Beckham’s close shave worth $5 million bucks

Beckham’s close shave worth $5 million bucks

Beck’s close shave
Recent revelations about David Beckham from the ?Sleazy Senorita? and the Aussie callgirl obviously haven?t hurt the soccer stars marketablitity. The UK’s News of the World has now reported that Beckham has just landed a $5 million dollar deal with Gillette to star in a worldwide advertising campaign. A highly placed advertising source told them: “Gillette landed him before the scandal – but believe it’s done nothing to dent his marketability.” According to the leading UK tabloid newspaper, Beckham will appear in adverts around the world promoting razors and shaving foam after Euro 2004. The source added: “If anything, David is even more popular than ever.”
Can?t wait to see the spin on that campaign. See how using Gillette razors can help you escape a close shave with your wife? Do you think that has any thing to do with his new ?do? ? appearing with wife Victoria last week with his blonde locks shaved off?

We’re yet to see the end of Paris
One night in Paris
Just when you thought we had heard the last of this taudry little sex scandal, Paris Hilton‘s infamous home video of her having sex with former boyfriend Rick Salomon is going to be released in adult film stores. Red Light District Video, a suburban Los Angeles porn production company, said on Thursday it has acquired rights from Salomon to distribute the full 45-minute video under the title One Night in Paris. A spokeswoman for the company said the homemade tape, parts of which surfaced last year on Internet porn sites, will be released commercially in adult video stores on June 15. Ohh goody can?t wait for that one to hit our local Blockbuster store!

Michael Jackson, in court on Friday
Jackson sacks lawyers
Just days after being charged with child-molestation charges, Michael Jackson has sacked his two A-List lawyers Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman. He has replaced them with just one attorney, high-powered criminal lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr. Published reports state the King of Pop tried to acquire Mesereau’s services previously, however the attorney wasn?t willing to divert his attention away from defending 1970?s TV star Robert Blake for the shooting death of his wife in 2001. In a statement released on Monday, Jackson said ?Let me make it clear, I have not replaced my defense team, I have replaced the lead attorneys?. According to Brafman, the decision was ?unavoidable under the circumstances? and “based on recent developments and discussions with various persons in the Jackson camp.” Jackson is expected to plead not guilty when he appears in court on Friday.

A not happy Britney Spears
Spears in tears
Britney Spears is making her way to London for the European part of her world tour, however her life apparently isn?t all roses. Earlier this year she was seen frolicking on the beach with her new man looking carefree and happy. All that has changed, however, with the release of new tabloid reports. Apparently her new man hasn?t been honest with her, omitting to tell her he has a wife and children at home. Britney was seen sobbing on the way to the airport before boarding the plane to London. According to reports, this tearful display is just another sign that Britney?s mental health is unstable. Her unhappy state is seen in her new video clip Everytime, which shows her overdosing on pills and slashed wrists. The suicide scenes had to be removed from the clip before its release due to the outcry in the US. There are also rumours the star is using prozac and binge boozing all in an attempt to overcome her depression.

April 27, 2004

Beyonce – Tommy’s new girl

Beyonce – Tommy’s new girl

Singer/actor Beyonce has now become a Tommy Girl, signing a contract worth almost $10 million Australian dollars to be the face of designer Tommy Hilfiger’s new fragrance. The Destiny’s Child frontwoman’s multi-year deal includes starring in both TV and magazine adverts for the as-yet-unnamed women’s perfume, which will be unveiled later this year. “Beyonce has beauty, style, intelligence and such a warm personality,” said Hilfiger as the news was announced. “She is the perfect person for this project.” The American designer already has a number of scents on the market, including Tommy, Tommy Girl, Tommy Summer and T For Him. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s career both in and out of the music studio seems to be going from strength to strength. She’s been nominated for six Grammys this year, and performed at the Superbowl in the US last weekend. She’s also currently starring in gladiator-style Pepsi commercials alongside fellow pop divas Pink and Britney Spears. You go girl!

Britney, Beyonce & Pink team up for Pepsi??
Pepsi has pulled off one of the biggest coups in advertising history – securing the services of Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink for a super, celebrity-packed TV commercial of epic proportions. The chicks play out a mock Gladiator battle to a reworked version of the old Queen hit We Will Rock You for the new commerical, which also stars fellow popstar Enrique Iglesias as an evil Roman emperor. Former Queen bands members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, and the cast of the commerical attended the launch at the National Gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square last week. “To have this premiere is pretty amazing,” said Spears, “Filming the ad was awesome, it made me feel empowered and I got to work with these two fantastic gladiator women,” she added.

Pay-per-view for Paris?
Paris Hilton‘s ex, home Rick Salomon offered to drop his US$10 million dollar law suit against her family but in true Hollywood style there is a catch – Salomon will only drop the lawsuit in exchange for the distribution rights to the video. A supreme opportunist, Salomon, aka Mr Shannon Doherty, seems to have identified a hole in the porn market, and now seeks to sell the saucy tape pay-per-view. Heather McCloskey, lawyer for the multi-million dollar heiress and her family branded the move “beneath contempt.” All we can say is – Nice try Rick!

Kidman bound for UN
Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn are heading for the UN headquarters in New York – well in a movie anyway. The Interpreter which starts production in March, has our Nic playing an interpreter who overhears a deadly plot! In an unprecedented move the United Nations has granted rare permission for parts of the movie to be filmed at its headquarters in New York. Apparently the UN has received tonnes of requests to film in the prestigious building over the years, but so far no one has filmed inside the building before. The movie will be directed by Sydney Pollack whose previous films include Out of Africa and Tootsie. A UN spokeswoman said Secretary General Kofi Annan and his advisors decided it was in the organisation’s interest to bring its work to the attention of cinema viewers around the world. She added that she did not know if Mr Annan or any other UN staff would feature in the film, saying a number of practical arrangements still needed to be worked out.

February 3, 2004