Ask Nadia: How Do I Give My Girlfriend Good Head?

SHESAID’s resident sexpert answers your stickiest sex questions every week.

Ask Nadia: How Do I Give A Good Blowjob?

SHESAID’s resident sexpert tackles your stickiest sex questions every week.

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How To Orally Apply A Condom

Most men are reluctant about using condoms, but we have a naughty little skill which may be just the thing to change his mind. Hey, if you have to use them, you may as well use them to your advantage, right! Give him a treat and apply it with your mouth. It’s highly recommended for oral sex as well as intercourse.

With so many varieties and flavors on the market, why not have a bit of fun with them. It’s a lot like turning the humble condom into a playful little sex toy. Go for a flavored variety and add your own edible lube otherwise you will end up with a really awful taste in your mouth. There’s nothing sexy about a mouth full of sickly tasting goo!

Now, don’t assume this is going to be easy. You’ll need to practice so grab some cheap condoms because you’ll probably rip a few. There’s a real art to it. After you’ve mastered it, then you can experiment with different varieties. If you start by using ribbed ones, you’ll probably be a bit out of your league. Keep it simple and work toward the tricky stuff later. Seriously, don’t forget edible lube. This makes the condom much easier to apply and provides extra sensitivity for him.

Step-by-step guide

1. Use your hands to take the condom out of the wrapper. Ripping it open with your teeth can puncture it. Yeah, it’s sexy, but it’s a no-no.

2. Unroll it slightly, taking notice of which way it’s unrolling. It needs to unroll as you lower your mouth, so make sure you have it the right way round. Practice this before you put it in your mouth because if it’s the wrong way around, you’ll have to start again.

3. Apply some lube to your lips, inside the tip of the condom and to the tip of your man’s penis. Like we said it does make it easier to apply and make it more sensitive for him, plus it prevents it from breaking.

4. Pinch the tip before you put it in your mouth. If you place it snugly over the top of his penis, there will be nowhere for the semen to go later.

5. This is when you put it in your mouth. This image should help you understand the positioning.

6. Suck the tip in slightly and hold it in place by putting it behind your teeth using your tongue.

7.  Now that you have it in place, lower your mouth to the head of his penis. You can use a hand to hold his penis so you are in charge of what’s going on.

8. In one swift motion, lower your mouth so the condom unrolls over his penis. Your lips will basically do the work as you lower your mouth. This motion should unroll the condom and position it correctly. Make sure you keep hold of the tip to keep it empty.

9. Use your tongue to flatten the tip of the condom onto the tip of his penis, leaving room for his ejaculation.

10. Position the condom properly using your mouth and tongue, should it not be sitting correctly.

11. If this isn’t working, use your other hand to position it correctly.

12. Add more lube and you are done!

This will get easier with practice. You might find a way that works better for you, because it is a bit tricky keeping the tip in your mouth as you unroll it with your lips. If you find it gets stuck, add more lube.

Try to keep your teeth out of it. Some people use their teeth to unroll it or position it, but when you use your teeth there is a much greater chance of ripping it.

Lastly, give him plenty of eye contact throughout the entire process. Position yourself so he can see what’s going on. Men enjoy visual stimulation, so make a performance and you’ll never have any protest using condoms ever again!

Good luck!

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Ultimate Oral Sex Guide

Do you know how to give the ultimate blow job? Well, there’s not a one-size-fits-all, step-by-step guide that anyone has come up with yet that can satisfy everyone, so why bother! What we are going to tell you is if you want to make his toes curl, the ultimate tip is to talk dirty to him and ask him while you’re down there. There’s not a man alive that has said, “I wish she wouldn’t talk dirty to me.” He knows what he likes, way more than we do, so we don’t need to go there.

Instead, we’re going to offer ways to improve your performance and technique. Stuff like how your attitude affects your performance, ways to reduce that annoying gag reflex, swallowing, spiting alternatives and using peppermint – all to make the experience better, for both of you.

Let us introduce, the Ultimate Oral Sex guide.

1. Attitude

The No.1 way to boost your performance is in your attitude. It doesn’t matter if you suck like a damn Hoover, your man wants to feel like you are loving it down there and the entire experience is irresistible to you. Image if the tables were turned and he had a half-assed attitude, like he was doing you a favour, or worse he didn’t really want to be there and it totally grossed him out. It wouldn’t exactly be a turn-on.

If there are certain things you don’t like or want to do, you need to think about what they are. Either find a solution, get used to giving very mediocre oral sex, or opt out all together and just don’t do it. Sex is about enjoyment for both of you. Your brain is your largest sex organ, so it’s no surprise that giving an incredible blow job needs to start here.

2. Reducing the gag reflex

Now we’ve covered your attitude, there’s lots that can be done to reduce the gag reflex. The key is remember to breathe! The gag reflex is primarily to stop us from choking, so if you are getting oxygen into your lungs, this will reduce it.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Some women have fixed really bad gag reflexes by practicing. The more you practice, the deeper you will be able to go. Other women have recommended throat numbing sprays, like the ones dentists use or sex products specifically designed to reduce the gag reflex. There’s a wide variety of options available.

Position is another key element. Some positions make it better, while others can make it worse. If it’s a problem for you, then finding the right position may be a solution. Also, being in control can be another factor. If your man’s hands are on your head, it takes away your control. You may need them off your head, so bind them up, then you can be in complete control of how deep and fast you go.

3. Swallowing and spitting

Oh, the million dollar question – what to do when he comes? Semen has an unusual taste and texture, so it’s a personal preference whether you swallow it or choose another option. If your man really likes you to swallow and it’s the taste that is the turn off, add some flavoured lube or tasty spread, which will reduce the flavour. Another tip is to have his penis deep in your mouth, so it basically shoots down your throat without touching your taste buds. This is where sprays might come in handy.

If the thought of swallowing is totally out of the question, don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s lots of other things you can do, just before he comes. For example; a popular one to finish him off, is by rubbing his penis between your breasts as you squeeze them together or you could finish him off with a hand job and direct him to come on your body somewhere. Mix things up a bit, get creative and don’t let the prospect of not being able to swallow be the one thing that affects your attitude.

4. Peppermint

If you want to give him a real treat, plus help with the taste, suck on a peppermint or gargle some mouthwash, just prior to oral sex. It will give him a tingling sensation when it comes in contact with his delicate skin. Make sure the actual peppermint doesn’t touch the skin, because it can burn and irritate. This won’t only work for him, but will also feel similar to you, so get him to try it next time he’s heading down there.

We’ve aimed to focus on the most significant things that affect performance. Of course, there’s so much more to it. If you have some secret tips you’d like to share, don’t be shy, we’d all  love to hear about them.

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Pillow Talk – A beginner’s guide

Revving up your motor mouth during sex can add another dimension to the experience. Think seductive, sensual, and raunchy – and don’t forget to have fun! You don’t have to swallow a dictionary to make it work!

Test the water

Not every person enjoys the same terminology during sex talk. Some like it soft, some strong, kind of like sex itself really. In general, guys don’t mind a bit of rough talk in the bedroom, so you really needn’t be too concerned about stronger language. But be warned, if you’re going to use clinical terms, the guy’s gonna think he’s in a Sex Ed class! Start tame and work your way up. Conversely, if his sexual vocabulary offends you, ask if he can tone it down a notch.

Tone of voice

Try lowering the tone of your voice and notice how much sexier and breathier it sounds. It’s also more secretive, more intimate and more inviting ? if he has to listen better to hear you, he’s going to have to come closer. Squealing “oh baby, oh baby” at high range is only going to wake the neighbours and you don’t want him rushing to get finished quickly so no one calls the police!


Let yourself go, girl! Breathe, moan, pant. The language of love and sex is not made up entirely of words.

Good Vibrations

Try moaning while performing oral sex on him. The vibrations will do wonders!


Your lips, his lips. Not quite touching, but try speaking some sexy words into his mouth. Your breath on his lips is very sensual, and prolonging the wait before the kiss actually happens is highly tantalising.


Whispering sweet nothings in his ear can send a tingle down his spine and a surge to his groin. Start teasing when you’re out somewhere together and escalate the suggestions on your way home. When you get him naked, tell him to lie still and let you whisper him into a frenzy.

How to Spice up your Sex Life?

There’s been a bit of a buzz about vibrators at the moment, but there are plenty of other toys and tools out there to help ease you into the wonderful world of spicy sex. Here’s the SheSaid guide to the latest bedroom accessories – you’ll have fun and games in the bedroom and a cheeky smile on your face all week…Sexy massage

Massage is a great way to relax and unwind, but it’s also a great chance to explore your partner’s body (or your own for that matter)! Massage oils and lotions range from the simple unscented oils such as sweet

almond oil to totally indulgent edible massage oil in a wild fruit fragrance. Top tip: Always lay a towel over the bed when using massage oils as oil is notoriously hard to get out of your crisp white Sheridan sheets’.Set the scene

Candlelight is not only flattering, it’s totally sensual and warming. Keep a supply of candles on hand to use when you want to set a seductive mood in your room. Choose from divine scented candles, gorgeous baby tealights or thick beeswax pillars for the ultimate in mood lighting.

That tickles!

French Ticklers have been around for years as a saucy

add-on for sexy encounters. Coming in a range of shapes (and colours) these guys are rolled on the penis like a condom – the end featuring a textured latex or rubber ‘tickler’ designed really tickle your fancy…Use one with your favourite penis or over your favourite battery-power pal. Top tip: Ensure that you use plenty of lubricant when trying out these babies…Oral Sex Rings

Sweet as sugar with the flavour and texture of Gummi Bears, these little treats are designed to be worn just behind the head of the penis – for added flavour! Providing extra incentive for longer licking,

are totally edible Oral Sex Rings and a deliciously devilish way to spice up your next session…Feather sticks

For a simple, playful way to turn your bedroom into a boudoir, invest in a lusciously soft Feather Stick. Use the feather as an alternative to a sensual massage – you’ll have you partner writhing with ecstacy and begging for more. Top

If they’ve been very bad, you can always give them a little spanking with the stick…Sexy supplies

Keep your sexy supplies How to Spice up your Sex Life in a safe place, dedicate a draw in your room to your collection of lotions, potions and more. Not only will this ensure your privacy, but your sexy draw will be the source of inspiration whenever the urge takes you. Treat the draw as a lucky dip – reach in and pull out the first sexy item you touch, then incorporate it into your next steamy session. Lucky dip indeed.

The key to really spicing up your sex life is communication. Make time to discuss different sexual ideas with your partner and create a loving, trusting sexual haven where you can introduce toys, games and more into you sex life. Your only limit is your imagination.

Find out more about the range of saucy, sassy sex products available for beginners right through to sexperts. Visit Sassyroad.com.au for a liberating, discrete shopping experience. You can thank us later 😉