I Seduced The Pizza Guy And Had The Best Sex Of My Life

I was hungry for something, and he delivered. 

February 1, 2017

Raunchy Romance Read After Hours

He found the back zipper of her skirt and drew it down until the skirt slipped easily to the floor. His erection strained against his briefs as he gazed at the white lace garter belt holding up her navy stockings. It was as if she?d dressed this morning with him in mind. At every turn, she revealed more of the woman he?d been waiting to find.

She stepped out of her skirt and kicked it gently to one side. ?Are you going to be naked, too?? she murmured.

He forced his attention from the garter belt and what lay beneath it so that he could look into her eyes. ?Would you like that? Or do you want ??

?Yes. Take off your shirt.?

Wordlessly he pulled it over his head and dropped it to the carpet.

?You look strong.?

?Strong enough for what I have in mind for tonight.? Holding her gaze, he knelt in front of her and ran both hands down the silky length of her leg. She was warm and quivering beneath his touch, and the scent of temptation drifted from between her thighs. Gently he eased off one of her shoes and caressed the sole of her foot. She moaned. ?I want you.?

?I know.? Unfastening her stocking, he leaned forward to flick his tongue over the bare skin of her leg as he rolled the stocking down her thigh and over her knee.

She trembled. ?I want??

?What?? he whispered, running his hands down her other leg and slipping off the second shoe.

?I want you to??

?Tell me. Tell me your secrets.? The mounting tension made him fumble taking off the other stocking. His tongue seemed to sizzle against her trembling thigh.

?Make me come.?

His heartbeat thundered in his ears. ?And how would you like me to do that??

She cupped the back of his head and guided him to the triangle of lace and silk nestled below the garter belt. Her plea was low and urgent. ?With your tongue?please? I can?t wait??

As if he could resist, once he was this close and surrounded by her scent. His mouth watered. ?When you?re completely naked,? he whispered, nuzzling the damp silk of her panties.

November 11, 2003

Raunchy Romance Read Silent Desires

His hands grazed the soft skin just under her arms, bare from the cut of the dress. With his thumb he reached out, letting the pad tease her erect nipple. Joan closed her eyes, her head tilted back, and Bryce placed a gentle kiss in the soft spot between her neck and collarbone.

“More,” she whispered.

“Shhh,” he said, then brushed a kiss over her lips. “My payback, my rules.”

She whimpered in response, a soft needy sound and once again Bryce almost lost control.

He didn’t though. Not yet. Not until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He moved his hand, and lowered his mouth to her breast, suckling her through the thin, purple material. With his other hand, he returned his attention to her thigh, stroking up until the tips of his fingers brushed against the lace of her panties.

She shifted her stance, widening her legs to give him better access. Bryce smiled. The woman knew what she wanted, and damned if Bryce didn’t want the same thing?

“This?” he whispered, tracing the pad of his finger over the elastic band between her crotch and her thigh.

“Yes,” she murmured, then shook her head. “I mean no. More.” She forced the words out. “Bryce, please.”

“More,” he repeated, feigning confusion. “You mean like this?” He cupped his palm, and then stroked his fingertips over her satin covered mound.

Her panties were damp, and she bucked against his hand, an involuntary movement as her body demanded even more.

He shifted their positions until his legs straddled her, and her opposite thigh was pressed against him. His erection rubbed against her leg and now he moaned in pleasure, his body tightening as her sweet heat stroked him.

“Bryce.” His name was a whisper, but it was also a demand. He slipped just the tip of his finger under the elastic, barely grazing her flesh, and nowhere near the wet spot where he knew she craved his touch.

“Like that?” he said.

“Dammit, Bryce, Touch me,” she said, her voice low and delicious. “Touch me or you’re really going to learn about payback.”

October 21, 2003

Raunchy romance read Silent Desires (contd)

He laughed but complied. He’d been torturing himself as much as her, and the truth was he wanted her. Wanted to watch as she melted under his touch. Wanted to look into her eyes as he made her come.

Roughly, he pushed the crotch of her panties aside, and then slid his fingers through her slick, wet curls until he found her centre. Her breathing was uneven, punctuated by low murmurs of “yes” and “please.”

He didn’t disappoint. He slipped his forefinger and index finger inside her, cupping her sex with his palm as he stroked her. He felt himself harden as he continued the erotic rhythm, sliding in and out in slow, deep movements designed to take her right to the edge.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, God, yes” A pause, and then “But what part of ‘more’ don’t you understand?”

Her words worked magic on him, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Enough with the slow teases and the slow builds. He wanted her, and he wanted her now.

He shifted them, taking her in a deep, passionate kiss. At the same time, he urged them, moving as one, across the room until she was pressed up against the pillar that marked the end of the living area.

Her breath came fast, her eyes widening in both question and excitement.

“”More,” he said simply.

A smile touched her lips. “About damn time.”

Her fingers reached for the waistband of his sweats, nimbly untying the knot that held up the pants. She released the drawstring and the garment slid down over his hips. He hadn’t worn underwear and now the cool air acted as an enticing counterpoint to the heat generated between the two of them.

She reached down to cup his balls, and then stroked him. His body rocked, and it was everything he could do not to come right then, as her touch sent about a million volts of pure electricity racing through him.

Gently, he tugged her hand away. “Not yet,” he said. “Not unless you want a different ending to this show than the one I had planned.”

October 21, 2003