The Fountain Of Youth: 9 Anti-Ageing Herbs And Spices

While superfoods are having their moment in the spotlight, we seem to have forgotten about the benefits of traditional herbs and spices. Used for centuries in medicinal remedies, not only do they help to fight disease and inflammation, surprisingly they’re also one of the best ways to ward off fine lines and wrinkles.

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We chatted to nutritionist and herbalist Stephanie Berglin to find out what herbs and spices are best for anti-ageing and how to incorporate them into your diet every day.


Inflammation is said to be one of the main reasons our bodies experience increased rates of ageing. Ginger, with its strong anti-inflammatory properties, helps to combat this while also stimulating digestion and calming the intestines, says Stephanie.

“Grated ginger is great to add to soups and stir fries. You can also put a small chunk in a vegetable juice, or try ginger teas during the colder months to help support the immune system and assist in protecting against potential colds and flu,” she insists.


This smaller version of a blue berry is rich in antioxidants and is believed to prevent the early signs of ageing. What’s more, bilberries are also said to promote better eyesight including night vision.

“Bilberries can be had in tea, as an extract, or dried for a small snack,” recommends the herbalist.


This particular spice is believed to speed up your metabolism by increasing your body’s temperature, therefore experts say cayenne can be good for weight-loss because it can help to reduce your appetite.

“Try cayenne as an alternative to chilli when you’re cooking next,” Stephanie insists. “Add the spice to your green juice to give it an extra boost, or combine it with lemon juice to toss with salad.”


Often referred to by the Chinese as the “Fountain of Youth,’ this ancient spice has been used for thousands of years to treat internal ailments. Thought to improve digestion and appetite, Ginseng is considered a restorative spice that can assist with stress. Enjoy “stewed in water to make soups and teas.”


Turmeric has made quite the comeback in recent years with supermodel and health nut Miranda Kerr admitting to adding it into her morning smoothie. Said to contain loads of anti-inflammatory properties, including curcumin which is good for your joints, it’s possibly one of the more versatile spices to include in your diet.

“A sprinkle of turmeric can help bring to life the most basic of veggie stir fries and can also be used in a morning elixir to help kick start your day with an antioxidant boost,” Stephanie recommends.


This miracle spice is believed to have strong anti-ageing benefits, detoxing properties and has the ability to aid digestion and heal the gut. It’s also known to stabilise blood sugar levels! So how do you get your fix?

“Ground cumin is popularly combined with other spices for a tasty taco seasoning with a rich, earthy flavour,” says Stephanie. “Cumin seeds can also be used to create crispy toppings on baked dishes like atop salmon or chicken.”


This particular herb is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B6, and according to some researchers can help to prevent brain ageing. What’s more, rosemary is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pair with “lamb or aged beef before roasting,” says the nutritionist. “Alternatively, try combining crushed rosemary with olive oil to spread over toast with brunch.”


A superfood in its own right, cinnamon has been shown to assist with balancing blood sugar in the body, reducing cholesterol and can help women with insulin resistance. With a delicious flavour, Stephanie says “a small amount can be sprinkled over muesli, yoghurt and desserts.

“Alternatively, ask the barista to swap chocolate for cinnamon when you order a cappuccino next.”


Perfect for the cooler months, oregano is considered an immune boosting herb that boasts antibiotic properties. Some research also suggests that it can be used to help fight yeast infections.

Combine “chopped oregano with lemon juice, olive oil and red-wine vinegar to make a delicious vinaigrette and drizzle over salad.”

August 16, 2015

8 Everyday Activities Prematurely Ageing You

Human beings are the most destructive creatures on the planet. We pollute our environment, we hurt each other, we start wars, and we leave derelict ugly buildings in every town in the world. Strangely, for a species that has rational thought, we also hurt ourselves, by mistake or by intention. Those actions limit our lives and sometimes reduce them in numerous ways – here are eight of the most common.

Eating poorly

When it comes to calorie consumption no nation does it quite like the US, but according to a recent study British residents scoff an average of 3440 calories a day – well above the recommended intake. A poor diet combined with a lack of exercise is an accident waiting to happen for well being, and also affects a person’s confidence and social life. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and numerous other life-shortening effects are the by-products to gluttony and lethargy.

Lack of sleep

Poor sleeping can also lead to serious health problems, and there are numerous other possibilities – such as forgetfulness or accidents – that might have dire consequences. A consistent lack of sleep will cause your body to release more cortisol, a hormone associated with stress that damages the skin and makes you look older.


Where to start? A little wine or beer every day won’t hurt, but anything over 2-3 units per day (3-4 for men), equating to a standard glass of wine or pint of beer respectively, can damage internal organs and the nervous system. It’s also been linked with a decline in IQ and possible early onset of dementia.


Smoking 20 packets of poisonous chemicals a day will wreck your lungs and heart, and leave you with numerous symptoms of ageing such as dry, yellow skin, and bad teeth. Moderation, and combining smoking with vaping through Phoenix e-cig batteries, e-liquids and starter packs, will help.


We’ve already looked at how the stress hormone cortisol can affect the human body. While small increases do also have some benefits (preparing us for action, lower sensitivity to pain), long spells of anger or worry can impair cognitive function and send blood pressure rocketing.

Exposing ourselves to illness/pollution

Much of the human environment, particularly industrial or urban areas, is not conducive to long health – so why do so few people wear masks or protect themselves? As evidence, London’s air quality is the filthiest in Europe and a planned Heathrow expansion which could cost the UK £300m in fines from the EU, could only make it worse.

Drinking excessive tea and coffee

There is contradictory evidence on the consumption of several cups of tea and coffee. What is true is that at least some studies have shown desperate negative effects, from headaches and depression to high blood pressure and early death according to Mayo Clinic.

Lack of mental stimulation

Mundane work, boredom, and a lack of new experiences and mental tests can be deadly. Puzzles and reading increase the flow of blood to the brain, and promote and increase in protective chemicals. There’s also significant evidence that problem solving can lessen the risk of dementia. Think again when you pass through a day where you feel you haven’t learned anything.

June 23, 2015

Have Scientists Found A Way To Stop The Ageing Process?

Every woman’s dream is to age gracefully, if at all. Well, listen closely ladies, because it seems we’re one step closer to making that a reality, with scientists discovering a genetic breakthrough that could stop the ageing process.

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Researchers studying a rare age accelerating disorder called Werner syndrome recently came across a genetic fault that causes people with the condition to age prematurely. What’s this go to do with me, you ask?

What they found was that a deterioration of DNA cells may contribute to the ageing process, which according to scientists suggests that the way our DNA is packaged could hold the key to slowing human ageing. What’s more, the research also indicated that this process could play a role in diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, which was published in the journal Science, revealed that when researchers tested the cells of patients with Werner syndrome, they discovered that the chromosomes in these cells were slightly messier than normal. In case you’re wondering, this apparently causes cells to age quicker.

“Our findings show that the gene mutation that causes Werner syndrome results in the disorganisation of heterochromatin, and that this disruption of normal DNA packaging is a key driver of ageing,” professor Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte – geneticist and one of the lead authors of the study told the Daily Mail.

“More broadly, it suggests that accumulated alterations in the structure of heterochromatin may be a major underlying cause of cellular ageing.

“This begs the question of whether we can reverse these alterations – like remodelling an old house or car – to prevent, or even reverse, age-related declines and diseases,” he continued.

However, before you throw away your anti-wrinkle creams and skip on the sunblock, professor Ilaria Bellantuono from the University of Sheffield insisted that we’re still a long way from acquiring the fountain of youth.

“While in future it may be possible to use the knowledge developed to devise new interventions to slow or reverse human ageing, this is far away in time,” she said to the Daily Mail.

“We need to remember that this study is conducted in a single cell type whereas ageing is a complex multifactorial process which affects several systems.”

Hey, at least there’s hope!

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May 7, 2015

Wrinkles Schminkles Launches New Skincare Range

Anti-ageing beauty brand Wrinkles Schminkles has just recently launched their range of new and innovative age-defying wrinkle treatments. Perfect to apply on the neck, chest, around the eyes, and even on the décolletage to prevent premature ageing, and diminish existing lines.

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The new range has been specifically designed around the Wrinkle Relieving Silicone Pads ($35.95), which are quick and easy to use on the entire face and neck to prevent lines and wrinkles overnight! Simply apply the pads before bedtime, and let the product work its magic whilst you sleep. In the morning, skin will feel hydrated due to the advanced formula, and with time will soften lines and wrinkles.

Follow up this treatment with the fabulous Morning After Glow Serum ($38.95) which is specially formulated to moisturise dry patches of skin, and leave your entire face feeling smooth and soft.

Wrinkles Schminkles Launches New Skincare Range

“I created the range after beginning to notice fine lines and wrinkles on my chest,” said Gabrielle Requena, who founded Wrinkles Schminkles.

“While there are countless lotions and potions for the face, a cream alone cannot treat other areas of the body, and I found there was a distinct lack of simple, practical treatments available for places like the chest – which can tend to act its age.”

Why not try the new collection for yourself? You can purchase each individual product exclusively from their website, and enjoy a free cleaning solution when you buy any 3 smoothing kits.

October 17, 2014

Who Said Sun Hats Aren’t Sexy?

We all need to prevent premature ageing and reduce our risk of getting skin cancer, so, protective sun hats are an essential item, in every women’s wardrobe. Millions of kids have had the sun smart message drummed into them and we now seldom see kids without a hat.

When it comes to women, though, we seem to neglect them. It’s probably because we either look awful in them, they don’t fit properly, they mess up our hair, they don’t exactly scream sexy; whatever the reason, we really do need to wear them more often. Particularly in our harsh Australian climate. So, if we really need to wear them, we may as well do it fashionably!

Experts recommend, when trying on hats, look at a full-length mirror. This is how others see us. Although it might suit your face, it may look disproportional compared to the rest of you. Lets face it, if we look crappy in something, we aren’t going to wear it! Using the following recommendations as a guide will at least provide a starting point.


Let’s begin with the jackpot winners because women with an oval face can wear just about any type of hat and pull it off. The tip to remember is to make sure the snug part of the hat, which fits around your head (known as the crown), is wider than your cheekbones but avoid going wider than your shoulders.


Shortening your face and adding some width should be your primary objective. Try a hat with less height and a big floppy brim.


Very similar to tips for oblong faces. Try a full or uplifted brim and don’t add too much height.


The most significant tip for you to keep in mind is that square hats, on a square-shaped face won’t do you any favours. They will accentuate your jawline. Try hats which will soften and lengthen your features.


The best type of hat for you is a medium brim, with a defining crown, to narrow the forehead. Avoid horizontal trimmings and you can afford to have a hat with a bit of height.


The style advice, is similar to heart shaped, except you want to aim for a hat that widens the forehead. For you, horizontal trims, will work a treat. Once again, a medium brim is recommended.


You too want to widen the forehead, so you can try any hat which adds width. Asymmetric brims and crowns with some height will work well to achieve the best look.


The aim here is to lengthen your face, so try an irregular brim, which is wider than your facial structure, a vertical design and defined crown.

Now, apart from style, you really need to consider other factors like protection, comfort and practicality. Some hats contain SPF block-out and can add greater protection to your head and face. If you burn easily, this is a wise investment.

Then there are other varieties which contain hydrating gel crystals to keep your head cooler. If you need a hat to go and out in direct sunlight and heat, this may be a viable option. Plus, if the reason you don’t wear a hat is because it’s just too damn hot, this is a solution.

You also need to consider when and where you are going to wear a hat. If you frequently wear it in windy conditions, the last thing you want is a hat which you will need to hold onto your head or chase around. There are lots of fashionable hats around these days which will fit your head perfectly, so functionality is no longer an excuse.

You may find that having a selection of protective hats will be a better solution, particularly if you will be wearing it in various situations. Consider all the variables and make a choice which is best for you. We all need to start looking at wearing sun hats as an investment in our longevity and get over the barriers, which have been preventing us from wearing them. There are some comfortable, functional and stunning styles available so it’s about time we all go shopping!

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October 15, 2014

5 Ways To Avoid Wrinkles

While we’re all prone to getting wrinkles especially with age, there are few things you can do now to prevent premature ageing. Even if you’re in your twenties, you shouldn’t be heading out into the sun without a proper SPF for starters.

Abide by the following five rules now, to avoid premature lines and wrinkles from showing up in the not-so-distant future.

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Almond oil

Using a serum is one of the best ways to nourish your skin every single day. The best time to apply a serum is right after cleansing and toning, and just before heading to bed.

Not only is almond oil good for the skin on the rest of your body, but it will also help to nourish dry or flaky skin on your face. Apply just a few drops of the product onto cleansed skin, then massage gently into circles on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Almond oil isn’t as greasy as other serums, so it will soak into the skin quite fast and without any hassle.


It goes without saying that a high SPF will save your skin from wrinkles, crows feet, moles, and even long-term skin damage. If you apply makeup on a daily basis, use a foundation with an added SPF. In most cases this will be up to 18, but keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your handbag if you ever feel the need to re-apply throughout the day.

Most sunscreen formulas are now light and come without the thick white flash-back, making them really easy to apply on both the face and body.

Fatty acids

Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids are just some of the best ways to clear, and healthy skin? Olive oil, salmon, flaxseed and many fish oil supplements help to keep skin moisturised and are good for your body as well! Try and include just some of these foods into your meals throughout the week for better looking skin.

Oestrogen face cream

Mature skin is more prone to breakage, especially since fine lines and ageing are directly caused by the skin thinning out. Women who are currently experiencing menopause can greatly benefit from oestrogen face creams, since this will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin damage.

Oestrogen creams can also be used for women in their 20’s and 30’s since it helps to increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Apply a pea-sized amount of the product onto problem areas such as around the eyes, forehead and mouth by simply dabbing into the skin.

Quit smoking

There is no denying that smoking or even second-hand smoke is bad for both the skin and body. The toxic chemicals found in cigarettes decrease the flow of oxygen in the skin, and often emphasise existing dark lines and wrinkles.

If you do suffer from significant damage due to smoking, it’s best to have a solid skincare routine which is based upon regular cleansing, toning, and moisturising which can help improve the quality and texture of your skin.

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October 9, 2014

How To Avoid Premature Ageing

Rather than depending on miracle cures which promise to reduce signs of premature ageing, be proactive with your skincare regime and try to live in a way which will benefit your health. The best way is to work with what you’ve got, and try to give a little more tender loving care to the delicate skin on your face. The number one trick is the best and most effective; apply sunscreen onto your face every single day. Here are some other helpful tips you can apply to your skincare regime and keep signs of premature ageing at bay.

Sun damage

If you’re heading out to the beach or simply taking a leisurely stroll, remember to always apply sunscreen. Most sunscreens can fee oily and cast a white shadow across the face, but if this bothers you choose a foundation with a high SPF and this should do the trick instead. A wide-brim hat is the perfect way to protect yourself against the dangerous ultraviolet rays which penetrate deep into the skin. Continuous exposure to the skin is responsible for liver spots across the face and body. If you are planning a trip to the beach or park, avoid direct sunlight between 10am-3pm, this is when the suns rays can cause the most damage.

Stop smoking

Even if you aren’t a smoker yourself, being exposed to continuous second hand smoke is just as harmful. Wrinkles are more prominent in people who are smokers and are the number one sign of premature ageing. Smokers will also experience crow’s feet around the outer eyelid, droopy skin under the eyebrows and a large amount of defined lines on the forehead, than a non-smoker.


Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol has been proven to be toxic to a healthy, youthful appearance. Women who consume more than one standard drink a day run the chance of depriving their skin of nutrients, and dehydrating the body both inside and out. Avoid binge drinking since it is detrimental to both your skin and good health in general.


Moisturising your face and body on a day-to-day basis is the best way to avoid any lines and wrinkles coming through. Not only do they help the skin to retain more water, but keep it firm and tight throughout the day and night. Use a gentle cleanser on your face as part of a simple skincare routine, and choose a nourishing night cream to prevent skin from completely drying out. Avoid using soaps to wash your skin, since they are extremely drying and strip all natural oils from the surface. 

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May 28, 2014

Q&A With Anti-Ageing Expert Dr William Amzallag

Dr William Amzallag is one of the world’s leading anti-ageing experts, with decades of experience in anti-ageing, regenerative medicine, skincare and stem cells. The France-based M.D. is also the medical advisor for Jeunesse Global. We asked Dr Amzallag what we can do to avoid premature ageing, how much skincare plays a part in the way we age, and which ingredients to look for in your anti-ageing routine.

What is your top tip for avoiding premature ageing?

There are two different options:

My top tip by far is to improve your lifestyle – but to do it seriously – which means look at your nutrition, avoiding almost completely simple sugars, having at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day on a very regular basis, managing stress, avoiding toxic thoughts and toxic relationships.

Improving your daily nutrition will double or triple the efficacy of growth factors.

On top of improving your lifestyle, you have to treat the skin locally by protecting, hydrating, nourishing and replacing senescent cells with new ones thanks to nanotechnology and growth factors from stem cells.

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are our cells’ language. This is how thousands of cells communicate allowing them to do one vital function – repair and regenerate the tissue in the body which occurs in the deepest layers of the skin.

Can you tell us about some of the latest advances in anti-ageing skincare technology?

Today there is a revolution in skincare. A revolution thanks to nanotechnology which brings the right ingredient exactly where we want and penetrates where we want it to.

There is also a revolution in the quality of ingredients with the use of growth factors coming from adult stem cells culture. These growth factors are magic bullets which are able to refresh, repair, maintain or even replace damaged cells almost immediately.

How much do the products we apply to our skin affect how we age?

You have to use common sense: it is wrong to think that the more you apply to your skin the better it is for your skin.

Knowledge about skincare products is essential. Ask yourself what kind of ingredients are in your skincare, are they natural or from natural origins? What kind of preservatives are in your skincare?

Applying the wrong products with the wrong ingredients may be damaging for your skin and cause premature ageing.

What ingredients should we look for in anti-ageing skincare?

As well as the efficacy of the ingredients, you need to consider the compatibility of the ingredients, and how the formula penetrates the skin and how deeply it penetrates the skin for it to be efficient.

Antioxidants are the first line of defence, one of the best being superoxide dismutase. Replenishing water is essential to keep your skin firm and to prevent wrinkles. Extracts of prickly pear or baobab can help too.

But the most important factor is to look for a solution with one single ingredient: the only one available is the end result of harvesting adult stem cells from human fat and extracting the intercellular fat which is full of growth factors. Those growth factors have very special benefits: they repair, maintain and even replace damaged cells.

Growth factors are the critical ingredients used in the revolutionary LUMINESCE range. The growth factors are combined with a suite of complementing ingredients, some of which are used to nourish the skin, while others deliver the growth factors into the skin, enhancing the efficacy of the ingredients.

We want to know: what are your best skincare tips for looking younger?

September 20, 2013