It’s tempting to ignore problematic remarks, but what kind of world do you want to live in?
The fact people honestly tweeted #NotMyAriel highlights a racist issue with our media. 
In a way that almost feels cruel, I find myself thanking God that he didn’t give me a boy.
It is a privilege to be with him and to have him in my life.
For many non-melanated folks, admiring black culture is easy. Loving and caring for black people, not so much.
I get teary-eyed at the thought of explaining racism to her.
I knew there was still a culture of fear surrounding black people, but this was the first time I had experienced a person scared of black people.
My friend keeps trying to deflect the conversation. The bartender ignores the obvious hints. He calls me a “yellow girl”.
I can’t help but feel society doesn’t want me to have a positive relationship with sex.
I will have to tell him that there are people who don’t see him as human.
When will we stop letting fear-based hatred teint our society?
If we don’t call ourselves victims, they can deny it was a crime.
Because we should steer people in the ‘white’ direction.