Q&A With Specsavers Style Ambassador Pip Edwards

Specsavers have teamed up with uber-cool Swedish fashion label, Cheap Monday to create a range of 12 distinct frames. While Cheap Monday is known for it’s statement jeans, the eyewear collection has a down-to-earth vibe, and by partnering up with Specsavers, is an affordable price for it’s younger customers.

Specsavers style ambassador Pip Edwards was enlisted to launch the new collection of eyewear, since they offer a contemporary twist for fashion-conscious buyers. “Cheap Monday specs are perfect for those who want to freshen up their look and stand out from the crowd! Specs should reflect a persons personality just as much as their outfit, make up or hairstyle would.”

SHE‘SAID’ had a chat to Pip Edwards about her own personal style, some of her favourite frames, and better yet, some style advice for those off-duty days.

How did the collaboration between Specsavers and Cheap Monday come into fruition?

Specsavers approached me because of my already established connection with Cheap Monday (Pip is the Design Director at General Pants Co, which stocks Cheap Monday), since it was an obvious alignment in terms of being involved with them and understanding their aesthetic and vision behind the brand. Then, coming on board as the Style Ambassador for the partnership which is very exciting.

What are some of your favourite frames in the collection?

Well for me what I was showing you are some of my favourites the two-tone glasses, since a pop of colour is really important. You have your black frames but then the colour on the inside is really refreshing. Then also the camouflage design which you picked up with the blue inside were also another favourite. It’s all about picking frames which work with denim, and pop-back with the actual apparel.

Q&A With Specsavers Style Ambassador Pip Edwards

How would you style this pair to create a killer outfit?

Seeing those frames in different light will be really versatile since you can style them with double-denim, black or even with an office appropriate look. But will still give the entire outfit an edginess which is also important. Overall just contrasting the colours is the key to a good look.

Describe your fool-proof outfit if you’re out of ideas.


I like that too! Although does the shirt have to be the same colour as the jeans/shorts?

I think it all has to be in the same tone. But at the same time I do like a bit of a contrast. At the moment I’m wearing a denim shirt with black pants, but I don’t often style black and blue together. I normally like wearing blue on blue denim, but I always like the jean slightly lighter and the shirt a bit darker. I mean, it doesn’t really matter but it has to be in the same tone.

What type of shoes?

It would have to be a heel! Any kind of major killer stiletto.

What is one accessory all women need in their wardrobe and why?

Definitely a difficult choice, but I think it would have to be a good belt for me. Or a killer pair of earrings – particularly hoops. But that’s it! You just wear those and let that be the main feature in terms of accessories.

Cheap Monday frames are priced at AU$199 for 2 pairs and are available in Australia exclusively at Specsavers. Every frame includes PENTAX single vision lenses, a scratch-resistant treatment, and a bespoke case and cleaning cloth as standard.