I Am In Second Grade, At Age 44

I’ve been in second grade for eight days.

How My Alcoholic Ex Strengthened My Relationship With Our Daughter

There’s a message on Facebook from my ex, my daughter’s father whom we haven’t seen in 15 years. 

The Quiet Violence At The Heart Of Motherhood

The violence of mothering starts early for those who gestate children in their bodies. 

I Wanted To Raise Unconventional Kids But I Wasn’t Prepared For What That

As a parent, I’ve always hoped to raise kids who are better than me. 

Learning To Love Myself The Way I Love My Daughter

I find a measure of compassion for her that I’ve never been able to apply to myself.

What I Wish I’d Known When I Had A Daughter With Down Syndrome

Our world is filled with so much more than a list of possible outcomes handed to us at diagnosis.

Win a brand new Hyundai
Win a brand new Hyundai