Heaven Scent: Top New Fragrances To Covet

Nothing makes you feel more “dressed” than a glam, new fragrance. And the upcoming change of seasons is the perfect time to try something new. Here are SHESAID’s pick of luscious and luxurious, new scents heading to a beauty counter near you.

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1. Supermodel return:
Diary date this one, ladies – to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic perfume, Euphoria, Calvin Klein Fragrances is heralding the return of supermodel Natalia Vodianova. The original face of Euphoria, Vodianova will once more front the new fragrance which debuted globally this month and is coming to Australia this September.

The women’s fragrance, which is said to represent confidence, strength, and femininity, is an addictive oriental composed of exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich creamy signature. Also launching in September is a new limited-edition euphoria Calvin Klein fragrance for women and men, Euphoria Essence Calvin Klein. Stay tuned for more details. Find them all at leading department stores and selected pharmacies nationally.

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2. Lost in a dream: Pretty as a picture, the new Daisy Dream Forever eau de parfum, 50ml, $120, is on-counter from August 3. Inspired by eternal blue skies, the fragrance is aimed at embodying the youthful reverie and ethereal charm of Marc Jacob’s dream girl. A deeper interpretation of the signature fragrance’s key notes of blackberry, blue wisteria and white woods, Daisy Dream Forever is a delightful new addition to any fragrance wardrobe. And I’m loving the elegant, new bottle with its pretty, lace-like, frosted blue daisy details. Find it at leading department stores, Sephora and selected pharmacies nationally. Phone 1800 812 663 for more information.

spring/summer fragrances, perfumes, beauty
3. From Paris with love: This September, Miu Miu’s first fragrance for women will be unveiled, so mark this one down in your diaries too, ladies. With young, sophisticated and graceful French-English actor Stacy Martin as its face, the fragrance is set to prove popular with fashionistas. It comes from Miu Miu designer Miuccia Prada, who is renowned for her vision and aversion to convention. Created by Prada at Paris in 1993, Miu Miu exudes femininity, feminism, luxury and intelligence. Stay tuned for more details.
spring/summer fragrances, perfumes, beauty

4. She’s a haute hippie: The bohemian, new Vera Wang Hippie Princess eau de toilette spray, 50ml, $49, celebrates being spirited, carefree and cool, says its equally hip designer. Hippie Princess, which is the newest fragrance in Wang’s iconic Princess line, is on-counter from August 10, so is something lovely for us perfume fiends to look forward to. It’s an exotic fruity floral and screams spring/summer, huzzah!

The fragrance opens with a playful indulgence of red mango and white freesia, which balance out the juicy notes of apricot nectar and smooth lotus flower at the heart. Soft blonde woods, sheer pink musk and vanilla warm the fragrance as it dries down on the skin. I’m also loving this beautiful bottle design: a cool magenta paisley pattern featuring an over-sized teal heart and shiny gold crown. Find it at Priceline, Chemist Wharehouse and selected pharmacies nationally. Phone 1800 812 663 for more information.

spring/summer fragrances, perfumes, beauty

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5 Perfume Picks For Winter

Whilst everyone in the northern hemisphere is picking out there floral perfumes for summer, what’s left for the rest of us in winter? We have hand-picked some of the best winter perfumes – albeit with a touch of musk – that are appropriate for both day and night.

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Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Rollerball, $35

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have nailed their first perfume which is available in both white and black scents. It is the perfect blend of violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla for any time of the day. Keep the rollerball handy in your clutch or wallet for a quick touch-up throughout the day.

5 Perfume Picks For Winter

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir, $130

A new Sephora exclusive by Marc Jacobs brings the classic scent of gardenia with a modern twist. The cute packaging just confirms that this is one of the most stylish perfume launches of 2015!

5 Perfume Picks For Winter

Byredo 1996 Inez & Vinoodh, $158

A label which is synonymous with it’s minimalist packaging, this woody scent is perfect to add into your collection for winter. Strong scents of patchouli and black pepper gives it a mesmerising aroma which lingers all day long. Available in a 15ml spray to keep in your clutch for nights out.

5 Perfume Picks For Winter

Stella by Stella McCartney, $92

If you’re into warmer floral scents, Stella is the perfect match for you. The scent is not completely overwhelming and with warm amber notes, it’s perfect for the day time.

5 Perfume Picks For Winter

Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance, $60

For a neutral scent that won’t change on the skin, Pure Grace is one of the best value for money perfumes. The musky tones are balanced out by fresh notes which smell just like crisp, white sheets.

5 Perfume Picks For Winter

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5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

Who doesn’t enjoy having just one unisex fragrance in their perfume collection? The scent is unique, doesn’t smell too much like flowers and peonies, and can be shared by both yourself and your partner. Actually, scratch that last mention!

If you’re looking for a new signature scent, try some of these incredible unisex fragrances instead.

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Diptyque Do Son, $148

If you have ever had the pleasure of owning a fragrance or candle by Diptyque, then Do Son is just a no-brainer. While it might possess some floral notes (just a few), it has a spicy scent which is perfect to wear during a hot summer.

5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Eau de Cologne, $180

For more of an intense fragrance, try something like the Acqua di Parma. With top notes including warm citrus and light musk, you only need one spray which lingers all day long.

5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

Le Labo Rose 31, $198

So we might have lied about the fresh floral scents, but anything involving a hint of rose is a must-have. Overall, the scent is actually quite warm and spicy, with a subtle background of Gaiac wood which gives it body.

Each scent is handmade, and you can also have your own message printed on the bottle. We’re thinking something along the lines of ‘property of…’

5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum, $295

While there’s no denying that Tom Ford fragrances are on the pricier side, they will last for years because they’re extremely concentrated. If you want something fresh and crisp, then Neroli Portofino is just the perfume for you. It doesn’t feel too overpowering like some of his other fragrances do.

5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne, $180

Featuring peppery basil with a hint of thyme, it is a modern classic which can be worn all year round. The scent is light and breezy, but has the staying power of a classic cologne when applied onto the pressure points of the body.

5 Unisex Fragrances Everyone Can EnjoyImage via Fashion Avec Passion

Are You Wearing The Right Perfume?

Charles University in Prague has identified that your personal odour can affect the perfume you wear. So, what might smell incredible on the small pieces or card may not smell quite the same when it mingles with your body chemistry.

There have been vast studies made by psychologists regarding smell. If we smell something which we perceive as smelling good, we associate it with good. If it smells bad, it can have the opposite effect. This is why perfume selection is so important. It can either attract or repel people and experiences in your life.

For example, you are more likely to be hired during a job interview if the smell you are exhibiting is good. You are also more likely to be asked out on a date. When it comes to major life opportunities, such as these, it’s easy to appreciate just how important perfume selection can be.

So, how do you know when you go out and spend a hundred or more dollars on a gorgeous looking bottle of perfume, that it’s right for you? Sure, the bottle might entice you, maybe it’s the smell, the brand or something else that lures you in. Unfortunately, there no exact science to it and it really comes down to a process of elimination.

Firstly, when you head to a perfume counter be aware that the smells can be overwhelming. That in itself can be confusing. You should make the initial selection based on several variables. Think about what type of smells you like around you. If you burn candles or incense, what scent appeals to you? What type of perfume had you worn in the past and what response has it had? Most of us have a preference toward citrus, floral, musk, etc. Ask the customer service staff to direct you to the family of scents which appeal to you and begin your selection.

If you want to try several perfumes, test them on the cards provided, write names on each and take a walk outside. This reduces the overpowering smell which comes from many perfume retailers. You should be able to eliminate several scents immediately. They might be too floral, musky or whatever else that turns you off. After you narrow your selection down to a two possible candidates; it’s time to test how they perform with your body chemistry.

Chandler Burr, New York Times perfume critic, suggests that perfumes evolve on your skin over time. There are three stages, which can take as long as 5 hours to be fully appreciated. The first stage occurs within moments of spraying in on. The scent hasn’t had an enormous time to mix with your chemistry and can smell much like it does when it comes out of the bottle.

After around 5 hours is really when you will know how the perfume will actually smell, if you choose to wear it. Most women don’t continually apply perfume so, after this duration, is how it will smell on you and be perceived by others.

If you have others around you, ask if they like the scent. Partners are usually an excellent source of feedback. Take everything into account and then make a selection. Investing a few hours into choosing the right perfume is minuscule when you think of the amount of time you’ll be wearing it. Many women choose a scent and become known for their smell, which lasts a lifetime.

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Top 5 Oriental Fragrances

Whether you’re in the market for a new perfume, it’s always best to understand the science behind some of your all-time favourite fragrances. Oriental perfumes are some of the most classic scents since they are distinctly feminine and linger on the skin all day long. Below are some of our top 5 oriental fragrances that you really can’t pass-up.

Tom Ford Fleur de Chine 50ml, $299

A classic oriental fragrance which is for the woman who wants to make a statement with her choice of perfume. Released in 2013 and a little on the pricey side, this fragrance is packed with magnolia, exotic floral notes, hinoki wood and jasmine for a truly individual scent.

L’Eau Diptyque 50ml, $120

Launched in 1968, L’Eau is a unisex scent which is both spicy and soft at the same time. Featuring cinnamon, rose, geranium and sandalwood which easily makes this one of Diptyque’s best sellers.

Coco Mademoiselle EDT 50ml, $159

If you’re looking for a touch of floral in your fragrance, definitely try Coco Mademoiselle. Not only does this fragrance have classic oriental notes but combines a fresh floral scent which isn’t too overpowering either. Featuring patchouli, bourbon vanilla and light musk.

Byredo Black Saffron 100ml, $229

Launched in 2012, this signature fragrance is your classic oriental-spicy perfume with a touch of raspberries in the base notes. Featuring chinese grapefruit, saffron and leather which is perfect for both men and women.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium EDT, 50ml $120

A must-have oriental fragrance if you want something classic and long-lasting. More than just a household name, Opium is filled which patchouli, carnation and vanilla which makes it a one-of-a-kind scent to have in your collection.

Image via Billionaire

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