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5 Winter Trends From Haute Couture Fashion Week

From Elie Saab in Paris to Valentino in Rome, Haute Couture Week sent its share of lust-worthy pieces down the runway. We’re counting down just some of the top trends of the season to give you some inspiration for glamourous nightwear.

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Embellished dresses

Where: Elie Saab

Nobody does glamourous nightwear like Elie Saab and this season offered a generous helping of sexy gowns and mini dresses. Extreme attention to detail and meticulous tailoring made this collection one of our favourites of the week.

Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris5 Winter Trends From Haute Couture Fashion Week

One shoulder dresses

Where: Valentino

Valentino went back to its roots in Rome where Valentino Garavani himself founded the couture label in 1960. Views of the Piazza Mignanelli set the perfect atmosphere for the summery clothes and accessories to follow. Our favourite? The one shoulder dresses which were inspired by Ancient Rome, equipped with golden wreaths and gladiator sandals.

5 Winter Trends From Haute Couture Fashion Week v2


Where: Jean Paul Gaultier

What could be more Parisian than a striped shirt? Jean Paul Gaultier took it back to basics this season with what he knows best. Stripes were found in tights, the lapels of blazers, skirts and even fisherman caps.

jpg1 jpg2

Maxi dresses

Where: Atelier Versace

Donatella Versace took the couture label to the next level by embracing the best parts of the 1970s – maxi dresses and platform heels. The colour palette remained true to Versace’s style in soft pastels and silhouettes.

5 Winter Trends From Haute Couture Fashion Week versace1

Bouclé jackets

Where: Chanel

With a star-studded ensemble including Kristen Stewart, Stella Tennant, Lara Stone and Cara Delevingne, the casino quickly took it’s form in true Chanel style. The bouclé jacket has become an icon, ever since it was created by Coco Chanel herself in 1954. Karl Lagerfeld continues this traditional each year and puts his own quirky spin on an old classic.

chanel chanel1

Images via Style, Now Fashion

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

With fashion month continuing in Paris, we take to the streets to bring you some of the best outfits of the summer. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a night out, or simply something new to add to your wardrobe, we have it covered with out ten favourite looks from Haute Couture fashion week.

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Bomber jacket

One thing your wardrobe needs all-year round is a bomber jacket. This classic style is suitable for both day and night, plus it looks amazing layered over anything!

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Coloured leather

Make leather work with your summer wardrobe by choosing coloured pieces and saving the black for winter. White denim is the best way to make this look work without sweating it out in the heat.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Cropped pants

Stay cool this summer in a pair of cropped linen pants paired with a button down shirt. The material is breathable and won’t feel too harsh under the humidity of the city.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Slogan t-shirts

Bring out those slogan t-shirts from the 90s and use them to dress down a classic summer outfit.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week


Just because summer has arrived, doesn’t mean layering is no longer allowed. Wear your favourite palazzo pants with a lightweight skirt, and sandals.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Asymmetric pieces

Make like Elena Perminova and take an asymmetric piece and pair it with mini shorts for the day. This look is so effortless and can be easily transformed into a evening look with a small clutch and heeled sandals.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Gingham print

If you’re going to wear one print this summer, make sure it’s gingham. This style is always in fashion and is a chic and sophisticated older sister to nautical stripes.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week


Suede mini skirts are back and bigger than ever this season, especially with a 1970’s vibe. Pair yours with a classic button-down shirt and lace-up sandals for the summer.

8 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Images via Now Fashion, Tommy Ton

Will France’s Crackdown On Thin Models Affect Australia?

When Paris, the fashion capital of the world, moves to ban super-thin models in an attempt to combat anorexia, the rest of the global industry takes notice.

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But what impact, if any, will this have on the way Australian modelling agencies and fashion festivals do business?

French parliament last Friday voted to criminalise modelling agencies’ use of critically thin or malnourished models; sparking protest from some key French industry figures who accused the government of confusing anorexia and thinness. The tough new measures will see modelling agencies caught using models under an as-yet-unspecified minimum body mass index (BMI) face the threat of up to six months in prison and a hefty fine of €75,000 – about AU$108,000 – for flouting the law.

model ban. anorexia, BMI

Up to 40,000 people reportedly suffer from anorexia in France; 90 per cent of whom are girls and women. Spain already bans models below a certain BMI from working at Madrid fashion shows and Italy orders health certificates for those on the catwalk. And the new laws back recent research by the London School of Economics that imagery of ultra-thin women does significant and measurable psychological damage to women and young girls.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, the head of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, which will this year be staged from August 23-28, expressed grave concerns over how France’s tough new super-skinny model ban would be policed. MBFF director Lindsay Bennett (pictured) strongly agrees the fashion industry has a duty of care to only book healthy models, but questioned whether it’s fashion designers, rather than modelling agencies, who should be held accountable for the use of super-skinny women and men on the catwalk.

model ban. anorexia, BMI

“Anorexia and eating disorders are an illness and should be managed in a professional way by the appropriate people – to prevent a girl (or guy) who may appear thin (or a lower than normal BMI) from working – could further harm her just as much as ignoring the signs, so it needs to be carefully and professionally managed,” Mr Bennett says.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so I thought. Agencies represent models of all shapes and sizes, be that plus-size, short, tall, black, brown, and every shape and colour inbetween.

“For a Government to impose fines or imprisonment is certainly a different approach. How this is policed would concern me. Most young people today gather their information from the internet so how this is also policed is a far greater challenge. And BMI is a difficult way to assess if a model is too thin or undernourished.

“And it’s the fashion designers who are looking for models to fit a specific size – and not the agencies. So, should not the pressure and penalty be placed on designers if we are to go down this path?”

model ban. anorexia, BMI

MBFF has never used unhealthy or too-skinny models, Mr Bennett says. “What we have set in stone at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in year one was a model guideline for only booking models that were not too thin or appeared to have any issues,” he says.

“In the nine years that we have been staging this event for the state [Queenland] we have never been criticised for booking anorexic models – guys or girls – and if a model did cast for us who, in our opinion, looked undernourished, we would speak directly with the agency to covey our concerns.”

Jodie Bache-McLean (pictured), director of both June Dally-Watkins (JDW) and Dallys Model Management, agrees it’s the expectation of the clients – fashions designers the world over – which is to blame.

social media predators, business expert, career advice

“There is an issue with body image with young women today and it’s not just within the modelling industry,” Jodie says, “I have a deep concern about young women’s body image and how they see themselves. They aspire to unrealistic images which they see in the media and on Instagram.

“I believe the expectations from international modelling agencies is the key problem – girls are expected to be unrealistic measurements – size zero or 34, 24, 34 inches, which is so tiny. I would rather a girl didn’t work overseas than have to fit these unrealistic measurements.”

MBFF is this year celebrating its tenth anniversary. It will now showcase the best of spring/summer style from the historic John Reid Pavilion at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Images via Twitter, The Social Standard, fashion-weeks.net

Pixie Cut: Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Book that next appointment to your trustworthy hairdresser for one of the most popular hairstyles of the entire season, the pixie cut.

Not only is it so much easier to maintain (say goodbye to your blow-drier), but  it’s totally on trend this season, and looks amazing on blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike!

If you need a little more convincing, we have rounded up some of our favourite pixie cuts of the A/W 2015/16 season below.

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Blunt bangs

Where: Chanel

Straight, blunt bangs where one of the biggest trends from Paris Fashion Week, especially since they help to carve the swinging sixties set. Ask for additional layers if you hair is thinning out, since it creates the illusion of instant volume.

Pixie Cut - Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Side fringe

Where: Burberry Prorsum

Bring some edge to your hair and chop a side fringe. It’s low-maintenance when compared to a front fringe, an can be easily pinned back if you’re having a bad hair day.

Pixie Cut - Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Slicked back

Where: Derek Lam

Choose a slicked-back look for those days when you want your makeup to do the talking. To keep all your shorter layers in place, comb a mousse through your ends and secure with a thin elastic.

Pixie Cut - Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Hair accessories

Where: Dolce and Gabbana

Don’t miss out on those romantic hairstyles featured at Dolce and Gabbana, just use these tricks instead! Choose some classic floral hair accessories and pin them on the thicker parts of your hair.

Pixie Cut - Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Asymmetrical cut

Where: Emilio Pucci

To modernise your classic pixie cut, try a slightly asymmetrical chop – which is shorter on one side, and longer on the other.

Pixie Cut - Cropped Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Images via style.com

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Get inspired by New York, Milan and Paris fashion week and try some new fashion, hair and beauty trends from all the latest shows.

Since collections mostly focused on autumn and winter weather, we are now in the perfect climate to leave that summer wardrobe behind and try something a little more darker for the cold weather ahead.

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All white

Where: H&M

Who cares about #allblackeverything, this season it’s all about the matching white ensemble. We can call it our winter whites, but make sure to you have a stain remover on hand!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Graphic liner

Where: Rochas

The makeup artists at Rochas stepped up their game this season with oddly wearable, graphic eyeliner. A little more Edie Sedgwick (who couldn’t resist a slightly 60s reference), worn with a clean face and unkempt brows.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dries Van Noten

It looks like Amal Clooney single handedly brought back the high-glove trend, and we’re definitely sitting on the fence with this one. But who could resist the bourdeaux-coloured pair making their way down the catwalk at Dries?

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Front fringe

Where: Giorgio Armani

The front fringe was definitely a central theme (no pun intended) at Giorgio Armani’s show over the past week. If you do get remorse from the chop, simply divide your fringe in half and grow it out!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dsquared

The bigger the better, right? Keep warm this winter by wearing thin layers that work well together. It might just give you the perfect excuse to rock those stiletto sandals even though the temperate is getting frosty.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Big belts

Where: Versace

It was all about the big, statement belts at Versace, which are perfect for cinching the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Bally

Usually one to stick to neutral colour palettes, Bally showed a different side to their collection with fun, bold pieces. Although the silhouettes remained quite classic, the rest of the outfit really did the talking.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Statement brows

Where: Jil Sander

Big, bushy brows aren’t going away anytime soon, and the makeup artists at Jil Sander made sure of it. Use a pencil to fill in any gaps and set with a clear gel to tame any flyaways.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Rodarte

Classic tweed blazers made a comeback at Rodarte this season which help to refine any type of outfit. Of course elbow pads are optional.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Lip gloss

Where: Burberry Prorsum

Who could forget their first lip gloss? That sweet-smelling formula which stuck to almost anything and was so difficult to remove! Finish off your look with a touch of lip gloss (the formulas have changed, we promise), and dab some highlighter on your cupids bow to give the illusion of bigger lips.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Images via style.com

Versatile Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week

If you need a little inspiration for the new season, then it’s perfectly coinciding with the end of Paris Fashion Week.

Whether you have an upcoming wedding, work event, or simply need to switch-up your standard hairstyle, then the following looks will surely work for you.

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Where: Louis Vuitton Fall 2015/16

Temporary coloured hair is the new black. Why? It can easily wash out (well, in a matter of 6-8 weeks), and is perfect for those who want a bit of a change. Baby pink works better on girls with blonde hair, whilst darker shades such as blue and green are better if you’re a brunette.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Saint Laurent Fall 2015/16

Bangs, a front fringe, or whatever else you want to call it were on display at Hedi Slimane’s presentation for Saint Laurent. Choose a cut which ends just around your lashes, and curl inwards with a brush for a perfect look.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Lanvin Fall 2015/16

The humble braid returned at Lanvin this season, which is a low-maintenance way to wear your hair. Pin back any loose strands and tie the end with a simple black ribbon. Très chic!

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Isabel Marant Fall 2015/16

For a quick and easy hairstyle (which can hide your second-day hair), try the bun as seen at Isabel Marant. Apply some hair oil onto your palms and massage gently around your ends, then wrap and secure with an elastic.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Maison Margiela Fall 2015/16

Not only did this show mark the long-awaited return of John Galliano, but also crimped hair. Models had the front layers of their hair crimped, but in a subtle way. Combine with lots of dry shampoo for a truly voluminous look.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Images via style.com

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

With another season of fashion week done and dusted, we love nothing more than to trend forecast for the new season. With a focus on easy, ready to wear clothing, the catwalks of Paris already showed some key trends which we can’t wait to try ourselves.

From established fashion houses to new designers making a name for themselves, below are some of our favourite looks of the week.

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Where: Louis Vuitton Fall 2015/16

Nicholas Ghesquiere presented a wearable collection for Louis Vuitton this season, with an emphasis of graphic prints and cosy knitwear.

Faux fur played a big factor in the first half of the looks sent down the runway, and we couldn’t resist this monochrome shearing coat.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

Black lace

Where: Valentino Fall 2015/16

Aside from Derek and Hansel’s return to the catwalk, Valentino offered a huge selection of dainty, evening dresses for all seasons. Our favourite? This black lace gown with sheer patches and riding boots to match.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks


Where: Stella McCartney Fall 2015/16

No need to sugarcoat it, but a classic, white bustier was probably our favourite piece from Stella McCartney’s latest collection.

But it might have something to do with the pearl accessories which really made us head over heels for this entire look.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

Skinny scarf

Where: Chloé Fall 2015/16

Inspired by the free-spirited style of the seventies, Chloé designer Claire Waight Keller embodied Parisian chic with sheer blouses and one important accessory, the skinny scarf.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

Double breasted coat

Where: Nina Ricci Fall 2015/16

The bigger the better was the motto at Nina Ricci this season, with large, double breasted coats adorned with gold hardware covering dainty dresses made of lace.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks


Where: Maiyet Fall 2015/16

It’s all about the statement blazer for the autumn/winter months, and the designers at Maiyet didn’t disappoint with their version.

A deep v-neck was accompanied by a fringed hem which made the outfit pop.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

Cropped trousers

Where: Barbara Bui Fall 2015/16

Cropped trousers weren’t only trending at Barbara Bui during fashion week, other designers such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Balenciaga embraced this look for the chilly season.

A perfect length if you want to elongate the leg with a pair of stilettos, or keep cosy in ankle boots.

Top Fashion Trends From The Parisian Catwalks

Image Now Fashion, Style

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

As the last leg of Fashion Week quickly comes to an end, the images of fashionable attendees are still rolling in.

Taking inspiration from Vogue editors, buyers, bloggers, and even the photographers, we show you some of our favourite trends from the autumn/winter season.

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Big coats

The bigger, the better! Oversized coats have been trendy for the past two seasons, but this doesn’t mean that they’re outdated.

Christine Centenera isn’t afraid to play with colour, and was spotted in this green oversized coat exiting the shows at Paris Fashion Week.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Detailed shoes

The eye is in the details, and these pair of Christian Louboutin heels were on everyone’s Insta-feed after the shows in Paris.

Worn with a long green parka by TSUM buyer Natasha Goldenberg, they seemed to be the focal point of her entire outfit.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week


A large-brimmed fedora hat is perfect to keep the sun away during the summer, and keeps your head warm in the winter. This particular show-goer paired her fedora with a thick, comfy sweater and leopard print brogues.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week


Large shearling coats took the place of leather jackets this season, and minimised the amount of layering for the cold New York City snow.

Who doesn’t love a classic, all-black outfit during the winter?

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Key chains

Those adorable key chains you accessorised your bags with in the 90s are back and bigger than ever this season. We spotted a number of show-goers clipping them to their keys, purses, and even a Saint Laurent handbag!

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week


Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty was spotted wearing another big trend, the beanie!

This subtle accessory keeps your head and ears warm from the winter chill, and conveniently rolls into your handbag once you’re inside.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Double Denim

Blogger Lorna from Symphony of Silk showed us another way to make double denim work in all seasons.

The formula? Pair with a logo or statement jumper for best results. A knotted silk scarf completed her outfit, and gave a nod to her blog – all in a days work!

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Mom jeans

Remember those old, high-waisted jeans that your mum would wear in the 80s?

They’re back in fashion, with a number of bloggers, and stylists sporting them in various washes this season. Pair with ankle boots and a blazer for instant-glam.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Wrap skirt

The wrap skirt is a hit each season, but we didn’t think it looked this good until blogger Camille Charriére was spotted in this khaki version.

Wear with a pair of killer stiletto’s during the evening, and zip ankle boots for the day time.

9 Major Street Style Trends From Fashion Week

Images via Collage Vintage, Style.com, Tommy Ton, Vogue Paris, Athens Street Style

90’s Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

This autumn/winter season designers were taking inspiration from the nineties to create those bold, sultry looks which pop on the catwalk.

Big brows, kohl-rimmed eyes and lined lips were just some of the trends making it big in 2015. What are the rest? Find out below!

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Dark eyeshadow

Where: Christian Dior

Blending out the eyeshadow at Christian Dior was overrated this season, with makeup artists choosing to create a dark, statement eye.

Start with a beige shade to cover the entire lid, then layer on each shadow before finishing up with a shimmery metallic (best for photos).

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Lip liner

Where: Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane didn’t disappoint this season in the makeup department by pairing a bold eye and a dark lip. Use a lip liner to carefully highlight the shape and size of your lips, then colour the rest in with a glossy formula. Re-apply as needed.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Grunge eyes

Where: Diane von Furstenberg

The grunge look was back better than ever at DVF with models sporting one earring to match.

A blending brush will be your best friend for this look, to perfectly create a subtle smudge on the inner corner of your eyes. Use with cream eyeshadow since it’s so easy to blend and creates a lived-in look à la Kate Moss!

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Purple lips

Where: Marc Jacobs

Create the perfect lip stain by applying just one coat of your lipstick, then blotting it with a tissue. Not only does it help the colour settle into your lip lines, but it also enables it to last longer without a touch-up.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Dark brows

Where: Isabel Marant

Keeping with the 90’s theme, brows where filled in at Isabel Marant this season. The natural look was embraced with hardly any maintenance, and who really cares if they don’t match your hair colour, right?

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback


Where: Rodarte

Remember those old glitter stick-on’s you would place strategically around the eye and lash-line? Rodarte created a similar look this season to really make the entire look sparkle on the catwalk.

90's Makeup Trends Making A ComebackImages via style.com

5 Trendy Hairstyles Straight From The Catwalk

What better way to gain some inspiration than off the catwalks of Paris during Haute Couture.

The top designers not only showcased some amazing makeup and outfit looks, but the hair was also one to watch for 2015. From Versace to Chanel, we show you some of the hottest hairstyles which you’ll be wearing over the next few months.

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Where: Valentino

Italian fashion house Valentino brought back braids this season, and accessorised each with dainty flowers and clips. This is the perfect heat-proof style which stays in place all day long, and brings all the attention to your outfit.

5 Trendy Hairstyles From The Catwalk


Where: Chanel

Remember the last time you had a full-fringe? It was probably back in the 90’s and most likely accompanied by a bum-bang and acid wash jeans. Karl Lagerfeld is bringing back this ode the nineties, albeit in a chic and sophisticated way. Keep layers long and wispy to frame the face, and make sure hair is squeaky clean to pull off this look.

5 Trendy Hairstyles From The Catwalk

Hollywood curls

Where: Zuhair Murad

Bring back those hot rollers to create this classic look which will never go out of style. Tight curls were accompanied with a sleek look, and glossy red lips which exude Hollywood glamour.

5 Trendy Hairstyles From The Catwalk

Super straight

Where: Atelier Versace

Versace relied on their signature sexy locks to wow the crowds this season, and created a classic winged liner to go along with it. To make your hair last the distance, use a super-strength mousse to weigh down any curls.

5 Trendy Hairstyles From The Catwalk

Slicked back

Where: Armani Privé

Who could resist a slicked-back hairstyle for the summer season? This style says in place all day (even if it’s super windy), and looks amazing for almost any event. Warm the gel between your fingers, then apply directly onto hair. Comb out for best results, then fasten into a bun or ponytail.

5 Trendy Hairstyles From The Catwalk

Images via Style, Now Fashion

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your Wedding

Tired of all the mainstream makeup looks that brides are constantly using for their wedding day? What a coincidence, so are we! Rather than wearing the same-old glossy lip and dewy skin combination, we have pulled some inspiration from the recent shows at New York, Milan and Paris fashion week which are also appropriate for any bridal look!

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Dewy skin

Where: Valentino Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Well, maybe we love dewy skin a little bit too much to let this one go! For this look you don’t need to venture out and create a large contouring spectacle of yourself. Keep it simple and use a foundation which is almost identical to your natural skin tone. The only way to make this look natural is by buffing the product really well into the skin – by using a Beauty Blender.

Lightly run some cold water over the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, then dab the foundation into the skin. Make sure to moisturise well before applying any makeup, since this is a foolproof way to avoid any dry patches.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingBronze cheeks

Where: Balmain Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

If your skin needs a little vitamin D before the big day, don’t fret! Bronzer can be your best friend if applied correctly, and more importantly – blended out really well. Bring a little life to your skin tone by concentrating the product onto the apples of your cheeks, and blending it out into the hairline.

Dip the blush brush lightly into a cream or powder, tap it against the lid to remove any excess product, then apply onto the cheeks. It’s always easier to add more product, since this look can be extremely sun-kissed if used incorrectly – less is more.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingLip stain

Where: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Too scared to go for a bold-lip on your wedding day? Choose the second best option and try and lip stain instead. You can still use your desired lipstick, but there’s a slightly different process to mastering this look. Firstly, you need to exfoliate your lips really well – a few days before the wedding at least.

Take a clean toothbrush and run it across both your top and bottom lips to remove any dry patches or excess skin. Then apply a hydrating moisturiser and let your lips soak in the product before applying the lipstick. We have a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply a lip stain, which will tell you everything you need to know.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingCat-eye flick

Where: Emilio Pucci Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Did you think we forgot one of our all-time favourite looks, the cat-eye? Give this classic flick a bit of a modern twist by drawing the flick just above your lash line. If you suffer from oily eyelids, you might want to avoid this – since it probably won’t last very long without smudging.

The best way to master this look for all eyes is to keep the flick small and close to the lash line as possible, especially if you have hooded eyes. Use an eye primer before starting, and dab it into the eyelid until it’s completely set.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your WeddingStrong brows

Where: Boss Spring 2015 Read-to-Wear

Regardless of your makeup look for the big day, you cannot forget to fill in your brows… ever. Depending on the shade of your brows, you might need to use 2 different shades to achieve a natural look. Take turns between applying the product and using a brush to make it look like it’s your own – this is the best way to achieving flawless brows each and every time.

If your brows are a bit unruly, run a little eyebrow gel into the arch to keep it from smudging throughout the festivities.

5 Unique Makeup Looks For Your Wedding

Images via Style

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week

With Paris Fashion Week wrapping up in the next few days, who has time to view all the latest shows that were on offer for spring 2015? We’ve done all the trend forecasting so you don’t have to!

With designers such as Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mugler, and making headlines this season, below are just some of SHESAID’s five favourite trends of the week.

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White lace

Where: Chloé S/S 2015

Head designer Clare Waight Keller continued the Chloé legacy by sending girly dresses down the runway for next spring/summer season. Who doesn’t love a little white dress during the warmer months of the year? Models accessorised these looks with simple hair and makeup, and of course a staple summer sandal – the gladiator.

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion WeekPower suit

Where: Acne Studios S/S 2015

Swedish fashion house, Acne always delivers with their strong collection of minimalist-inspired threads. The main attraction for us was definitely their take on the power suit – and showcased a deep V neck and wide-leg pants which are a must for the spring season.

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion WeekCrop tops

Where: Mugler S/S 2015

Looking at towards evening-wear options, Mugler offered a solid amount of red carpet looks which are definitely inspired by the crop top. Supermodel Karlie Kloss wore one of the best (and final) looks of the collection, which was a crop top with a sexy metallic trim. Pair with a asymmetric skirt for a flawless look every single time.

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week Fringe

Where: Isabel Marant S/S 2015

Probably one of the coolest fashion houses at the moment is Isabel Marant, and this collection surely didn’t disappoint. With not a heel in sight, models were instead wearing flat t-bar sandals which made the looks so much more realistic. Fringe skirts and frayed shirts were one of the main looks from this collection, and will surely sell-out once the collection hits stores.

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion WeekJumpsuits

Where: Balmain S/S 2015

Head designer Olivier Rousteing brought back the iconic jumpsuit, albeit with a sexy twist. The top half was more tight fitting, and featured two cut out pieces which balanced out with the lower proportions of the outfit. Pair with stiletto heels for a perfect look on a night-out, or even an alternative to an evening dress.

Spring Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Images via Style and Now Fashion

Get The Look: Collette Dinnigan’s Romantic Hairstyle

The TRESemme Australia team, lead by UK stylist James Pecis, created the delicate “innocent” inspired hair as seen on the catwalk at Collette Dinnigan’s Spring/Summer 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Dinnigan worked closely with Pecis on creating the hair for the show, inspired by the youthful innocence of David Hamilton images. James then took these references and gave the hair a very modern and relevant fashion feel.

We think this would make a pretty, romantic wedding hairstyle. Here’s how to get the look direct from the backstage team:


1. Start off the look by using TRESemme Salon Finish Control Mousse – starting from roots through to ends on dry hair.

2. Then blow dry hair to give it ultimate fullness and texture.

3. Once the hair is dried, separate the hair into sections and spray it generously it with TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, applying it this way (section by section) helps to give the hair a light and fluffy texture.

4. Then set the hair with 19-inch curling irons alternating sections giving it a natural and organic look and curl to the hair.

5. The hair is then back-combed. At the roots take two lines diagonally back from the temples and  use  the TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray one inch away from hair, then back-combing to create a brillo pad cushion to hold the pins.

6. Create a side part on the right side, at the recession, and roll the hair away from the face and back pin it. Do the same on the other side, rolling the hair away from the face and pining it with French pins, then finish off with a light spritz of TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray.

Are you a fan of this romantic hairstyle?