5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Celebrate a housewarming party in style with some of the best (and non-cliché gifts) we could source from the internet. If you’re looking for something personalised and one-of-a-kind, online stores such as Etsy and Not From The High Street are always a good place for inspiration.

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Kitchen utensils

This funky ‘I could eat a horse’ spaghetti measure by Stefan Petur is one of the cutest kitchen gadgets we’ve ever seen. It provides you with an estimate of how much pasta is ideal for children, couples, or the entire family.

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Tea towels

Purchase a set of personalised tea towels which will surely be used around the kitchen. Who ever said that dad jokes were a bad thing?

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Snoop Dogg is good, but Michael Jackson is better! What do you think of these kitchen tea towels?

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Book ends

Keep all your books and magazines looking neat and tidy with the help of some stylish book ends. These are ideal for someone who cannot get enough of cute pugs!

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts


Relax and get the party started with a bottle of wine for all your guests. Personalise the label with a little help from Etsy, or just write a cute letter which everyone is sure to love.

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Wall pockets

If all else fails, this cute gift is sure to be loved by everyone – even the kids! Plant your favourite herbs in these little pockets and watch them grow. They are ideal for apartments or smaller houses with no access to a garden.

5 Quirky Housewarming Gifts

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Christmas In July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas in July? It marks the halfway point until Christmas Day, and gets us all more than excited for the festive season. If you’re out of ideas in the presents department, try these bespoke gifts from just some of our favourite online sellers.

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For him

Men are generally easy to shop for, especially if they know exactly what they want! A personalised key ring is always a great idea (since they’ll actually use it), and cufflinks are a no-brainer for a formal event.

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Square Bar Keyring, $43.23

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Cufflinks, $51.98

For her

Even a picky wife or girlfriend is bound to love these bespoke gifts which are made just for her! Choose to incorporate her name, or get a little trendy with something on the fashionable side of life.

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Story Of Us Print, $119.18

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Stripy Accessory Clutch, $62.84

For friends

Gift your friends something for the home which fits into their aesthetic. Some of our favourite gifts include wine glasses (for those cheeky afternoon drinks), personalised wall hangings for the living room, and some special pieces of art.

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Things We Love About Print, $19.50

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Drinks Measure Wine Glass, $38.13

For the kids

Who said that kids are difficult to buy for? We have some of the cutest personalised gifts for babies, toddlers, and even those already at school. Anything colourful is sure to be a hit with the kids!

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Personalised Name Crayons, $5.20

Christmas in July: Bespoke Gifts For The Entire Family

Big or Little Sibling T Shirt, $39

Images via Not On The High Street

How To Personalise Your Christmas Cards

Get into the festive spirit this Christmas by personalising your greeting cards with Mango Salute. This fabulous online tool created by Ariel Resnik combines a community of artists, designers, and illustrators to create fine art cards for the Christmas season.

Choose from a variety of cards and illustrations from contributors from over 30 countries, then add a personalised greeting for your loved one.

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All you need to do is jump on the easy to use website, and browse through the wide range of artwork until you find something you absolutely love. Then simply add to your cart, and create a unique message which will surely be appreciated by your loved ones this Christmas season.

Personalise Your Christmas Cards with Mango Salute

If you want to send a greeting to someone who lives across the country, or even overseas, then you can also record a personal video, choose a song, or other clip which is then encoded on the back of your card!

Fine art cards are all priced at $8 each with personalisation included, and you can take advantage of the current promotion and take 40% off your order this Christmas with the code Holiday14. which is valid until January 15 2015. The best part? All cards come with free first-class shipping worldwide!


Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

It’s an age old tradition to gift your bridesmaids with something special on the day of your wedding, for all their hard work in the lead up to your big day. Some choose gifts that come in a little turquoise bag from Tiffany’s, and others choose a rather sentimental gift instead.

Inspire yourself with some of these ideas which are bound to be a hit with the entire bridal party.

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There’s nothing more special than sharing your wedding day with all of your loved ones. Commemorate your friendship by creating something personalised such as jewellery to forever keep this day in your heart. These little rings are perfect since you can have each bridesmaids initial marked on them, and they are just so cute!

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Compact mirror

A useful mirror is a great gift for a bridesmaid, since it’s personalised and also practical! You can choose to engrave something on the back, or simply keep it plain and simple.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Dressing gown

Lightweight dressing gowns for the entire bridal party are a quick and easy way to make everyone come together on your wedding day. Choose something short and silky which is sure to match everyone’s body type!

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Wine glass

One for the ladies who love a glass or two! This is the perfect gift for the pre-wedding jitters, and is also super-cute! Choose to have the colour of each dress printed on the glass, along with the name of each bridesmaid.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Wedding hankies

A cute gift idea for anyone who won’t be ashamed to shed a tear during the wedding. A personalised handkerchief is perfect to keep in your clutch throughout the often long, and emotional wedding day.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Images via DreamingTreeCreation, MissEngrave, Stone Cold Fox, Waterfall Designs, EmbroiderybyMyra

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 

Choosing a wedding gift can often entail a gruelling task of trial and error – especially if the bride and groom don’t have a registry list!

To avoid being too mainstream, it’s best to steer clear of any traditional appliance (we’re talking toasters, coffee machines, etc), but make your gift stand-out by choosing just some of our favourites instead.

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Wine baskets

Who doesn’t love a bit of bubbly every now and then? A basket of fresh red, white, and dessert wines is the perfect gift for a budding wine connoisseur, with personalised notes on each bottle.

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


There are tonnes of sellers on Etsy who create personalised gifts for every occasion, so why not get creative and collaborate on a personalised piece of art for the bride and groom. Their names intertwined with the wedding date is something that can cherish forever!

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


Something fun and useful could be a set of personalised wedding coasters in memento of their big day. Or, you could just have something cute such as ‘Mr and Mrs’ on there instead – they are sure to prove useful when guests come to visit.

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


  • Spellcheck: Before sending everything to the seller, make sure you have correctly added the name, date, and any other important information.
  • Back-up present: When dealing with a third party, it’s important to have a back-up present in case something goes wrong with your first idea. This is important if you’re having something sent from overseas, and you should always take into consideration the shipping and handling times.
  • Check the dimensions: Sometimes dimensions on the website aren’t a proper representation of the real thing. Take out a measuring tape and make sure you’re happy with what these products will look like.
  • Insurance: Just in case the shipment goes missing, pay for insurance to make sure you’re well compensated. If you can, track the shipment every few days to see how long it takes to get to you.

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