Get The Look: Lustrous Long Hair

VS Sasson has kicked off a new collaboration project with the first creative stylist being celebrated hair and make-up artist, and well-known beauty blogger Oz Beauty Expert, Bonnie Gillies. She has teamed up with one of the world’s hottest backstage fashion photographers, Sonny Vandevelde, to produce a series of striking photographs for VS Sassoon featuring the most talked about fresh faces of Australian fashion.

Gorgeous model Brooke Durrant, represented by London Management in Sydney, was a big hit at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. “Brooke is a gorgeous red head with thick hair to die for,” Bonnie said.

Here’s how Bonnie got Brooke’s look:


  1. I used the VS Sassoon Total Protection Ceramic Intense Curling Wand to curl sections of Brooke’s hair throughout, starting each curl from just above ear level. The wand is perfect for working with very long hair. It features tiny silicon bumps that help grip and spread the hair evenly over the wand.
  2. After I had curled each section, I carefully sprayed with hair spray to add hold.
  3. I then used a hard-bristled brush to brush out the curls, which created a soft silky wave throughout the hair.
  4. To add a focal point to the style, I swept over the hair to one side of the face and created a big soft plait all the way to the end of the hair. I then gently pulled and loosened the plait to make it bigger and chunkier.

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  1. Brooke has a very peaches and cream complexion, so I used an ivory mineral foundation with a peachy blush and soft stained rosy lip.
  2. I then defined Brooke’s brows and added a delicate sweeping liquid line to her upper lashline.
April 29, 2014

5 of the Hottest Redhead Celebrity Hairstyles

Red hair is having a major moment right now. Some of the hottest celebrities are rocking red hair and we’ve never wanted to go red as much as now! Here are some of the most gorgeous red hair celebrity hairstyles to inspire you.

Christina Hendricks
Did you know Christina is a natural blonde? But her fiery red hair has become her signature look on Mad Men and the red carpet and for good reason – it compliments her luminous pale skin so beautifully. That’s the thing about red hair – it’s almost always universally-flattering for all skin types. She loves volume both on and off the red carpet, so blow dry hair with a large barrel brush to create waves and fullness.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams plays around with red hues, from light gold to copper browns. She often emulates old Hollywood glamour on the red carpet, taking cues from the 1940’s and Veronica Lake.

To get Amy’s waves, do it the old-fashioned way: sleep in large foam rollers! In the morning, lightly separate the curls and brush out carefully to retain the wave but allow it to flow softly. Pull the bulk of the curls over one shoulder to complete Adams’ pretty mermaid look.

Emma Stone
Emma has alternated between blonde and red, but nothing makes those incredible emerald eyes pop like red hair. 

Emma’s gorgeous updo is the perfect way to wear a fringe that you might be growing up. Blow dry straight, part on the side, pin your hair up, and sleek the fringe with serum.

Florence Welch
Florence is the pin-up girl for redheads. She’s cultivated an ethereal image both as a fasionista, beauty icon and musician.

Go straight to your hair colourist and ask for fire engine red. This will work on brunettes or dark blondes, but beware! This kind of vibrant red is really hard to maintain, and you’ll find you lose a lot of the colour after your first wash. Discuss maintenance with your colourist and invest in colour locking hair care products.

Isla Fisher
Isla shows you don’t have to do bright and light when you go red – dark red hair is just as glamourous. The dark red is super flattering for her pale skin type. Just make sure you tint your brows to match – too light or too dark and it can throw the whole look off.

Which red hair celebrity hairstyle is your favourite?

February 20, 2014