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Brighten up your next party with drinks the color of the rainbow.

October 7, 2016

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Keep the kids amused this summer by throwing a small party with their friends at home or the local park. If you’re stuck on party ideas or themes, try a few of our favourites below which are ideal during the summer.

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Water balloon stations

Isn’t this every kids fantasy? An entire box filled with a bunch of water bombs for the party. Keep them out of direct sunlight since the suns rays can pierce through and pop the balloons before the party.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Lucky there are handy tools that can help to fill up to 100 balloons per minute!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Water guns

Fill a few empty bottles with water, then place a ping pong ball over the top. Guests will have to shoot their water gun directly at the ball – first to do this wins a prize!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Life-size Jenga

Get crafty and make your own life-size jenga game using 2×4 pieces of wood. This is easy enough to carve at home and the kids will never tire of it.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Outdoor twister

Take a classic game of twister to the next level with food colouring! Simply colour small portions of the grass to emulate a Twister board. Plus, it won’t ruin the grass!

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Pool decorations

Decorate the pool with waterbombs, plastic swans and noodles ready for the party. It will make any pool like fun and inviting for all guests.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Noodle flowers

Chop up an extra noodle to make these stunning flowers which will also float in the pool! Hang them from the doors, along the windows, or from the ceiling as wind chimes.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Sunscreen station

Don’t forget a sunscreen station where guests can re-apply and stay out of the sun for a while. Their parents will certainly be thanking you for this helpful idea at the end of the party.

Fun Summer Party Ideas For Kids

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July 31, 2015

9 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Since your wedding day is all about sharing the love with friends and family, get creative and personalise everything from your veil to the placement cards, with a touch of your own personality. If you need a little extra inspiration, we have nine of our favourite picks below.

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Give your guests something sweet to take home, with a cute note or card along with it!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


If your nuptials are taking place outdoors, these cute little signs are the perfect way to keep your guests on track.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


His and hers sneakers are another great way to add a personal touch to the wedding photos without doing the same old standard photos.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


How cool is this one! Give a paper and pen to each guest as they are seated so that they can give their advice and well wishes throughout the night. Also, they would be so funny to read the next morning.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Treat yourselves to a super-cute memento which will keep the day sacred forever. These stunning pieces of cutlery are perfect for enjoying that first piece of cake as husband and wife.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Who doesn’t have a bit of cold feet on their wedding day? This is a funny way of keeping the day light-hearted!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Decorate the chairs of both the bride and groom in these lovely cushions. They are the perfect way to add a personal touch to the wedding photos.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Add a monogram to your veil, which your husband is sure to love and will remain timeless!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Create your own signature cocktail which will then be served to guests during the reception.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

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June 29, 2015

5 Hens Night Party Ideas

Are you a bridesmaid or maid-of-honour planning your best friends hens party? Tough job! Planning a hens party might seem a little difficult at first, especially if you’re not sure about going out, staying in, or combining the best of both worlds for a truly unforgettable night.

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Rather than making your evening feel like another sequel of The Hangover, try these fool-proof ideas which are sure to be loved by every bride-to-be.


Not the permanent kind! Try these stick-on tattoos if you’re planning a night of dinner and drinks – just in case someone from the bridal party gets lost throughout the evening. You can even personalise them, but really, how cute are they?!



If you’re staying in for the evening, a good set of games is ideal to keep everybody interested. Some of the most popular hens night games include:

  • Truth or dare: Pretty self-explanatory, right?
  • Mr and Mrs quiz: Ask each couple a set of questions to see how well they know each other.
  • Pass the parcel: A modern take on a traditional game, but also with a few twists. Some lingerie, mini bottles of alcohol and even chocolates are a great way to get the party started.
  • Pinata: Fill your favourite pinata goodies such as miniature drinks, chocolates and even lollies for the night.

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 2.36.42 PM

Bra Pong

A traditional game of beer pong but with a twist. The bride must shoot the ball into one of the bra’s on the wall, then she must drink! A hilarious way to get everyone involved and bonding throughout the night.



Brighten up the party space with some fun and cheeky decorations – which the bride is sure to love, of course.


Big, bright balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate any space (perhaps spelling out her name, or just bride), banners, and even cute table settings as well.



You can’t have all this fun without some pictures to show for it? Create a fun hashtag for your social media accounts, this way all the guests can check up on the photos as they’re taken! Make sure your profile is public otherwise they won’t show up on the feed.


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April 30, 2015

Party Hosting Tips : Be the Hostest with the Mostest (Cont.)

Modern Manners
Being a great hostess is a dying art, one that we’re keen to revive. A little consideration goes a long way…

  • Don’t get too dolled up (unless you’ve stipulated formal dress on the invitation). It will make guests who have turned up in jeans feel uncomfortable.
  • Send out invitations or call at least a few weeks ahead, especially around this time of year when there are heaps of parties on.
  • Don’t invite people at the last minute if someone’s dropped out – it will make them feel like they’ve been invited at the last minute because someone dropped out. If you’ve ever been in the “second batch” list, you’ll know how offensive this is.
  • Always make sure everyone has a glass in their hand and none of them is empty.
  • If you’ve invited guests who don’t know anyone keep an eye on them and introduce them to other friends with whom they may have some common point of conversation. Then leave them to it. eg “Roger, come and meet Carolyn. She collects antique fountain pens too…” Never leave any poor soul standing alone or wandering around like a friendless dag.
  • Feed your guests. It’s amazing how many parties you go to where a scabby bowl of chips on a table is all they give you to eat. Pass trays or plates food around yourself as well as leaving on tables for guests to nibble on. It will give you a chance to chat to people. You can also recruit a shy friend or someone who’s not good at the social stuff to pass food around too which gives them a way to get into the swing of things.
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