Here’s How To Vacation With Your Fur Baby

Because some people have babies, and some of us have pooches.

Weekend Wit: When Pets Think They’re People

Pets are so adorable. It’s no wonder people dress them up for a photo shoot or take snaps of them to capture their non-animal like behavior.

This week we’ve got a selection of pets and a few extra animals doing just that. To the pets it’s quite innocent. Yet to us humans it’s funny to see them mimic what us humans get up to.

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Cats being toilet trained is just freaky. I get it, but still…it seems unnatural.


Technology really has taken over, hasn’t it. I wonder if he gets upset when his laptop is taken away?


Isn’t this adorable!?! The cat’s spooning the baby.


If people get fined for doing this, do dogs?


This dog looks quite content just hanging with the boys.


Ah, Yogi. Waiting for that pic-a-nic basket. He does look very patient, doesn’t he?


You know when you need to stand up very straight to get a good look at something? Well I think this cat has nailed exactly how we look when we do that, including the facial expression. Priceless!


Please pass this fella the remote!


These owls look quite happy enjoying a picnic in the mist.


Man’s very best friend.


Geez, with that scowl I’d be steering well clear of this cats breaky!


I bet if this cat really could drive there’d be some serious road rage happening.


They say cats have a great life, but this cat appears to have an amazing existence.


I’m not very fond of rodents, but this little creature is just too cute!


Now, he looks totally engrossed at whatever’s on that screen. I hope it’s G rated – he looks too cute to corrupt.


OMG, I can so relate! That morning cuppa is so important.


I thought only kids did this. I wonder if you’d get the same response if you told him he’s sitting too close to the TV? Just a thought.


This fella certainly knows how to strike a pose!


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Dear Dog Owners: My Kids’ Safety Overrides Your Rights

I adore dogs, particularly large breeds – my family has always had German shepherds – but what I don’t love is irresponsible dog owners.

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When a small dog recently attacked my three-year-old daughter in public, as she innocently walked past it on the beach, within arm’s length of my husband and I, we found ourselves engrossed in a very public and embarrassing spectacle. For instead of being contrite, the owner of the offending mutt strongly objected to my use of force to extract said attacking dog off my poor, little lass.

We couldn’t believe it!? As proud dog owners ourselves up until only very recently –when our beloved labrador X ridgeback cross developed cancer in her old age and had to be put down – we would never have behaved that way ourselves and did not expect such heinousness from a middle-aged woman. How could she feel nothing for our scared, upset child and be so blatantly unapologetic for her dog’s completely unprovoked attack?

As a dog owner, it’s her responsibility to control her dog and ensure its behaviour is appropriate and safe in public at all times – off-leash dog beach or not. A child’s safety is paramount: it’s a sad state of affairs if kids can’t play freely at the beach without fear of a dog attack!

animals, pets, kids' safety, dog attacks

At the time, this dog owner then hurled abuse at us for my having kicked her small dog off my child, mid-attack. All I could see was my child in pain; her screaming her heart out in fear. Such is the absolute fierceness of mother love; I make no apology for turning lioness and using whatever force necessary to protect my child from harm and I wouldn’t hestitate to do the same again. Since when does the rights of dogs overrule those of a child? If you know your dog is prone to attack – or has behavioural problems – don’t take it out in public without a muzzle! Everyone knows, surely, of the deadly potential for dogs to attack kids?!

Luckily, my daughter escaped the incident with only a few minor cuts and scratches, but her emotional cost has been high: she’s now quite fearful of small dogs, something which we have been at great pains to try to quell and soothe.

I’ve also noticed a growing trend among dog owners for them to irresponsibly and selfishly let their animals roam freely across kids’ playgrounds without a leash, despite the signs instructing them to do the complete opposite. Again, this pet owner behaviour is both outrageous and dangerous. Kids and dogs can coexist happily, in the right environment, but don’t you dare let your dog terrorise my innocent children while they’re trying to play!? And if dog owners can’t or won’t behave responsibly, they don’t deserve to have pets – for their animals’ sakes too. Keep your dog on a goddam leash and stay away from kids!

animals, pets, kids' safety, dog attacks

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts on the child Vs dog debate.

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Weekend Wit: Pet Shaming 101

Millions of people have a pet who has become part of their family. So like most family members, they too can develop habits that can be a bit annoying, or perhaps, a one off behaviour that was less than appreciated.

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This is how pet shaming was born. Instead of sharing pics online of their beloved adopted family member, some owners have chosen to share the negative aspects of pet ownership in hilarious ways. Let’s take a look at a few examples, shall we?

I suppose that’s one way to make sure they’re the alpha pet of the household.


A second killer bird… Is this why goldfish are so popular?


Oh well, pets need some form of entertainment, too, and they don’t exactly have many props to work with.


Maybe he likes the texture, but the smell certainly wouldn’t be a turn on!


I think I met this Tiger at the Adelaide Zoo.




I’m not convinced. Don’t they all look like this?


bc995787489b194c3c56b22e0d0 bunnybully

What’s the problem then? That’s perfect teamwork.




He’s too gorgeous to be a cannibal.



I thought this was just something kids do?



He looks like he’d have a good set of lungs, too!


The hedgehog has its revenge!


Seriously? This little fella is too cute to be a menace!




That’s one deadly beak!




Yes, we can see that.


Well that’s it for today. We hope you enjoyed our Weekend Wit for this week and come back for more funnies next time.


Weekend Wit: If Dogs Could Text

Ever wondered what would be said if dogs could text? Well, some pets owners have provided the globe with a few ideas. They’ve attempted to capture the thoughts of dogs and some do it fairly accurately, I reckon. Although we all know only canines really understand what’s going on beyond those beautiful puppy dog eyes, it does make the human mind boggle.

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Here’s some owners’ interpretations of their beloved dog’s war between their archenemy, the postman, and others think they might question their owner’s devotion. Then there’s thoughts about wearing those unflattering cones around their necks. Are they right, do you think? Maybe they are!

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts

If Dogs Could Text, pets, animals, funny texts


Weekend Wit: Cute Pet Memes

Cats have always been an internet favorite, so this week we’re bringing you a collection of cute and funny pet memes. We’ve included a few dogs who have got themselves into funny predicaments, beloved animals who just might consider themselves human – and, of course,  some cute and bizarre snaps from owners.

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This feisty raccoon either considers itself a mum or it’s doing one hell of a bad kidnapping job!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Some expressions are priceless!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

 Who could get angry at this pup, seriously?

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

A photo is worth a thousand words…

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Surprise, surprise, a cat with attitude.

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

This is personal security at its very best.

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Here’s something you don’t see everyday.

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Imagine how cuddly this little fella is. How cute!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Is is just me, or does this dog look like a soft teddy bear?

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

This is either some awesome Photoshop work, or this dog has mastered the art of meditation perfectly.

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

OMG, this pug is adorable!!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

He doesn’t look too happy. Are they sure it was red velvet cake mix? Quick, somebody go find the cat!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

This is one way to tire a dog out, I suppose…

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Some people go a little too far when it comes to treating their pets like babies.

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

Cats and dogs generally don’t get along, but when they do, it’s just so damn cute!

Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets

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Have You Heard About Catstacam?

Pet food company Whiskas has launched Catstacam, a unique cat camera that gives felines around the world unprecedented access to social media.

Here’s how the invention works: Whiskas have sent out these mini cameras to key celebrity pet owners such as news presenter Deborah Knight and The Daily Telegraph’s Elle Halliwell. Once attached to a cat collar, the camera will live post photos to the pet’s very own Instagram account every 20 seconds.

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What’s more, if you’re unsure why your cat is acting in a certain way, upload a picture of it to Instagram and hashtag #AskWhiskas for a cat expert – or should we say cat whisperer – to explain.

Executive creative director Paul Nagy says the campaign is “absolutely mesmerising” and gives insight into the secret life of cats.

“We all know the internet’s obsessed with cats,” Nagy told Mumbrella. “We wanted to take this a step further by not only giving cats their own Instagram accounts, but the ability to take and upload their own photos, in real time.”

Why? Because… cats.

Here’s what we think Catstacam will reveal about what our pets get up to when we’re not around:

1. They are secret geniuses

Cat, Kitten, Computer, Catstacam

2. They sit on furniture that’s off limits when you’re home

Cat, Instagram, Kitten, Whiskas

3. They show your other pets who’s boss

Cats, kitten, Instagram, Catstacam, Whiskas

4. They sleep in adorable positions

Cats, Kittens, Catstacam, Whiskas, Instagram

5. They’re also seeing the lady next door

Cats, Instagram, Kitten, Catstacam

6. They binge too

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

7. They invite all their friends over when you shut the door

Cats, Instagram, kittens, Catstacam

8. They adhere to the rule: if I fit, I sleep

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

9. That mess you came home to the other day? Yep, that was them

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

10. Like everyone on Instagram, they love a good selfie. #catlyf

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

Images via Zotheysay,, Buzzfeed, Care 2, Hermandotoday and Catmoji

5 Reasons Coconut Oil Has Officially Gone To The Dogs

It’s one of the most raved about super foods of the year and by now most people are well and truly knowledgeable on the myriad health and wellness benefits of coconut oil; but did you know this wonder oil has significant benefits for your furry friends as well? Long gone are the days when man’s best friend was restricted to a bland diet of dry dog food and canned meat. Now your four-legged pal can reap the multiple wellbeing rewards from virgin coconut oil the same way you do. 

coconut oil, dogs, nutrition, pets, pets health, wellness

Coconut guru and author of new book Going Coconuts, Brynley King, has raised her rambunctious French bulldog, Ernie, on a coconut heavy diet with her family’s Fijian-derived Banaban coconut products and he couldn’t be happier or healthier. Now Brynley is sharing her top five tips for why your pooch should make like Ernie and go coconuts as well:

Improves digestion

Just like humans, regular consumption of coconut oil has noticeably positive impacts on dog digestion, aiding in the healing of digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Plus, when mixed into meals, the oil helps to up the levels of nutrient absorption in your pup, making it easier for their bodies to absorb the proteins, vitamins and minerals in their food.

Promotes good joint health

Many dogs suffer from arthritis, stiff joints and ligament problems, which have a huge impact on their quality of life. The anti-inflammatory properties in coconut oil promote mobility by reducing the painful inflammation associated with arthritis.  Massaging coconut oil into any sore joints will also do a world of good for your dog by increasing circulation and relieving built-up tension.

Relieves skin ailments

Applied externally, virgin coconut oil is a miracle skin and coat treatment, helping to heal everything from rashes to small cuts and everything in between. Similar to how we use the oil as a body moisturiser and hair treatment, try rubbing a decent amount of oil into your dog’s coat, skin and paws to moisturise any rough patches, ward off pesky fleas and give them a smooth, glossy coat with the bonus of reducing doggie odor.

Boosts energy levels and aids weight loss

If your fur-baby has been receiving a little too much love in the food department the good fats in coconut oil work wonders at speeding up the metabolism and balancing the thyroid. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconuts are incredibly easy for dogs (and humans) to digest and are converted into energy at a much faster rate than other oils which are usually stored as fat. This is why Ernie’s homemade meals are always cooked with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

Supports good oral health

Just as many people have discovered the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil, it can also be used as an all-natural toothpaste for dogs. Ernie loves the taste of unrefined coconut oil and will gobble it up straight from the spoon, which is fantastic for keeping his teeth and gums healthy; it also eliminates bad doggie breath, which means no more stinky kisses!

How much?

Start by adding 1/4 teaspoon of oil per 5kg body weight to your dog’s meal and gradually increase to 1 teaspoon per day.  Coconut oil can have a detoxing effect on the body, so if you’re noticing any flu-like symptoms try decreasing the amount. Alternatively, check out Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch – a natural certified organic dog food, high in fibre, iron and trace minerals with all the added health and coat benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.

To purchase your Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch, head to