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March 14, 2016

How To Say No To A Proposal

We’ve grown up to believe that it’s every girl’s dream to find that special guy and have him take us somewhere romantic, drop down on one knee and pull out a beautiful diamond and ask us to be his wife. That’s what we’ve be taught through advertising, movies and old fashioned values from when we are a young child.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having that dream, but not every woman wants to wait until the man is ready to ask and some women don’t want to get married at all. On top of all that, saying yes to marriage is a huge commitment and with divorce rates skyrocketing, it seems that decisions are being glamorised by an amazing proposal while relationships for life aren’t being considered.

Saying yes to a proposal is something that should be really thought about. Do you want to marry this person, or are you just after the label of being married or the stability of a marriage? Could you spend your whole life with this person and is the relationship ready to move into marriage territory?

Saying no to a proposal is tricky. You feel like you’re going to break your partners heart, but it’s important to explain to them why you’re saying no instead of a blunt rejection. There may be a number of reasons that you feel you can’t say yes to this proposal. You may not be ready for marriage, you may not want to get married, or you may not feel the same way about the person asking you.

It’s better to say no to a proposal than to lead your partner on. One of the important things about saying no is letting them know why you’re saying no, especially if it’s not to do with them as a person. It can be very easy for a relationship to go south after rejecting a proposal, so it’s important that the asker understands why you’re saying no. If it’s because you don’t want to marry them as a person, they need to know that and you can both assess the relationship and where each of you is going. If it’s because you’re not ready, or you don’t want to be married but still want to stay with the person, let them know this.

Saying no to a proposal is heartbreaking, not just to the one who is asking, but for the person saying no – knowing that you are going to very much upset your partner is traumatising. What both of you want in life is an important discussion that needs to be had as the relationship progresses so that you can both let the other person know how you feel about important topics such as marriage.

Communication is key in a relationship, even when it comes to something that you want to be a surprise, like a proposal. Wouldn’t you rather ask at a time that you know is right and get a yes than ask at the time you think is right and get a no?

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September 7, 2015

6 Inspiring Proposal Stories

There’s nothing quite like a romantic proposal story to get the heart fluttering, but what’s the best way to pop the question? Should you climb to the top of a mountain and profess your love to the world or sneak off to a quiet country retreat? Are roses and champagne essential proposal treats? And how long should you really spend perusing the different types of ring available? There’s before you confirm the finer details, here are six inspiring proposal stories to get you in the lovey-dovey mood.

Rochelle and Marvin Humes

They married back in 2012 and now have a beautiful baby girl, but ex JLS singer turned TV presenter Marvin Humes certainly pulled out all the stops to woo his then girlfriend Rochelle Williams. He whisked the Saturdays star off to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua where he got down on one knee and whipped out a stunning heart-shaped diamond ring, thought to be worth around £45,000.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton followed a unique and unusual proposal which took place in an isolated log cabin. That’s right; the couple were enjoying a 24-hour stop over at the Spartun Rutundu Log Cabins during their Kenyan holiday when the Prince asked his long-term girlfriend to marry him. Describing the proposal ‘romantic’ and ‘wonderful’, Kate was obviously blown away by his charm and they’re now a happy family with two small children.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

What better time of the year to propose that on Valentine’s Day? Love is in the air on 14th February, which is perhaps why Lady Gaga’s long-term beau Taylor Kinney popped the question on this very day. Opening up about his engagement to the world-famous pop star, Kinney said: “It was snowing – it was beautiful” adding how he had no doubts about proposing. Now that’s true love.

Seal and Heidi Klum

They may now be divorced, but Seal and Heidi Klum’s engagement was undoubtedly inspiring. The Kiss by the Rose singer not only flew supermodel Heidi by helicopter to the Canadian Rockies but he had an igloo built there which was filled with rose petals, champagne, food, candles and even a bed with sheets. “I was ecstatic,” claims Heidi. Well, wouldn’t we all be if we were proposed to in such a way?

Christmas proposal

And it’s not just celebrities that have sensational proposals. A lady called Enid Eunice Ventura Garcia shared her story via Bridal Guide online stating:

“My fiancé proposed to me on September 26, 2012, the day before he was about to leave for the military. Since we wouldn’t be spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve together, we decided to at least put up our little Christmas tree before he left for deployment. After we put it up, he suddenly knelt in front of me, took a small box out from his pocket, opened it, and popped the question.”

Thanksgiving proposal

Thanksgiving is also a popular time for people to get engaged with Christine Lewis Gauthier sharing the following memory: “My fiancé proposed to me on Thanksgiving last year in front of my mum, my dad, my children and his children. My mum handed him the rings that my dad originally gave her when they got married over 50 years ago and she said that we had their blessing. So my fiancé called everyone into the living room while dinner was cooking, and he got down on one knee and told me he loved me and wanted me to be his wife. I cried, my daughter cried, his daughter cried, my parents were happy for us…it was awesome!”

There really is no correct way to propose but these inspirational stories should certainly give you some great ideas.

June 28, 2015

4 Ways to Propose That Will Make A Great Story

Asking your significant other to marry you is not only a giant leap in your relationship but it is also a moment you will want to cherish forever. Planning an amazing proposal and getting down on one knee, should be something truly unique; something that not only will you reminisce as time goes on, but something that your friends and family can enjoy retelling as well. There is no right or wrong way to propose to your significant other. The following are a few scenarios to consider to tip the odds in favour of an emphatic, YES!

1. The romantic

There’s something to be said for tried and true. Organise a special night out with your loved one at your favourite or an exlusive restaurant to pop the question! Organise with the wait staff in advance so they will find a gorgeous diamond ring at the bottom of a glass of champagne. Set it up with the staff at your favourite restaurant beforehand, so they know the perfect moment to bring out the aforementioned champagne glass, or pop the ring in their drink while they are in the bathroom.  

Even better, show them what a fantastic husband/wife you’d make by cooking a scrumptious dinner at home. Make it impossible to turn you down with an exquisitely set table (think flowers and candles), and you’re free to celebrate in the comfort of your own home when they say yes!

2. The thrillseeker

Throw them out of a plane! Strapped to a professional, of course. Many tandem skydiving companies, in Perth and throughout the country, will tailor a package specifically for the adventurous couple ready to take the leap (pun intended!). With a ready made ‘will you marry me?’ sign laid out on a gorgeous sandy beach/grassy landing area, your loved one will never ever forget the feeling of floating back down to earth and spotting you waiting next to this sign on bended knee…. as an added bonus, the initial fear before you jump out is an incredible bonding experience for soon-to-be newlyweds as well.

3. The outdoorsy

Let your inner child run away with this one and plan a treasure hunt. It could be as simple as a few easy clues/pictures which lead them back to the place you met, or you could make it an elaborate day of riddles and puzzles they need to solve in order to find your secret hiding spot. At which point they could find a treasure chest of momentos from your time together, or an envelope with the words ‘will you marry me?’ inside. You would of course go along for the hunt (try to resist the urge to help with the clues!) and be there ready with the ring to get down on one knee at the end…or not, if that’s your style!

4. The PDA (public display of affection)

Rent a billboard! With ‘Marry me…?’ and a picture of yourself, making sure it is in a spot they will see when you are together (so you can give them the ring and see their response). Or put out a radio broadcast, declaring your undying love and asking for their hand in marriage. These options are not for the feint of heart (or cash strapped), as both will cost money and may embarrass both parties if the proposal should not go as planned…but it you’re ready to pop the question, they must be worth the risk, right?!

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By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Southern Skydivers, Perth’s best skydiving proposal experiences with magnificent views of the WA coast.  


July 7, 2014