Spring 2014 Ushers In A Fresh New Season Of Colour

Luxurious copper-based metallics, earthy greys and calming blues and greens will dominate interiors this spring as homeowners cast off the deep and decadent hues of winter to add a lighter touch. That’s the forecast from Dulux experts, who have studied design, colour and finishes from around the globe to develop the season’s predictions.

Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says:

“It’s natural to want to welcome the first blush of spring after a long cold winter and there’s no better way to do that than with a fresh coat of paint.”

Popular colours are likely to include Dulux Sun Sensation – Design Metallic, a luxurious copper-based metallic; the earthy ambiance of neutral Dulux Malay Grey; and the fresh, cooling tones of Dulux Antarctica Lake Quarter.

Dulux also has two serene greens – Dulux Classic Calm, which is easy to blend from inside to outdoor space for spring entertaining, and Dulux Gentle Calm, a mid green suitable for any room. Partner the greens with light and bright Dulux Whisper White to inspire a stylish spring space. The hero colours for spring come from the Dulux Precious Elementals palette, which is influenced by the earth, minerals, natural stones, and geographical formations.

The director and head designer of Zuster, Wilhelmina McCarroll, styled the Precious Elementals and says the 2014 Spring colours of greens and greys are perfectly paired with blonde timbers and a touch of warm metallic. She says:

“Consumers can be adventurous with colour by painting architraves and skirtings in different colours and adding some of this season’s gorgeous warmer metallics, such as copper and gold in a small way.”

For example, using a subtle, soft green like Dulux Gentle Calm in a bathroom creates a sense of luxury and the perception of a larger space. Adding a touch of glamour with Dulux Sun Sensation in metallic brings out key features in the space.

“I don’t think colour will ever go out of fashion. We are currently seeing many colours being mixed and clashed with fantastic results. There are no rules anymore as to what colours should go together, if it works it works!” 

Interior Trends For Winter 2014

After studying design, colour and finishes around the globe, Dulux predicts 2014 winter interiors will feature deep and decadent hues, perfect for adding warmth during the colder months. The warm and earthy palette to ward off the winter chill includes moody browns, violets, greys and dusty pinks offset with a spark of colour or metallic tones.

Artist Geoffrey Carran said home decorators could draw inspiration from expressive, decorative periods such as Deco, Baroque and Renaissance, choosing a contrast between dark backgrounds and illuminated highlights. Popular wall colours for Winter are likely to be Dulux Double Bass and Dulux Laylock, with accents in Dulux colours such as Moroccan Leather, Cosmic Aura and Stellar Glow Design Metallic.

Mr Curran says:

“It’s natural to want to hibernate in the Winter and this season will bring about contrast of warm and cool colours. Bring a sense of solidarity and balance to your space by contrasting a gorgeous metallic hue, such as Dulux Stellar Glow, with a contrasting deep charcoal brown, such as Dulux Double Bass.

“Then pile on some luscious, textured textiles with a blend of patterns and surround yourself with your favourite things to create an escape from the bleak weather outside.”

Dulux’s colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says:

“Be brave in your choice… Try painting your architraves or skirting boards in different colours or add a touch of metallic. And always remember that a little ignition of colour helps to liven up your space on a dull and gloomy day.”

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