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“I’m Getting A Gun To Protect My Son”

AJay Rochester, former The Biggest Loser host who has been living in the US for the past few years, has revealed that threats against her and her teenage son Kai have led her to look at purchasing a gun in order to protect themselves.

The threatening messages began after the pair’s LA home was broken into a few weeks ago. Despite the police catching the thieves, with one ultimately sent to prison, death threats have plagued the Australian mother and son.

The 44-year-old told KiiS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning this was “probably the first time in three years that I have felt genuinely unsafe”.

“I fully support Australian gun laws … that said, I’ve never had direct threats made against me and my child and with the full weight of the law against me I am purchasing a handgun,” AJay said.

“I know what a .45 calibre gun can do and that’s what I’ll be buying and even if I miss a little bit, I’m gonna make a mess and they’re not going to mess with my child.”

What do you think of AJay’s stance?

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