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10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Look classy and comfortable during your pregnancy with a few our favourite maternity outfits, which are also kind to your budget.

Must-have’s include summer maxi dresses, flat sandals, and leggings which can be used to layer up those outfits for the colder weather.

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Kimono jacket

Layer up your favourite kimono jacket which will grow with your bump! To give it a little extra shape, use a midi belt at the waist.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Palazzo pants

Save those palazzo pants for your pregnancy since they are so comfy and cute during the summer. Finish off the look with a denim jacket to keep cozy for dinner.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Shift dress

A shift dress is a must-have for every mum-to-be since it’s so quick and easy to wear! Style it up with heels and a blazer, or wear it during the day with flat sandals.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Knit cardigan

A comfy knit cardigan is the best way to keep warm in the colder weather without weighing down your outfit. Keep the outfit looking its best with casual jeans or leggings, finishing off with ankle boots.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Midi dress

Keep warm with this grey marle midi dress which is the perfect layering outfit. It’s a great option for the later stages of your pregnancy.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas


Whilst jeggings are generally a no-go zone, they are actually an amazing investment for maternity fashion. We love the way Anna Saccone has paired her jeggings with a cute cardigan and flip-flops.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

T-shirt dress

The humble t-shirt dress is another must-have since it’s so easy to layer according to the weather. Belt it at the waist to create more structure, and to show-off your baby bump!

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Long sleeve shirt

Try a figure-hugging long sleeve shirt which will grow with your bump! It’s ideal for the colder weather, and won’t feel too constricting on your bump.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas


A lightweight trench coat is another great layering piece for the cooler weather since it’s very versatile. Belt it at the waist to emphasise your baby bump, or drape it over your shoulders to keep warm.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Knit jumper

Add a comfy knit jumper into your winter wardrobe to stay warm and cozy. Choose a style which is accommodating to your bump, and something you can also use after your pregnancy.

10 Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

Images via Pink Pistachio, Cara Loren, Glam Radar, Anna Saccone, Babble, Pink Peonies, Vogue Spain

Get The Look: Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas and Gifts

With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s time to treat the lady in your life to something special. If your mum is into her fashion, then we’ve got the best present for her!

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Why not get her something special from our friends at THE ICONIC? And while you’re at it, you could pick something out for yourself to wear to brunch or dinner this Sunday.

Outfit 1: Brunch


Outfit 2: Dinner


Outfit 3: Casual gathering


Gift 1: Boots



Gift 2: Handbag



Gift 3: Jewellery



Get The Look: Outfit Ideas For Lazy Days

Picture this – it’s your day off work and all you want to do is grab some brunch with friends. But what to wear?

We have teamed up with our friends at THE ICONIC to bring you some cool and comfy threads which are perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon. Layer these pieces over your basics for a cosy outfit in the autumn sun.

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Get Commando Fit This Year

SHE’SAID’ has been lucky to snag an interview with Commando Steve Willis! I’m super excited to get access to this heavenly hot fitness guru and integral member of Aussie TV’s The Biggest Loser. Prominently dressed in army pants, singlet and dark sunglasses, there seems to be a lot going on for the man behind the muscle. So I wanted to give you a sneak peak before we have our little chat.

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The book – ‘Get Commando Fit’
The Commando launched ‘Get Commando Fit’ on January 27. Combining a 4 week workout plan with fully illustrated exercises and delicious recipes, the Commando motivates and inspires readers using essential building blocks required for a healthier, happier life.

Priced at RRP $29.99 and $16.99 for the e-book ‘Get Commando Fit’  is based on years of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry and aimed at regular people looking to achieve optimal health and well-being.

fitness, workouts, health, Commanod Steve, health and fitness

The program – Get Commando Fit Mission 2
Commencing February 16th 2015 is the Get Commando Fit Mission 2. To provide a little housekeeping info, the cost is $18.90 per week on a 13-week payment plan or $199 upfront. When you consider the cost of gym memberships or weight-loss clinics, it’s excellent value for money. Registrations opened as of January 1, and anyone wanting to participate is encouraged to register ASAP at getcommandofit.com.au.

To give you an idea of the program, it’s essentially a 13-week holistic life changing experience which addresses food and nutrition, movement and work outs plus shifts the clients psychology of these behaviours. Primarily focused on changing behaviours, bad habits and ridding clients of  self-doubt, program developers have set clients of all ages and abilities up for success. They provide everything needed to implement healthy lifestyle changes long term.

The developers include nutritionist Kelly Richardson, Chef Kim Wiggins, Sports Chiropractor Luke Khoury and Sports Scientist Selasi Berdie. With experience acquired in the Australian Army Special Forces, plus being a highly acclaimed CrossFit athlete and accredited personal trainer, the Commando’s unique experience and skill set compliment this highly diverse team.

fitness, workouts, health, Commanod Steve, health and fitness

Based on their combined knowledge and increased understanding of their clients needs, the program now offers even more flexibility. Mission 2 introduces ‘Get Active’, an innovative program which reintroduces movement into everyday people’s lifestyles. It’s perfect for all ages and abilities, promoting movement and healthy eating.

Additionally there’s the existing three tiered levels available. These include: ‘Get Fit’, ‘Get Fit Intermediate’ and ‘Get Fit Advanced’. Layering various abilities enables clients to get ultimatum satisfaction out of the program. Therefore the program now caters for people wanting to begin a health and fitness regime right up to advanced athletes and military personal searching for ways to vary their routine.

The program itself includes an introductory week, which provides upfront fundamentals and education. This is followed by 12 weeks of workout plans, daily recipes, healthy meal plans and the Commando’s motivation videos. Clients also receive regular individual performance and progress monitoring, ‘squad’ training to encourage group development and participation, plus motivation from the Commando himself to maintain motivation to keep going and inspire people to live their lives to the fullest.

fitness, workouts, health, Commanod Steve, health and fitness

This is certainly what Commando Steve Willis has done. From being a Commando in the Australian Army to TV personality, his upcoming interview with SHE’SAID’, will be one worth reading. In the meantime, if you’d like find out more about his book ‘Get Commando Fit’ or Get Commando Fit Mission 2 head to getcommandofit.com.au.

Image via booktopia.com.au

Corporate-Wear Essentials For The Office

Do you find yourself constantly looking for workwear even when you are not in the office?

Look smart and stylish by investing in timeless clothing pieces mixed with a few fashionable trends to spice-up each outfit. We show you just a few different pieces you need for a day at work, or even appropriate for an interview coming up.

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Silk shirt

A button down shirt is a wardrobe essential, purely because it can be worked into a variety of different outfits. Our first rule is to never buy online; you need to try on a few different shirts in person, and settle on a fit which flatters your body.


Try a sweater or button down cardigan for those chilly days in the office. These are more casual pieces which can be refined by choosing the right accessories. A statement necklace or belt are good options if you need to give your outfit a trendy twist.

Corporate-Wear Essentials For The Office

Cropped pants

Rather than wearing jeans in the office, choose a pair of smart, cropped pants instead. Not only are they flattering to every body type, but you can also experiment quite a bit with colour. Black, navy, grey, and even off-white pants are deemed appropriate with the correct footwear.


Ankle boots

If stiletto pumps or flats just aren’t your thing, choose a happy medium with a classic ankle boot. Stick to black just to be safe, and stay away from trendy hardware such as rose gold which can look a little tacky.


Fitted blazer

Any corporate look isn’t complete without a fitted blazer during the colder months of the year. Choose a collared blazer which suits your body type, and isn’t too oversized either. This shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with just a black wardrobe; grey, white, navy, and other colours are also appropriate if the rest of your outfit is relatively toned down.


Pencil skirt

An essential is of course the black pencil skirt which most women wear every single day. Invest in a comfortable material which doesn’t crease easily (no linen or silk), and of course, flatters your body! Complete the outfit with nude pumps or a simple pair of ballet flats.

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Image via Fashionsy, The Teacher Diva, The Classy Cubicle, Pretty Designs

How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Outfit

Sometimes the hardest part of getting up in the morning is deciding what lingerie is going to complement your mood and outfit. Whether it is a casual white tee or a silky blouse the right bra and brief combination can completely change how you feel and look. Shape, size and fit of your underwear can transform any outfit from drab to fab.

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Keeping skin tone in mind

There are a range of colours that we can be drawn to, but they don’t always work with our skin tone. It’s important to select colours that accentuate our positives, rather than detract. For instance, if your skin tone is porcelain selecting colours such as red, navy blue and deep pinks help to complement the skin. Whereas, skin tones that are more bronzed suit, creams and peaches.

Investing in comfortable basics

In our day-to-day lives, having some comfortable support is something we can count on. Investing in a basic bra in either black, white or skin tone, is a great asset to have for any wardrobe. Having a couple of options and simple cuts that work with different tops and dresses makes the mad dash out the door for work, or your event, that little less stressful.

Mixing and matching colour

Lingerie is something to have fun with and experiment. There is no rule to say you can’t experiment with your colour options and have red, pink, blue and green in there. Printed lingerie is also a good way to mix things up if you’re more inclined to go for a pop of colour too. The space between your torso breaks up the colours so you can feel free to mix and match. One key thing to remember with colour is to make sure whether it can be seen through your outfit. The last thing you want is your bright red bra strap taking the limelight from your outfit.

Shapes to accentuate your outfit

Lingerie isn’t just another item to add underneath your clothing, it’s helpful in gaining the desired shape you are after for your overall outfit look. For instance, sweetheart necklines call for a push up bra and body conscious dresses can be improved by having underwear that holds us in more tightly.

Buying tips while in store

Personal preference plays a huge factor in deciding what to wear, ultimately the decision comes down to you and how the lingerie makes you feel; sexy, happy, cool calm and comfortable. Get to know yourself and remember only you know what feels comfortable. Most of us won’t be comfortable in wearing under garments that don’t fit right or suit us, so pick something that you know you won’t be adjusting all day.

This article is courtesy of select lingerie retailers, Bendon and Simone Perele, at Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne. For more information visit www.uhfo.com.au or follow on Facebook.com/UniHillFO and Instagram @UniHillFO

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

While we all receive invites alerting us of an upcoming wedding or two, for some the stress of ‘what do I wear’ kicks in months before the date’s even been set. Try and put together an outfit by adhering to the dress code, and you’ll be able to find something that is appropriate and comfortable to wear for the big day. We’ve outlined just a few outfits below to help inspire your own for that summer or winter wedding.

Summer wedding

It seems as though summer weddings are easier to dress for, since the weather is warm and won’t require a shawl, cardigan or even a jacket. Florals are always a great trend to wear in the spring/summer seasons, together with bright colours such as pink, orange and red.

If you’re heading to an outdoor wedding, try to think about your shoes beforehand. Garden weddings are quite popular, although that will be the first and last time you wear those brand new stiletto shoes in mint condition. Instead, opt for a block or stacked heel which won’t sink into the grass. Keep to dark colours such as black, burgundy and grey since they are less likely to stain from the great outdoors. Or you could always wear some flats if this is just too much to handle.

For the reception, feel free to bring along a shawl (since the air-conditioning could be blazing inside), since it’s best to be prepared for all types of weather.

Winter wedding

After watching my mother busily prepare for a wedding just last week, it dawned on me how difficult it was to dress up for a winter wedding. If you plan to wear a summery outfit, make sure to bring a coat. This will keep you relatively warm throughout the day and you can easily take it off once it’s time for the reception.


It’s probably best to stick with skin-colour hosiery if you do plan to wear it with your outfit. Not only will it blend in seamlessly into your look, but will also keep you warm throughout the day. Remember to finish off this look with closed boots (avoiding open toe sandals) and a silk scarf if you’re worried about the cold.

Can a guest wear white?

It’s often implied that a guest wearing white to a wedding is highly frowned upon, but should it be? A quick internet search will generate a variety of pages against wearing white to a wedding, if you aren’t the bride yourself. I do admit that I have worn a white dress to a wedding; once. I wasn’t shunned or bad-mouthed in any way (at least I don’t think so). But have I worn white as a guest to another wedding? No.

Many people will believe that a guest wearing white to the wedding is disrespectful to the bride. If you find yourself in this predicament, simply pick another dress! Everyone has different views and opinions, so it’s best to play it safe in this situation. Save the white dress or ensemble for another event instead.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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