The Not-So-Sexy Side Of Sex Injuries

Sex comes with certain risks. And while most of us would instantly think of STDs and pregnancy, this lot of un-sexy sex injuries looks at the risks of sex from a totally different perspective. Luckily, while some of these sex injuries sound down right scary, most can be prevented. Plus they don’t happen that often when you consider the amount of sex people have.

So, from sex in the shower to the broken penis, I’ve trolled the internet to come up with some sex injuries you may have experienced yourself, and some which I’m sure you’ll hope will never happen!

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Vaginal injuries

Bruised uterus / cervix
If thrusting is too intense or penetration too deep it can lead to complaints of the vagina. It can happen quite easily if your partner is well endowed or your cervix is reasonably short. The cervix rises and lowers with your menstrual, cycle so it’s possible that it’s more likely to happen during different times of the month. Your partner would probably like to go with the endowed penis explanation though, yeah?

Pain may be present some days after sex and you may experience other symptoms such as abnormal bleeding of the uterus, a burning sensation, itchiness, inflammation, blisters or a rash. While most bruising dissipates over time, seek medical advice if irritation and pain continues.

Torn vaginal cavity
This can occur during rough sex, contact with sharp objects, like finger nails or insertion of extra large objects. Once again no medical attention is required as healing will occur naturally. If the area becomes infected, is painful for a prolonged amount of time or you feel something isn’t right, head to your GP or Gynecologist.

Vaginal haematoma
This occurs when an area like the vagina swells significantly with blood. It is usually caused through blunt force trauma which can occur during sex. The blood clots, and even though the swelling may subside with elevation and cold compression, it is advised to seek medical treatment.

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Penis injuries

Broken penis aka Penile fracture
No this isn’t a joke! A man can actually break his penis. Apparently the most volatile position for this to occur is with the woman on top. Sorry fellas! With the woman’s weight exclusively on the man’s penis it can cause a fracture due to blunt force trauma. It can also be caused by thrusting into a hard object. I won’t go into any further explanation on that one, but apparently men can slip and miss?!

If the man hears a cracking or popping sound, it could be a a medical emergency that results in corrective surgery. If left untreated it can lead to erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, damage to the urethra (the passage for urine and semen to flow) and permanent penile curvature.

Torn frenulum aka torn banjo string
For a man this can be quite distressing because of the amount of blood which can spurt from the area. It’s actually more common than people think, however. It usually occurs due to lack of lubrication during sex or masturbation (a good excuse for extra foreplay!?). This friction then causes the frenulum (the skin joining the foreskin to the penis) to tear.

It’s recommended to stop the bleeding by applying a cool compress and antiseptic cream to encourage healing. Small tears will heal themselves in a week or two and larger rips will take longer. If there is pain or discomfort after healing, it’s advised to seek medical care. Be advised that it can tear more than once and may become susceptible to additional tears. So to prevent this from happening make sure to use extra lubrication.

Testicular Rupture aka fractured testis
This is rarer than a torn frenulum and is a result of testicular trauma. A rip occurs in the connective tissue covering the testis (tunica albuginea) and results in extrusion of the testicular contents. It may cause scrotal swelling, pain, nausea and vomiting. If this occurs it will require medical treatment and surgical intervention, so seek medical attention promptly.

Anal injuries

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Hemorrhoids / Rectal prolapse
If you engage in anal sex you may end up with either Hemorrhoids (a pink pad of extra skin protruding the anus), or a rectal prolapse. This is more serious. It can be present all the time or only during bowel movements. Effectively what has happened is that the muscles holding the rectum in place weaken and gravity works to pull the rectum down. The size is larger than a hemorrhoid, so this is how to distinguish between the two. If left untreated both can cause issues, so it’s best to see a GP.

Hidden/missing objects

Most have heard the story of the missing condom or tampon, yeah? Well what about the endless list of objects which are inserted into rectums? According to Martin J Carey, MD the list is only limited by imagination and it’s actually more common than people think. Most culprits try to fish objects out themselves, but ultimately end up at the doctors (hence the amount of x-rays on the internet!). The strangest case reported was about a man who traveled the world for six months with a dildo lodged up his butt. OMG! Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a fly on the wall in that consultation room!


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Broken bones/torn ligaments/muscles
Sex can get pretty adventurous, so it’s no wonder the body can sometimes stretch beyond it’s capacity. Among the most popular breaks are noses and torn ligaments and muscles in backs, legs, hands and fingers.

Just like any other form of exercise, it’s recommended that couples have a warm up before engaging in sex to reduce the risk of injuries. You never know, you might invent some new type of warm up foreplay?!

Slips/slides/crashes and smashes
Sex and slippery surfaces can be a lethal combination. Add a bit of lube and you’re well on your way for a trip to the hospital. If you’re going to use lubes or oils, be sure to get everything ready first to avoid any slips around the house.

Showers are another hazard. It’s recommended that if you have sex in the shower invest in a not slip mat. You might even want to try suction cupped handcuffs which can be used in wet areas and on slippery surfaces. They can spice things up and prevent slipping injuries.

Although there are many benefits of having a healthy sex life, it can all injure or affect the body in other ways. The following things have also been classified as sex injuries, which can occur during sex, orgasm or during initial hours following sex. These include, but aren’t limited to: heart-attacks, stroke, burst appendix, dislocation of joints like shoulders or knees, carpet burn, whisker rash, popped eyes, burst blood vessels and strangely a case of paralysis caused by a love bite.

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