Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Whether you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or finally nearing the end, your style will obviously change to more comfortable clothing – especially dressing for that beautiful baby bump!

If you’re currently expecting and need a bit of a style refresh to get you through those last few months of pregnancy, here are just a few ways to look stylish and during pregnancy.

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Maxi dress

If you’re living in a warmer climate, it’s easy to throw on a maxi dress without a care in the world! Not only are maxi dresses perfect for any type of occasion you’ve got going on, but they are also incredibly comfortable.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

We were definitely inspired by Fashion Editor Miroslava Duma and her ability to look chic and comfortable during the later stages of her pregnancy (and juggling the month-long battle of fashion week!). Pair a maxi dress with sandals or flat shoes and a jacket for a perfect look.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump


The colder weather isn’t really that bad, since you can throw on a comfy coat over almost anything! Whilst comfort is most definitely key, you can accessorise with a number of different coats – wool coats, trench coats, chiffon coats and adapt them to the occasion and also the weather.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpKaftans

Looking for the perfect cover-up for the beach or simply just the warmer weather? Kaftans are a great dress for pregnant girls since they aren’t restricting, and you can easy slip in and out of them at any given time.

Dress this look up for the evening by pairing a kaftan with a sexy pair of gladiator sandals (or heels, if you dare!).

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpTunics

Another great alternative to a dress is a funky tunic. You can choose to wear this item as a dress, or even as a top since it’s extremely roomy and won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day or night. If the weather is a bit chilly, pair with leggings and form-fitting blazer over the top.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your BumpShawl

An evening shawl is the finishing piece to an outfit that comes in many different colours, shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Simply pop it over your shoulders if you’re feeling chilly, or even wear it over one shoulder for the perfect spring accessory piece.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Cropped jacket

A cropped jacket or blazer is a great piece to own, if you’re pregnant in the colder months. Not only is it a comfortable and stylish item, but it frames the body nicely by emphasising your growing baby bump! No need to go out and buy a new jacket, save some money by styling an existing piece from your closet.

Pregnancy Style: Dress For Your Bump

Images via Fashionising, Zaychishka, Natasha Goldenberg, Daily Mail