Having a tight or strong pelvic floor sounds like a good thing, right ?  For many women particularly during pregnancy, after childbirth and they age decide they have to give their pelvic...
You could sleep with 0 people or 100, and you can still possess sexual empowerment.
It turns out that politics can’t protect you from your feelings. 
Go ahead, #ArrestUs for exercising our fundamental human right of choice over our bodies. 
Parenting is hard for both genders. But it’s most grueling for women, in a number of areas.
No one told me that morning sickness doesn’t go away after the first trimester. 
It has been a struggle to come to terms with these losses, losses of the potential for life.
Hope is a weed because it creeps into the dark places. It’s resilient. Persistent.
   When you’re depressed and pregnant, the weight of that guilt is even heavier.
I was too young to be dealing with infertility. And yet, there it was.
I get teary-eyed at the thought of explaining racism to her.
I couldn’t believe the medical system and several of my peers had me obsessing about my food consumption. 
I went to learn about the options to freeze my eggs so that when I was ready to make a decision about having kids, I wouldn’t have to worry about my age.
It is ironic that the act of baby making can feel so unsexy.
Stock photos seemed to get pregnancy and parenting all wrong. 
I cried to my husband – sobs of guilt and sadness – because I felt like I didn’t love our little boy.
“The chances of you conceiving naturally are non-existent. The chance of us successfully harvesting eggs is also minimal.”
It has been six months since I miscarried in November last year.
I was irritated at the lack of knowledge, and angry, because this shouldn’t have happened to me.