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Can dabbing your own intimate scent on yourself make men more into you?

April 27, 2017

4 Super Scary Things You Didn’t Know About Perfume

Smelling good may come at the cost of your health.

April 13, 2017

Victoria’s Secret Perfume Found To Act As Mosquito Repellent

Who knew your perfume could be as good as that awful insect stuff? 

November 5, 2015

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This Spring

Who can resist a signature floral scent, especially during the spring time?

To save you the headache of testing them out yourself, we have gathered our top five floral fragrances which are lightweight and perfect for all occasions.

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Chloé Roses de Chlo, $80

As a relatively new fragrance, Chloé took an old classic and filled it with scents of bergamot essence, grey amber and of course, rose. Just one spray is enough to linger on your skin for hours and it doesn’t feel too overpowering for the day time.

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This Spring

Katy Perry Spring Reign, $69

Not only is the bottle a work of art, but the scent of Katy Perry’s new fragrance is perfect for the beginning of spring. Notes include cedarwood, vanilla, and gardenia, which are light and airy for the warmer season. It’s a limited edition fragrance, so be sure to catch it before it’s gone forever!

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This Spring

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum, $90

You’re probably already familiar with Daisy, but it truly is the perfect scent for spring. The calming notes of gardenia and violet petals are definitely everyone’s cup of tea, not to mention they smell absolutely delicious.

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This Spring

Serge Lutens Fleurs D’Oranger, $148

A cult-favourite amongst the beauty community, Fleurs D’Oranger features a white rose and jasmine fragrance which smells just like a summer garden. Apply onto your pressure points and it will leave a sweet smell all day long.

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This Spring

Nuxe Prodigieux Eau de Parfum Spray, $118

Released after the worldwide success of Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse multipurpose dry oil, the perfume version is a mirror copy without the oily residue. The soft white orange blossom is accompanied by sweet honey notes, which feel luxurious on the skin.

Top 5 Floral Fragrances For Women This SpringWhat is your signature fragrance this season?

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March 7, 2015

The Art Of Crafting Your Signature Scent

We hear about one celebrity after the other releasing their signature scent, but choosing your own fragrance can be frustrating when you’re trying to pick the best perfume out of hundreds of pre-made options. They all start smelling the same very soon and when you finally make a choice and bring it home, you find that once on your skin, the smell changes! You might even start to wonder if the signature scent is something reserved for those who can afford to create their personal brand of perfume.

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It’s not a surprise that our fascination with perfumes has been around for centuries. Not only can a good perfume make us feel great about ourselves, but it can also make us look more attractive. A 2014 study from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre revealed that pleasant or unpleasant smells can alter our visual perception of people we meet. And we all want to look good, right?

Here’s the good news: personalised perfumes are no longer the privilege of the rich and famous. You can get your own signature scent designed to suit your personality, lifestyle and emotions and it can be great for your health, too.

Enter the world of natural perfumery

Natural perfumes are crafted using essential oils, floral waters and hydrosols, with no artificial ingredients and they can have a very pleasant scent that lasts for hours. They may not be as durable as commercial fragrances, but they also come without the potential side effects in the form of skin irritations, allergies, anxieties, depression and headaches.

Julie Nelson, artisan natural perfumer at Aromatique Essentials, says that natural perfumes are not only a safe alternative to commercial perfumery, but the essential oils in them have beneficial emotional and psychological effects – oils can uplift our emotions, strengthen our nervous system and help us feel sensual and confident. To create her perfumes, Julie relies both on her deep knowledge of the oils and her intuition.

“When we resonate with a particular aroma, it brings a smile to our face with instant gratification,” Julie says. “We can feel uplifted, happy, bubbly, energised, motivated, serene, peaceful, grounded and connected. We connect with our feminine essence, masculine essence, our sensuality and sexuality.”

Julie says she loves the look on her client’s faces when they smell their signature scent for the first time. They take one breath in and their whole energy changes. It’s as if they’re transported to another place in time.

But is the signature scent a thing of the past, now that so many fragrances are widely available? Julie Nelson shares that more and more people are looking for personalised perfumes and a new definition of the signature scent is emerging. It is no longer the same scent that you always wear, but a perfume that is created specifically for you and reflects your personality, the aromas you like and the feelings you want to experience and evoke while wearing it. Some of us still stick to one signature scent, but many women these days have a collection of perfumes so that they can choose their scent depending on their mood and their emotional needs at that time.

How natural scents can influence your feelings

One of the main questions you need to answer to create your signature scent is: “How do you want to feel?” Here are some of the essential oils used in natural perfumery and how they can affect your emotions, as well as what you evoke in others while wearing your personalised perfume.

Floral essential oils – jasmine, rose, orange blossom

These oils are very popular, as they speak to our feminine essence and make us feel sensual and attractive. It’s no coincidence that the rose is the flower that represents love and passion – rose oil a well-known aphrodisiac that invokes romantic feelings.

Citrus essential oils

Citrus oils have uplifting qualities. They make us happier and for many of us they can bring blissful memories from our childhood when we may have had an orange or lemon tree in our backyard.

Sandal wood essential oil

This oil is known for its calming and grounding qualities and you’d choose it when you’re seeking a state of peace and serenity.

What if you’re hypersensitive to smells?

Some of us are unable to wear commercial perfumes because their strong smells overwhelm us. Yet, we want to be attractive too, so what’s the solution? Julie Nelson says it may be that you just haven’t found the right scent for you. With a personalised natural perfume you can choose a blend that is a perfect fit and you can also make your perfume very subtle, so that it doesn’t take over all your senses.

So if you’ve been struggling to pick a fragrance that you love and if you’re wondering whether you could possibly have your own signature scent, natural perfumery could be the answer you’re looking for.

Image via Aromatique Essentials

March 3, 2015

The Best Places To Apply Perfume

Want to make your perfume last all day long? Common mistakes that women make are usually applying perfume at the neck and onto the wrists. Not only does this friction actually alter the smell of the perfume, but it also won’t make it last any longer! Read-up on our tips below for the best place to spritz your perfume for longer wear.

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Behind the ears

Apply a tiny spritz of your perfume behind the ears for a long-lasting scent that won’t wear off. Not only is this a discreet way of keeping your perfume on all day, but the smell will slowly linger in your hair, and remain fresh for hours on end.

Base of the throat

Avoid directly spraying your perfume on the decolletage, since the chemicals in the product could damage your skin in the long term. Before applying any type of perfume to your pulse points, use a light moisturiser such as Vaseline to make it last longer. Then dab the perfume over the moisturised skin.

Inside the elbows

Well this is certainly news to us! Spraying your perfume inside your elbows is perfect for the warmer weather, since you’re more likely to sweat it off on any other place on the body. However if you are wearing fake tan, only apply a tiny amount of perfume since the particles could dissolve the tan.

Behind the knees

After applying just a thin layer of Vaseline to back of your knee, spritz lightly with perfume and leave to dry. All scents usually have a tendency to rise, so it’s important to spray lower pulse points such as behind the knees and ankles if you want your scent to linger all day long.


Mix a few drops of your perfume into a serum or smoothing cream before applying to the ends of your damp hair. Blow dry as usual, and your hair will smell sweet all day long!

Image via Chanel, Pinterest

October 25, 2014

Are You Wearing The Right Perfume?

Charles University in Prague has identified that your personal odour can affect the perfume you wear. So, what might smell incredible on the small pieces or card may not smell quite the same when it mingles with your body chemistry.

There have been vast studies made by psychologists regarding smell. If we smell something which we perceive as smelling good, we associate it with good. If it smells bad, it can have the opposite effect. This is why perfume selection is so important. It can either attract or repel people and experiences in your life.

For example, you are more likely to be hired during a job interview if the smell you are exhibiting is good. You are also more likely to be asked out on a date. When it comes to major life opportunities, such as these, it’s easy to appreciate just how important perfume selection can be.

So, how do you know when you go out and spend a hundred or more dollars on a gorgeous looking bottle of perfume, that it’s right for you? Sure, the bottle might entice you, maybe it’s the smell, the brand or something else that lures you in. Unfortunately, there no exact science to it and it really comes down to a process of elimination.

Firstly, when you head to a perfume counter be aware that the smells can be overwhelming. That in itself can be confusing. You should make the initial selection based on several variables. Think about what type of smells you like around you. If you burn candles or incense, what scent appeals to you? What type of perfume had you worn in the past and what response has it had? Most of us have a preference toward citrus, floral, musk, etc. Ask the customer service staff to direct you to the family of scents which appeal to you and begin your selection.

If you want to try several perfumes, test them on the cards provided, write names on each and take a walk outside. This reduces the overpowering smell which comes from many perfume retailers. You should be able to eliminate several scents immediately. They might be too floral, musky or whatever else that turns you off. After you narrow your selection down to a two possible candidates; it’s time to test how they perform with your body chemistry.

Chandler Burr, New York Times perfume critic, suggests that perfumes evolve on your skin over time. There are three stages, which can take as long as 5 hours to be fully appreciated. The first stage occurs within moments of spraying in on. The scent hasn’t had an enormous time to mix with your chemistry and can smell much like it does when it comes out of the bottle.

After around 5 hours is really when you will know how the perfume will actually smell, if you choose to wear it. Most women don’t continually apply perfume so, after this duration, is how it will smell on you and be perceived by others.

If you have others around you, ask if they like the scent. Partners are usually an excellent source of feedback. Take everything into account and then make a selection. Investing a few hours into choosing the right perfume is minuscule when you think of the amount of time you’ll be wearing it. Many women choose a scent and become known for their smell, which lasts a lifetime.

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October 14, 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Perfume

The art of making perfumes can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where chemists distilled flowers, oils and other scented produce. In times when bathing was rare, perfume was worn by the wealthy to disguise body door, and eventually became a commodity around the 17th century. Today, while most of us shower more often than the Victorians, we still enjoy a spritz of special scent to enhance our natural aroma. However, considering the number of perfumes available, selecting a scent can be a tricky activity. To help you out, here is your ultimate guide to choosing and applying perfume.

Speaking the language

Perfume is categorized according to the concentration of its raw scent. In your average department store, you will see two types of perfume: Eau de Parfum and Eau de toilette. Parfum is more concentrated – and therefore, more expensive – while toilette is lighter.

Choosing your scent

You might be surprised to know there is an official scent chart, which was most recently updated in 2010. According to this chart, there are four perfume families: floral, oriental, woody and fresh. Within these families there are 14 sub-groups, mostly describing the strength or type of this scent. The floral family obviously comprises flower-based scents, while oriental flavors includes spicy, asian-inspired aromas like vanilla and incense. The wood family includes patchouli and sandalwood-type scents, and your fresh smells are mostly fruity.

The best scent for you can depend on a number of factors, including your natural smell, the time of day, and the weather.  Some say a floral, sweet scent is best for day time, while a heavier oriental or spicy scent is more desirable at night. Similarly, stronger scents are better in the cold, lighter scents should be worn in summer.

It is vital to try before you buy, as the very same perfume can smell different depending on the person wearing it. You should spray perfumes on the cards provided in department stores and let it sit with you for a while – giving you time to absorb the different notes. If you still like it after ten minutes, try it on your skin. It is often recommended that you take a sample, try the perfume for a few days, and then make your final decision.

Helpful hint: Many stores provide coffee beans which serve to “cleanse your palette” or refresh your sense of smell. Be sure to sniff these in between samples to give you a clear sense of that perfume.

How to apply

  • It is best to apply your perfume after you shower, as your clean and open pores will better absorb the scent. Avoid using strong-scented shower products or moisturizers that will conflict with or overpower your perfume.
  • It is always best to apply directly to your skin, more specifically to your pulse points which can be located on your neck, behind your ears, on your wrists and in the inner elbows. Applying to the skin will also prevent your perfume from staining your clothes or jewelry.
  • Some people enjoy “spritzing” the perfume into the air and walking through to mist their body. However, this can waste a lot of your perfume, and doesn’t stay on your body for long.
  • Don’t rub your wrists together – the heat caused by the friction can actually change the scent!
September 3, 2014

Must-Have Spring/Summer Fragrances

Luxury fragrances are like shoes – you can never have too many. Here are’s top picks of chic and highly covetable spring/summer scents – both new to counter and classics which never date. After all, you’re never fully dressed without perfume… 

Flower power: This new beauty from fragrance house L’Artisan Parfumeur is part of the Les Explosions d’Emotions collection by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Opulent and feminine, the fresh gardenia of the Rappelle-Toi Eau De Parfum, (125ml), $249, is invigorated by the fresh top notes of Sichuan pepper and gin and enhanced by musk, sandalwood and honey accents. Summer time, here we come! Find it at Libertine Parfumerie. Myer Melbourne’s Galerie de Parfum, David Jones Sydney, and other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine

Packing heat: Parfumeur Romano Ricci has gone back to basics with Juliette Has A Gun Anyway Eau de Parfum, (100ml), $186. The latest unisex addition to the fashion-forward fragrance house Juliette Has a Gun, this sumptuous scent is an intoxicating blend of musks, woods and citrus. I adore the packaging in itself: a crisp, white bottle showcased in a grosgrain paper box, perfectly bound with a satin bow. The trick will be keeping it from your partner! Find it at Libertine Parfumerie, select David Jones and Myer department stores and other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine, perfume

Summer lovin’: Clair Obscur Eau de Parfum, (75ml), $219, the enchanting, new fragrance from visionary Japanese artist Keiko Mecheri, has been described as being reminiscent of a sun-washed field of jasmine on a summer morning in Provence. A celebration of one of the world’s best loved flowers, Clair Obscur is a light, ethereal fragrance just perfect for long, languid spring/summer days by the sea. Find it at Libertine Parfumerie, select Myer department stores and other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine, perfume


Roman goddess: Inspired by the Roman Empire and ancient Egyptian era, all-natural beauty line In Fiore has reintroduced a beautiful, traditional concept through its Patchouli Royal Parfum Solide, $99. Crafted with organic ingredients using only rare floral oils and highly concentrated absolutes, Patchouli Royal is packaged in a beautiful, brass compact. I love how it so easily slots into your make-up case! The stunning fragrance is dark and rooty, with a light, amber sweetness and a rich, woody base to balance the depth. Find it at Bathing Beauty Organic Apothecary.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine, perfume


Heaven scent: Italian fashion house CoSTUME NATIONAL has launched its limited-edition fruity bouquet fragrance, Scent Gloss Eau De Toilette, (50ml), $110, part of its trilogy Scent collection. Comprised of Scent, Scent Sheer and Scent Intense, the trilogy is a sensual fragrance combination that’s both modern and timeless. Scent Gloss is a perfect spring/summer scent; it’s beautiful, light and sexy, with notes of purple orchid and fresh musk. Find it at Libertine Parfumerie, select David Jones stores and other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine, perfume


Love at first sight: The new Fleurs de Gardenia, (75ml), $299, from celebrated French perfume house Creed is a scent created in the image of the first bloom of love. Master perfumer Olivier Creed, together with his son Erwin, blended the whimsical scent of first love gardenias, which only grow in pairs, to create a feminine, delicate fragrance perfect for the warmer weather months. There’s the divine scent of double blush roses, lavender peonies and other floral bouquets. Heaven! Royals such as Napoléon III, Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary and Queen Maria Christina of Spain were among Creed’s exclusive clientele. Find it at Libertine Parfumerie, select David Jones stores and other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

spring/summer, scents, fragrance, luxury, feminine, perfume

August 4, 2014

Hello Oedipus!

Hello Oedipus! Signs your partner is with you because you remind him of his mother

  • When you do something domestic (cook dinner, his washing, nurse him back to health), he doesn’t thank you.
  • You and his mother could share clothes.
  • When someone criticises you in front of him, he gets teary-eyed and calls you “a saint”.
  • He buys you the same perfume his mother wears.
  • He calls you “mum” by mistake. More than once.
  • When you tell him off he does what he’s told.
August 3, 2000

How to Select A Gift for Girlfriend – She‘Said’

Some people are very hard to buy for but a best girlfriend is even more stressful. Hopefully with our tips, we will take the headache out of the shopping…Firstly you should just ask her what she wants. This step will give you a place to start if you don’t have any ideas of your own. That may seem a cop out but giving someone what they want can just be as satisfying as a complete surprise.

Find something you can both enjoy, such as tickets to a play or an art gallery exhibition where you can also buy her lunch.

Choose a gift basket full of her favourite foods such as Illy coffee, beautiful soaps and body lotions. Crabtree and Evelyn have divine baskets jam-packed with food and to die for toiletries. Give a gift certificate for a full on pampering day at a spa, or arrange for a makeover, manicure or pedicure. Check out RedBalloon Days range of gifts and experiences, no more daggy store vouchers for you sister!

Buy a collection of scented aromatherapy candles or a fragrance gift pack, if you know what perfume she wears.

Treat her with some golf or tennis lessons.

Organise photographs that you’ve taken over the last few years which each other and put them in a beautiful frame.

Give elegant but simple jewellery. A silver bracelet or a pair of plain earrings.

Buy a really good bottle of wine and some wine glasses.

March 3, 2000