These are the menstrual symptoms you need to stop ignoring. Period.
I have self-diagnosed leakage freakage – and you probably do too.
These period hacks will help you feel a little less like murdering someone for breathing too loudly each month.
Because bad cramps are the WORST. Thing. Ever.
Imagine being punched in the stomach continuously. Or someone sticking nails into your lower abdomen.
I’m 26, and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced feelings of despair that I was born a woman.
Got menstrual misery? Trade in the Advil for some willow bark and white peony, instead. 
Thank goodness a man finally cleared up this whole ‘period pain’ thing. 
Stay away from these foods when Aunt Flo is in town.
When you’re dished sexist comments so often you stop noticing them…
Getting high once a month just might be the answer to dealing with your period pain.
Has your period arrived like a punch in the face (and uterus), forever ruining your beautiful, new luxurious designer white lingerie? RELATED: Why Detox Diets Are Dodgy And Don’t Work Take heart,...
Period pain sometimes is an uncomfortable and sensitive topic for conversation, however it affects women’s health and wellbeing, therefore deserves increased attention. A British survey of 600 women conducted last year found...
It starts with the craving for sugary or carbohydrate type foods, leads to a feeling of disgust for having little or no control over what you put in your mouth and escalates...