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How To Take The Sore Out Of Coldsores

If coldsores are a recurring nightmare for you, you are not alone. Up to 80 per cent of the adult population are infected with the cold sore virus with approximately 30 per cent having apparent reoccurring outbreaks. Health and beauty expert Fiona Tuck, MD of Skinstitut Australia and author of the myth minx, investigates what cold sores are and can they really be banished for good?

Cold sores are characterised by painful, burning or itching clusters of small blisters usually found on the lips and oral mucous membranes. Cold sores (namely herpes labalis) are due to a virus called HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus which, once transmitted, can remain latent in the nerve root ganglion of infected individuals. After the initial infection this dormant virus seemly disappears only to be reactivated under stress. Reoccurring breakouts have been found to be more common in individuals with high stress levels such as personal trauma, emotional stress and work levels such as personal trauma, emotional stress and work-related pressures.

Additional stressors that may attribute to reactivation of the virus include:



Physical and emotional trauma

Compromised immune system

UV light

Diet can also play an aggravating part and high sugar, refined carbohydrates and high arginine consumption has been found to further aggravate this condition.

When the herpes virus invades a cell it alters cell metabolism causing it to synthesise virus specific proteins high in the amino acid arginine and low in the amino acid lysine. A diet high in lysine and low in arginine may well assist with the inhibition of the virus.

Minimise arginine-rich foods such as:

Nuts and seeds

Grains (eg. wheat, oats, rice, corn)





Berries grapes, garlic, orange juice

Eat more lysine-rich foods such as:


Beef, lamb, chicken and turkey

Brewer’s yeast

Dairy (eg. milk, cheese, yoghurt)

Fruits and vegetables particularly avocado, beetroot, apples, mango, pears

Supplemental lysine can be taken prior to an expected outbreak such as prior to a stressful event, surgery or an intensive skin treatment such as a chemical peel or laser treatment.

Over the counter medications are also available for topical application to a lesion and prescription med­ication may also be taken to prevent an expected outbreak. Colloidal silver (available from health foods stores) is a wonderful natural treatment to heal and clear breakouts. The liquid can be applied topically to the lesion and reapplied regularly to speed healing time. Application prior to the lesion at the dreaded tingle ‘I can feel an outbreak coming’ stage can also be beneficial in preventing a blister from actually appearing.

So whilst we cannot ever get rid of the virus we can certainly help prevent cold sore flare ups by look­ing at stress busting techniques such as yoga and meditation and controlling dietary intake of lysine and arginine rich foods.

Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

Paris Hilton performing in his new movie (no it?s not porn). Apparently Award-winning director T Rajeevnath thinks Paris would be perfect for the role of Mother Teresa. The reason for this decision is because he was impressed that Paris refused to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Although his casting agents in California have contacted her, he admits that she is up against some competition. “There are several actresses willing to play the role of Mother Teresa, the most widely respected and loved person, the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role would have to be analysed thoroughly before she is chosen.” Hmmm, Paris is a lot of things but we?re not sure ?widely respected? is one of them. The English-language film will be mostly shot in West Bengal and overseas.

Oprah’s exclusive radio deal
Oprah is already adored by fans of her daytime talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, but now she?s hoping to build a new market. She has recently signed an exclusive three year agreement with XM Satellite Radio which will see her host a new radio channel called Oprah & Friends. The satellite station will feature daily segments on a variety of topics including nutrition, health, fitness, home and self improvement. Hosts will include popular guests of the show including Nate Berkus and Marianne Williamson and will also air a weekly reality television radio show with Oprah and her friend Gayle King. “Together with my friends, we look forward to creating programming that will entertain, inform and inspire our listening audience on XM,” says Oprah.

Neve Campbell, star of the Scream horror franchise and the 90?s teen weepy Party of Five is engaged to actor John Light. Apparently the 31-year-old Brit dropped to one knee and recited Shakespeare to his 32-year-old love. Neve split from her former husband Canadian actor Jeff Colt in 1997 and has also been linked to John Cusack. The pair are yet to set a date… Mel Gibson has decided that his private Fijian island isn?t quite home yet, so he is shipping in his own 8 lane bowling alley. Mel bought the 5,411-acre Mago Island in Fiji in late 2004 for $15 million, but after Fiji?s only bowling alley closed down, he decided to ship it across to his island. No doubt his seven children are thrilled, they get a personal lane each with one to spare!

Beckham’s close shave worth $5 million bucks

Beckham’s close shave worth $5 million bucks

Beck’s close shave
Recent revelations about David Beckham from the ?Sleazy Senorita? and the Aussie callgirl obviously haven?t hurt the soccer stars marketablitity. The UK’s News of the World has now reported that Beckham has just landed a $5 million dollar deal with Gillette to star in a worldwide advertising campaign. A highly placed advertising source told them: “Gillette landed him before the scandal – but believe it’s done nothing to dent his marketability.” According to the leading UK tabloid newspaper, Beckham will appear in adverts around the world promoting razors and shaving foam after Euro 2004. The source added: “If anything, David is even more popular than ever.”
Can?t wait to see the spin on that campaign. See how using Gillette razors can help you escape a close shave with your wife? Do you think that has any thing to do with his new ?do? ? appearing with wife Victoria last week with his blonde locks shaved off?

We’re yet to see the end of Paris
One night in Paris
Just when you thought we had heard the last of this taudry little sex scandal, Paris Hilton‘s infamous home video of her having sex with former boyfriend Rick Salomon is going to be released in adult film stores. Red Light District Video, a suburban Los Angeles porn production company, said on Thursday it has acquired rights from Salomon to distribute the full 45-minute video under the title One Night in Paris. A spokeswoman for the company said the homemade tape, parts of which surfaced last year on Internet porn sites, will be released commercially in adult video stores on June 15. Ohh goody can?t wait for that one to hit our local Blockbuster store!

Michael Jackson, in court on Friday
Jackson sacks lawyers
Just days after being charged with child-molestation charges, Michael Jackson has sacked his two A-List lawyers Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman. He has replaced them with just one attorney, high-powered criminal lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr. Published reports state the King of Pop tried to acquire Mesereau’s services previously, however the attorney wasn?t willing to divert his attention away from defending 1970?s TV star Robert Blake for the shooting death of his wife in 2001. In a statement released on Monday, Jackson said ?Let me make it clear, I have not replaced my defense team, I have replaced the lead attorneys?. According to Brafman, the decision was ?unavoidable under the circumstances? and “based on recent developments and discussions with various persons in the Jackson camp.” Jackson is expected to plead not guilty when he appears in court on Friday.

A not happy Britney Spears
Spears in tears
Britney Spears is making her way to London for the European part of her world tour, however her life apparently isn?t all roses. Earlier this year she was seen frolicking on the beach with her new man looking carefree and happy. All that has changed, however, with the release of new tabloid reports. Apparently her new man hasn?t been honest with her, omitting to tell her he has a wife and children at home. Britney was seen sobbing on the way to the airport before boarding the plane to London. According to reports, this tearful display is just another sign that Britney?s mental health is unstable. Her unhappy state is seen in her new video clip Everytime, which shows her overdosing on pills and slashed wrists. The suicide scenes had to be removed from the clip before its release due to the outcry in the US. There are also rumours the star is using prozac and binge boozing all in an attempt to overcome her depression.

Belated birthday for Robbie Williams

Belated birthday for Robbie Williams

Happy returns Robbie!
Robbie Williams celebrated his ‘surprise’ 30th birthday last week at Skibo castle, the same place Madonna and Guy Ritchie tied the knot in 2000. Williams’ family organised the five-day long knees-up for around 50 guests as a belated birthday at home for the star, who celebrated his official birthday days earlier with friends in LA. Williams is back in the UK following his hectic international touring for his latest album Escapology. The wild birthday celebrations apparently featured a good-natured send up by UK TV presenters Ant and Dec, of UK TV show Family Fortunes. Hilarious!

Paris, bucked and bruised
Pony Paris gets bucked
Show pony Paris Hilton has been thrown by a horse while filming the second series of her reality TV show The Simple Life. Reports from the States reveal that while Paris was taken to a local hospital following the fall, she was never admitted and left a short time later suffering only bruises. It is not know whether the celebrity fashionista was wearing pony skin boots at the time of the accident.

Heath on love and Naomi
Heath on Naomi
During a recent interview to promote Aussie outlaw flick Ned Kelly which opens this week in the US, Heath Ledger spilled the beans on his relationship with fellow thespian Naomi Watts. “Having a relationship is not challenging at all. I think people desperately try to make it challenging for us by assuming and creating stories or just being interested in us. But love is love. If you’re in love, it’s easy and it’s hard in a good way. Our relationship is everything a healthy relationship should be.” Ohhh! He sounds like the perfect boyfriend – sensitive and good looking.

Big mouth strikes again
Wedding bells for Kylie?
Rumour has it that the songbird has taken matters into her own hand, asking boyfriend French actor Olivier Martinez to be her husband! Go girl! But far from being a private moment for Kyles, news of the impending nuptials was leaked by younger sister Danni Minogue after a big night out with friends last week. Minogue the younger apparently revealed of the June wedding, “They’ve been thinking of Paris, Sydney and Barbados, but it’s probably going to be where it’s the hottest,” reports Britain’s News of the World. Thank for the free PR little sis. Not.

Paris and that Sex Tape

Paris and that Sex Tape

Hotel-chain heiress Paris Hilton is probably wishing the Internet was never invented. Photos allegedly depicting her private parts have been doing the rounds of inter-office emails internationally. But if that weren?t enough to make the party princess blush then a fiasco involving a videotape, just might. Apparently Paris? ex-boyfriend, Rick Solomon is suing Paris and her family for almost $14 million dollars for slander! Solomon claims the socialite was an “active participant” in making the naughty video, but that she and her family have attempted to portray him as a rapist to protect her image, now that the tape has been publicly aired. Just two months ago Paris denied the existence of the tape and told a New York magazine that Solomon was “a complete liar and scumbag.”

In an attempt to try to salvage some kind of dignity from this drama, Paris’ publicist, Siri Garber, says Paris is portrayed on the tape as an incapacitated “victim,” and “can’t even get up” over the course of the seedy encounter. In his counter claim, Solomon?s representative argues “Any reasonable person who views the tape will surely conclude that Hilton was fully aware and cognizant of everything that was happening throughout the videotaped encounter and freely engaged in a wide variety of sexual activities with Solomon.? But with plot thickening faster than pea soup, Solomon has now starting proceedings against an Internet porn company for more than $13.5 million to stop distribution of the sex video he made with the hotel heiress and party princess three years ago. And the Hilton family lawyers don?t want to be left out either. They are now threatening legal action against anyone who distributes the tape or fails to destroy their copy of it. Ohhh stay tuned to see how this drama unfolds!

Hugh Grant wins Brit acting award

Dashing eligible bachelor, British actor Hugh Grant was the toast of the recent 12th Annual BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards. Grant was presented his award for Excellence in Film by his old mate and once-rumoured romantic liaison, Sandra Bullock. Grant was seemed genuinely surprised and somewhat humbled, telling reporters he was thrilled to receive the award. “It’s very nice, I don’t get very many prizes ever especially for acting so it’s a rare event,” said Grant. Fellow Brit Rachel Weisz called Hugh Grant the modern b>Cary Grant.

But his latest flick Love Actuallyfrom the Working Title production team responsible for Four Weddings and a Funeral only received lukewarm reviews from the Yanks at the world premiere of the film in New York. The flick has the cream of the crop in terms of British talent, including Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, who are predicting that the romantic comedy will be a worldwide hit, all graced the red carpet in Manhattan. But the New York Times ridiculed the movie as an “indigestible Christmas pudding”, but the influential American Associated Press raved about the movie, saying it would leave “a big, silly grin on your face”. We say, if it?s anywhere near as hilarious as Four Weddings then the Australian audiences better brace themselves for a huge hit down under!

Win a holiday to Bali
Win a holiday to Bali