

The only mouthwash which effectively whitens teeth after just one week, and is perfect for those suffering from sensitive teeth and gums. Use both morning and night after brushing for a refreshing taste, and whiter teeth.

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Image via The Dental Guide

How To Get A Whiter Smile

Getting a great celebrity smile isn’t difficult to achieve if you have a regular routine and the right tools at hand. We’re not talking about visits to the dentist to get that smile whitened, just a few inexpensive products that will work wonders on your teeth and won’t won’t break the bank.

Avoid food/drinks that stain your teeth

Often a difficult step to achieve, although try to moderate the amount of food and drinks that could cost you that white smile. Some foods that stain the teeth include red wine, coffee, dark juices, beetroot, etc. A great rule to remember, is if the food or drink stains your tongue, then it will surely stain your teeth as well.

Try a whitening toothpaste

Using a whitening toothpaste will help to keep your teeth looking whiter for longer. Look for products with the ingredient ‘sodium monofluorophosphate’ which actively aids in removing stains on teeth, and if used regularly, will prevent tooth decay. Colgate Optic White ($5.99) toothpaste has a whitening formula which dentists use to whiten teeth, specialised for everyday use and used best in conjunction with your usual oral routine.

Eat ‘detergent foods’

Detergent foods help to prevent cavities and assist in cleaning our teeth while we eat. Some great examples would include apples, broccoli and lettuce. They work as a plaque barrier, to actively clean the teeth and prevent stains from other foods.

Staying consistent

Keeping to a regular oral hygiene routine will bring you sparkling white teeth in no time. Remember to brush twice a day, and of course never forget to floss your teeth. Flossing gets to the difficult places where brushing can’t always reach, and cleaning your tongue will eradicate bacteria which tends to spread around the mouth. Maintaining this routine is especially difficult for children, so why not try brushing your teeth at the same time, to make it easier for them to remember.

So those are our top tips to a whiter smile. How do you keep your teeth looking white and fresh?

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By Felicia Sapountzis