Outdoor Dates On A Super Tight Budget

When was the last time you did something as simple as go parking with your special someone? Keeping the romance alive or romancing a new lover doesn’t necessarily involve spending a hand full of cash. There are some really simple, outdoor activities couples can do to spice up their love life and their sex life!

Cloud or star gazing

This might sound a little lame, but don’t knock it until you try it. I’ve had many a romantic afternoon with my partner watching the clouds go by. It’s a great thing to do on a lazy weekend or when funds are stretched to the limit. Throw down a rug, head to the backyard or local park and just lie back. The two of you can use your imaginations, laugh, talk, snuggle, cuddle – whatever you like. This is the absolute cheapest activity because the cost is zero!

A trip to the water

There is something very soothing about water. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beach or other body of water, going to a peaceful place like this is really rejuvenating. Rain, hail or shine, the view will always be spectacular and the trip there can be a great time to talk to your partner in peace or just enjoy being together.

Once you are there, you may choose to sit in the car and have a deep and meaningful conversation, while grabbing some hot chips and a loaf of bread for a bit of a meal. Maybe you decide to go for a walk, hand in hand. It doesn’t matter what you do but it will get you out of the house, away from the everyday stresses of life and give you both some precious time out.

Country or park picnic

When you live in the city getting out of that environment will de-stress you and have you both feeling relaxed. The most expensive thing about this will be the fuel. If the budget is really tight, you don’t need to go far for a bit of tranquillity. A secluded park in a neighboring suburb can be just as good. Pack a few sandwiches, some drinks and it can be a reasonably inexpensive outing. Bring along a frisbee or footy and get active.


Whether you set up a tent in the bush somewhere, local caravan park or even in the backyard, it doesn’t matter. If you are able to have a little campfire, go for it! Sitting by the fire is really romantic. If you can’t have a fire, enjoy time in the tent. The cold air outside will entice you to snuggle and being away from technology, like TVs and phones, will get you communicating.

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Top 5 Free Date Ideas

Take it from a student – dating is expensive! Paying for two people to eat out quickly puts a strain on your savings, and don’t get me started on cinema prices. But too often I find myself so focused on new and creative things to do with my significant other, that I forget the incredible free, and equally impressive, activities available in my city. To save some cash and have some fun, try these awesome free date ideas:

1. Homemade meal

Cook together or go for a picnic. Of course, it’s not entirely free considering you’ll have to provide your own ingredients – but if you’re lucky, you will already have some of those at the ready. It is also guaranteed to be less expensive than eating out. You can even add a few aphrodisiacs to start the fun for the rest of the evening.

2. Get outdoors

Go for a hike, go to the beach – just be outside. Explore your neighbourhood, or just lay in your backyard and look at the clouds or stars. Wherever you are, there’s likely to be some fun outdoor activities awaiting you. Get creative – the world is your oyster.

3. Check your local guide

Many cities and smaller towns have community events that are free. Whether that is a free day at the museum, or a gig at your local bar – you will be shocked at the number of things you will find!

4. Play a board game

Caution: competitive couples need not apply! If you don’t have any board games, check with your local cafes, community centers, bars, or libraries, which occasionally stock some. Failing that, you don’t even need a board – get to know each other with some “never have I ever…” or play a few rounds of charades. Extra points if you make up your own game.

5. Stay indoors

Enjoy a romantic day indoors. Watch movies, just hang out, take a bath together, or indulge in a bit of cheeky afternoon delight. There should be a number of exciting things to do in your own home if you have the imagination.