Advice To My 20-Year-Old Self: Do Everything Wrong

Your twenties isn’t the time to get everything perfect.

Weekend Wit: The Bizarre Reality Of Resolutions

New year resolutions are a bizarre phenomenon aren’t they? Millions of people wait until the dawn of a new year and resolve to change something about their lives. In theory, it sounds like a great idea. But reality and theory can often be a bit of a mismatch!

First, the global party which happens New Years Eve doesn’t exactly set people up for success. Most of us stay up late, drink alcohol (yes, sometimes too much) and for many it’s the best night out of the year.

Do people really expect to get up the next day and change who they are and what they do? Ah, yeah. That’s what New Years resolutions are supposed to be all about aren’t they, or am I missing something? Plus, some of us resolve to make not only one change, but a whole heap! Seriously how wasted were they? You have to ask the question; if it were that easy why haven’t they done it before?

Anyway, instead of bouncing out of bed at the crack of dawn with vigor and vitality ready to confront the challenge ahead, most of us would be quite content to sleep until noon. When we get up at such a leisurely hour, what time do you think we’ll even be out of our PJs?

Some of us might also be experiencing a bit of a hangover. Others are totally worn out from staying up till the wee hours after the insane rush of the past few weeks. In reality New Years Day is usually spent hanging out with family and friends or kicking back for solid day of r and r in front of a screen.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but how many people do you see pounding the pavement, jogging past your home New Years Day? I often see people walking, jogging, cycling and even skateboarding past my home, but New Years Day it’s like a ghost town. There’s no-one around doing much of anything.

Now, when you consider the amount of resolutions which center around weight loss and getting fit, shouldn’t we expect to see them all out there? In theory New Years Day should be the most active day of the year but in reality it’s the total opposite. See where I’m heading with this bizarre tradition?

So day two of the new year lots of people are still in holiday mode. Maybe New Year isn’t the best time to initiate a vital life change? People who vow to give up smoking, drinking or other drugs, who did start on the intended day of change are now beginning to climb the walls, argue with their loved ones and generally become a huge pain in the butt! Oh the joy of addiction! Someone hand them over a fix so we can get back to  reality.

This is when some will give in and others remain staunch in their resolve to quit. There maybe some people beginning to getting active and the traffic of joggers, walkers and skateboarders resumes. It seems resolutions aren’t a total loss after all! Maybe there’s some hope?

When you look at little closer, you’ll notice these active people are the regulars who are out there day after day anyway. Look at them. They don’t need to drop 20kg. So, where are all the people who do? Maybe they’re exercising their right to get to it later?

Day 3 to 30: By now almost all resolutions are being realised as the fantasy they are and have been tossed where they belong – in the too hard basket. Unless something immediate is threatening life like a dinosaur chasing after them to gobble them up, how many people are really going to change on January 1?

We all know we shouldn’t smoke, eat crap, drink too much, take drugs, blah, blah, blah, but people who are serious about change just do it. New Years resolutions are like many other bizarre outdated traditions. We have no idea why we do it, but we do. We kid ourselves into thinking we can achieve something life changing before the strike of midnight and then annually set ourselves up to fail. It confirms the fact that if aliens are watching us, no wonder they haven’t announced their arrival!

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