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How Yoga And Meditation Can Fix Us From The Inside Out

Are you usually annoyed or irritated? Do you often feel like you are stuck at the wrong place at the wrong time? Do you usually pick arguments? Well, before this starts sounding like one of those useless, annoying online marketing advertisements, I believe if your answer to the questions is a yes, your chakras are probably screwing with you.

But it’s never too late. Yogis around the world believe that messier your chakras are, the more the yoga and meditation practices work on you. And the best part is you don’t need a master.

Knowing your chakras

Imagine a kitchen with half eaten cake left on the counter, scattered uncapped bottles, unwashed plates with leftover food waiting in the washbasin, and ketchup spilled on the floor. Our minds and bodies are in a similar mess. Everything’s scattered and out of place. Just because you don’t see that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  So let’s start aligning things inside us. Trust me it’s more important than the kitchen mess you worry about every day.

Get in a line

No, I am no talking about a queue here. This line refers to a 90 degrees invisible arrangement of energy points from your tail bone all the way up to the crown of your forehead. This line houses your seven chakras. Chakras are counted from bottom to the top, so the first one is the root chakra on the tailbone, followed by sacral chakra on the reproductive organs, solar plexus chakra on lower abdomen just above the navel cavity, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow (third-eye) chakra and the crown chakra on the head.


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When one or more of our chakras move away from this sequence, we are faced with problems ranging from health, spiritual, mental to social. Each of the seven chakras, with a specific color and sound frequency, will only open to give out energy once it gets back to its right place.

Take it slow

Like any other exercise, it is always good to start one by one. Exerting too much pressure on the body for quick flexibility can leave you injured, and so can an attempt to align all chakras at the same time can be too much for a naïve yogi. It’s always good to work on one chakra at a time through yoga postures and meditation.

Add some colour to your life

Each chakra has a colour: red, orange, gold/yellow, green, turquoise, purple and violet/white. You can simply mediate by imagining a lotus-shaped glow moving in a circular motion at the point of the chakra, like a wheel. Just remember to sit cross-legged, with your eyes lightly closed and your arms kept away from your body so that your upward-facing palms rest on your knees with the index finger touching the thumb.  With every breath chant the words ‘Om’ or ‘hmm’ starting from when you start breathing out and stretching the word till you are ready to breathe in again.

With a greater effect, you can also download ‘music for mediation’. You will be surprised to see that there’s a specific frequency for each chakra.

With the right colour and movement imagination and music, you can do yourself wonders by meditating just 20 minutes each day. And the good news is, you can meditate for every chakra a day, completing your cycle in a week and then repeating.

So let this colourful journey to inner peace begin.

Images via innerswift.com and worldofpeace.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/iStock_000010960212Small3.jpg

By Ayesha Hasan

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