There are plenty of people who will tell you that it’s impossible to balance a successful career and raising a family. So why do we give them oxygen and doubt our own...
Are you thinking about separating from your spouse? Before you do, make sure you’ve thought things through – emotionally and practically. Hickman Family Lawyers have put together a list of questions you need...
These days the average five-year-old has had 1500 images of themselves uploaded to some form of social media.
Controversial opinion: ‘daddy issues’ are just another excuse to treat women horribly. 
Go ahead, #ArrestUs for exercising our fundamental human right of choice over our bodies. 
My daughter just stands in the shower, and stares at the taps.
Our girls can be more like boys — but for goodness sake, don’t let our boys act like girls.
The trauma from parental incarceration can have a profound impact on families.
It’s an odd feeling to be turned off by a compliment.
    I’ll be receiving “The Worst Parent at the Park Award,” again.
When did we start defining imperfection as “everything’s falling apart”? When did we start billing a rough day (or week) as abject failure?
My anxiety doesn’t mean I can’t be a good parent. In fact, it makes me a better one. 
Most weekends, my $43,000 salary was going toward rental cars, hotels, and eating out with Cameron.
Just because I made another human, does that mean I’m forced to pretend I love every second of raising him?
I regularly see that the mother is by far the active or ‘hands-on’ parent, not by a small margin but by a long shot.
Eventually, I’d learn to hold myself the way my mother couldn’t.
Each new baby represents more claims on your time and energy.
What kind of message am I sending to my children if they only see me dutifully existing? 
The real reason I’m worried about sending my kids to school is that I’m going to be alone.