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Without the pushup bra and cheesy pickup lines.

June 28, 2016

13 Inexplicably Weird Cafes You Need To See To Believe

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February 24, 2016

3 Places To Take Your Ideal Date In Sydney

Finally you’ve snagged a first date with ‘the one’ but can’t seem to find the perfect place to go out and get to know each other. Make sure you pick a location which you will both enjoy, but also something fun and unique that will make a lasting impression. We have narrowed our picks to just three Sydney based locations which offer a fun vibe and mixed with good company will surely be a match made in heaven.

1. Eau de Vie, Darlinghurst

This intimate little bar is almost hidden away on Darlinghurst Road but if you find it, there’s a reason why it’s been voted bar of the year multiple years in a row. With light jazz music setting the ambience and expert bartenders on hand to create award winning cocktails, the date will prove to be anything but boring. Order the Noble Experiment which is an ice cold martini made using liquid nitrogen.

2. Franco Franco, Surry Hills

If you’re craving some authentic Italian cuisine, head to Franco Franco for their wood-fired pizza, pasta and so much more. Located on bustling Crown Street, the restaurant offers authentic recipes from southern Italy, with techniques and ingredients which have been used for centuries. There is a large menu to choose from including breakfast, lunch, wines and specialised set menu’s as well.

3. Ms.G’s, Potts Point

Ms.G’s is a mixture of traditional Asian cuisine with a pinch ofmodern taste which everyone can enjoy. Executive chef Dan Hong and Head chef Paul Donnelly create specialised dishes using traditional Asian ingredients and adapt this to a contemporary taste palate. The restaurant is intricately detailed as you would expect all Merivale restaurants to be, and is very modern and functional. If you just want to pop in for a drink, head to the bar upstairs where there is always a variety of beer, wine and sake on offer. Open for both lunch and dinner.

These are just a few suggestions which combine tasty food and drinks in busy metropolitan areas, where there is always something close-by if you wanted to pop into a bar afterwards. Be sure to do your research and find a place (and cuisine) which you will both enjoy, (and won’t be struggling to hear each other over the music!).

Image via Broadsheet

By Felicia Sapountzis

June 23, 2014

What to do when dining alone (contd)

6. Don?t sit me in the middle of the restaurant like I?m the main attraction in a freak show. Then again, don?t stick me in a corner either. What I?d like is a view of the goings-on without being the focal point.7. Do provide me with the same options you provide larger tables. Water top-ups, information about the day?s specials, that sort of thing.

8. Do suggest some scaled-down menu items like dishes that lend themselves to half portions.

9. Don?t assume that I want to eat and run. I may have come to your restaurant because of the ambience and the busy atmosphere, not just to satisfy my hunger.

10. Don?t assume that I want the house wine. I?m alone, not undiscerning.

11. Don?t rush me or ignore me.

12. Don?t be too overly friendly thinking that you have to compensate for my lack of a companion.

I?ve found that the best trick to use when dining alone at a restaurant is to take along a small note pad and take notes throughout the meal. The staff will wonder if you?re a restaurant reviewer, even though, in reality, you could be writing your to-do list for the next day, or penning your latest literary masterpiece. You get great service and some things done for yourself.

By Gina Luca

* Gina is a freelance writer whose passion for talking to people on the Internet provides much inspiration for her writing.

October 28, 2003