Raunchy Romance Read After Hours

He found the back zipper of her skirt and drew it down until the skirt slipped easily to the floor. His erection strained against his briefs as he gazed at the white lace garter belt holding up her navy stockings. It was as if she?d dressed this morning with him in mind. At every turn, she revealed more of the woman he?d been waiting to find.

She stepped out of her skirt and kicked it gently to one side. ?Are you going to be naked, too?? she murmured.

He forced his attention from the garter belt and what lay beneath it so that he could look into her eyes. ?Would you like that? Or do you want ??

?Yes. Take off your shirt.?

Wordlessly he pulled it over his head and dropped it to the carpet.

?You look strong.?

?Strong enough for what I have in mind for tonight.? Holding her gaze, he knelt in front of her and ran both hands down the silky length of her leg. She was warm and quivering beneath his touch, and the scent of temptation drifted from between her thighs. Gently he eased off one of her shoes and caressed the sole of her foot. She moaned. ?I want you.?

?I know.? Unfastening her stocking, he leaned forward to flick his tongue over the bare skin of her leg as he rolled the stocking down her thigh and over her knee.

She trembled. ?I want??

?What?? he whispered, running his hands down her other leg and slipping off the second shoe.

?I want you to??

?Tell me. Tell me your secrets.? The mounting tension made him fumble taking off the other stocking. His tongue seemed to sizzle against her trembling thigh.

?Make me come.?

His heartbeat thundered in his ears. ?And how would you like me to do that??

She cupped the back of his head and guided him to the triangle of lace and silk nestled below the garter belt. Her plea was low and urgent. ?With your tongue?please? I can?t wait??

As if he could resist, once he was this close and surrounded by her scent. His mouth watered. ?When you?re completely naked,? he whispered, nuzzling the damp silk of her panties.

Raunchy Romance Read After Hours (contd)

Grasping the garter belt and panties together, he pulled them down in one swift move.

When she stepped out of them, he paused to sear the moment into his brain. The woman of his dreams stood before him, naked and eager, surrounded by the sedate trappings of a lawyer?s office. The contrast was absolutely delicious and he wanted to savour it before he was swept into a firestorm of need.

When he cupped her sleek bottom and sank to his heels, the thrill of the forbidden made him dizzy. She moaned again, an urgent little sound that told him she was desperate for release. Leaning forward he slid his tongue boldly through her golden curls and tasted paradise.

He moved in closer, getting his shoulders under her thighs as he lifted her to the edge of the desk. As he began to feast, she whimpered and tightened her hold on his scalp. Ah, she was heavenly, melting on his tongue like fine chocolate. He guided her to spread her thighs even more and with a sigh of surrender she obliged him, stretching one leg along the edge of the desk. Papers rustled and drifted to the floor.

He caressed her with his tongue and slid his fingers deep into her wet heat, probing and stroking her to a fever pitch. Her cries grew more intense, her breathing more laboured.

And then the wave broke, filling the small office with the sound of her ecstasy. His groin throbbed with nearly unbearable tension and he longed to rip off his jeans and bury his penis into her quaking vagina. But too much was at stake to risk muting any of the pleasure he wanted to give her. So he followed her all the way through her climax, lapping the nectar of her release and tightening her contractions with the rhythm of his fingers.

At last the tremors eased and her muscles relaxed. Placing his hands at her waist, he steaded her as he kissed a path over her flat stomach. Gradually rising from his knees, he lifted her onto the desk, scattering papers everywhere. The desk phone rattled, but somehow didn?t end up on the floor. She braced her hands behind her and arched her back, as if anticipating his next goal. He took her quivering nipple in his teeth and raked the firm tip gently.

?Yes,? she whispered. ?Oh, yes.?

With one hand supporting the small of her back, he balanced the weight of her breast in the curve of his other hand as he nibbled and sucked.

He could sense she was ready again. Nibbling lightly at her breast, he slid two fingers down through her damp thatch of curls.

With a soft moan of assent, she opened her thighs and invited him inside. Slowly he stroked her, and she tightened around his finger. He?d never been with a woman this hot, this excited.

Increasing the rhythm of his fingers and using his thumb to massage her special hot spot, he gloried in every whimpered cry as she readied for another shattering climax. Within seconds she found it, rocking her hips in time with his strokes and sending yet more papers to the floor.

As she gasped for breath he eased her down until she was sprawled across the desk, her legs dangling off the edge. Moving between her outstretched legs, he leaned over her and braced his hands on either side of her head

?I haven?t even kissed you,? he said, gazing into her heavy-lidded eyes.

She ran her tongue over her lips. ?Kiss me?now.?

?Tell me your name.?

A spark flared in her eyes. ?No.?

?Mine is ? ?

?Come here.? She pulled him toward her waiting mouth and into a kiss so deep, so erotic that his hips began to move as his penis strained to break free of its confinement.

She drew his tongue into her mouth, sucking and toying with it until the urge to be inside her burned every other thought from his brain. Wrenching free of her suggestive kiss, he backed away long enough to get out of his shoes and shuck his jeans and briefs.

After grabbing the condom from the floor, he ripped open the package and rolled latex over his aching penis. He grasped her calves and lifted them so he could hook her ankles around his neck and he?oh, yes, now he could enter the beautiful pink gates of heaven. Hands splayed under her bottom, he watched the tip of his penis slide in, ant that was almost enough to make him come.

He looked into her eyes, and saw the excitement glittering there. ?Remember this tomorrow,? he said and pushed deep.4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at Big W, Kmart, Target, Borders and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $7.25.

Raunchy romance read Silent Desires (contd)

He laughed but complied. He’d been torturing himself as much as her, and the truth was he wanted her. Wanted to watch as she melted under his touch. Wanted to look into her eyes as he made her come.

Roughly, he pushed the crotch of her panties aside, and then slid his fingers through her slick, wet curls until he found her centre. Her breathing was uneven, punctuated by low murmurs of “yes” and “please.”

He didn’t disappoint. He slipped his forefinger and index finger inside her, cupping her sex with his palm as he stroked her. He felt himself harden as he continued the erotic rhythm, sliding in and out in slow, deep movements designed to take her right to the edge.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, God, yes” A pause, and then “But what part of ‘more’ don’t you understand?”

Her words worked magic on him, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Enough with the slow teases and the slow builds. He wanted her, and he wanted her now.

He shifted them, taking her in a deep, passionate kiss. At the same time, he urged them, moving as one, across the room until she was pressed up against the pillar that marked the end of the living area.

Her breath came fast, her eyes widening in both question and excitement.

“”More,” he said simply.

A smile touched her lips. “About damn time.”

Her fingers reached for the waistband of his sweats, nimbly untying the knot that held up the pants. She released the drawstring and the garment slid down over his hips. He hadn’t worn underwear and now the cool air acted as an enticing counterpoint to the heat generated between the two of them.

She reached down to cup his balls, and then stroked him. His body rocked, and it was everything he could do not to come right then, as her touch sent about a million volts of pure electricity racing through him.

Gently, he tugged her hand away. “Not yet,” he said. “Not unless you want a different ending to this show than the one I had planned.”

Raunchy romance read Slippery When Wet

Though the other parts of the house were chilly, the bathroom was warm and damp with steam. Shower curtains hanging from a metal ring shrouded the claw foot tub. ?Can you spare a cup of water, neighbour?? Taylor slipped her hands in the seam where the curtain met and stepped in.Dev pulled her against him.?Mmmm. Naked, wet. We need to start meeting like this more often.?

Giddy joy surged through her. This man, this beautiful, wonderful man, was her lover, her love. The stream of water had stripped his hair back from his face, letting her admire the carved out cheekbones, the taut line of the jaw, that enticing cleft in his chin, and his eyes, deep set, glowing green, casting their spell on her.

?And do you need to clean up after a hard day?s work?? he murmured, leaning close to her.

?Well, if you can spare a little soap.?

Slick with suds, his hands slid over her body, running over her breasts until her nipples swelled. ?I don?t know,? he said, holding up his dwindling soap on a rope. ?There isn?t too much here. Maybe we should reuse it.? He pulled her against him and slid up and down her body. She could feel him stiffening against her.

?I?m all for recycling,? she said breathlessly, then gasped as his slippery fingers trailed down her hip and up her thighs to unerringly find that place where she didn?t need soap or water to be wet, slick and achingly sensitive.

Dev turned her back into the hot stream of water so that it sluiced over her shoulders and back. Taylor groped for the soap, but it slipped through her fingers before she could get a grip on it, tumbling onto the bottom of the tub.

?I?ll get it,? Dev said and crouched down, reaching through her legs and behind her even as he kissed her thighs. Taylor felt the warmth of his lips move up as his fingers traced the back of her calves, then spiralled higher, the soap in his hand making a tantalising trail. She shivered at the feel of his tongue licking at the indentation where her thigh met her flat belly. For a whirling moment, he nuzzled at her, pressing her legs apart as she struggled for balance, clutching at his shoulders.

Raunchy romance read Slippery When Wet (contd)

Then his mouth was hot against her, his tongue slipping into the folds and creases to find the swollen bud that was at the centre of the tension that had her strung tight as a wire. The first stroke sent her jolting and gasping against him. The second stroke made her moan. And then it was simply a vortex that immersed her in a dark seduction where emotion and sensation catalysed into something far greater.

Dev rose and pulled her against him.?I don?t think I can stand,? she murmured.

?Sure you can stand. You?re not entirely clean yet,? he said, running the soap over her body, resensitising it. ?We need to get you lathered up some more.?

?Uh-uh, my turn.? Taylor reached out for the egg of soap, working it in her hands until it lathered. ?You can do interesting things with a soap this size,? she said teasingly, feeling his erection nudge against her belly, heavy and hard. Then she ran the soap down the underside of his cock, running it up and down until he groaned.

Feeling her move against him while she was in the throes of orgasm had had him nearly coming himself. Now, with her body slick and warm under his hands and the teasing touch of the soap running against the sensitive skin, he fought to hold himself back. He wanted to feel her around him, tight and hot, for a long, long time before he let himself go over.

Dev turned her away from the water so that she would be focused only on his touch and gently pried away the soap. He wanted more even as he wanted to pull back from the edge. Running the soap over her breast, he circled the nipple. He focused on it, trying to concentrate on something besides the way her fingers on his cock sent tremors of desire through him with each stroke. He moved the soap lower, sliding it over her hips, the cheeks of her ass, along her thighs then slipping it up between them. He heard Taylor catch her breath as he brushed the soap between her hidden lips, stroking it over her clit until her felt her tremble and clutch at his shoulders.

Taylor jolted as she felt his fingers slipping into her. ?More,? she muttered into his ear, moving against him, her hand moving steadily up and down on him. ?I want you inside me. Fill me up.?

?Don?t be so impatient,? he said and she shivered at the brush of the soap against her clit again, against those sensitive folds that surrounded it. I want to get you nice and slippery and ready.?

?Now,? she whispered against his neck. She made a little sound of satisfaction as she felt him press her legs apart. Then she gasped as he slid the soap up inside her instead.

There was something deliciously different about having that feeling of solid fullness in her even as she held his cock in her hands. The soap was solid and slick as he slid it out of her and across her clit, then back in, stroking across excruciatingly responsive nerve endings until she cried out. His soapy fingers slid down her back and over her buttocks, caressing them and slipping into the cleft in between, touching the fragile, sensitive spot there that sent shocks through her system. ?I have to be in you,? he muttered, dropping the soap and turning her so that her back was against the wall.

And it was as though everything that had come before was just a game, child?s play compared to what rocked through her when she helped Dev slide himself up inside her. When she cried out, her voice blended with his.. When she shuddered, the movement began in her body and ended in his. And when he began to move, the flow of desire surged between them.

4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at retail stores, newsagents and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $6.95.

Raunchy romance read The Diva Diaries

From The Diva Diariesby Karen Anders.He took the ends of her shirt and jerked it up her body, baring her breasts to him, lifting her easily, his biceps bulging from the weight of her. She brought her hands up to clasp his wrists, sliding seductively over the smooth hair on his forearms until she reached the tight, rounded muscles. She tested his taut skin and felt the strength of him pulsate into her fingers until the maleness of him seemed to seep into her blood and burn.

For a moment of heated silence he just stared at her. Then he caught a nipple between his teeth. He licked and sucked until she arched in desperate, aching need, causing little frissons of heat to explode in her stomach. It was a sensation that reached into the core of her, stabbing so intensely she was afraid she was beginning to unravel.

Finally, giving in to her need to touch him, she ran her hands through that endearing head of hair, liking the soft feel of the strands against her fingers. Enjoying it so much she did it again, much more slowly. Her knees went weak. Desire rushed through her body, hot and thick.

“Damn,” he whispered raggedly before his mouth was on hers, urgently pressing her backward, grabbing her around the waist, bowing her over his arm. Soon, his hands were deftly at her jeans and underwear, and she stepped out of them.

At last, she knew what it was like to be really kissed by him. This was why he kept such a firm control over himself. He had found a well of passion that he hadn’t realised existed. It reached out and engulfed him as easily as a tidal wave engulfed an island with an unrelenting force. The same force that crashed over her.

The heat of his mouth seared every other kiss she’d ever had permanently from her memory. As kisses went, this one was off the scale. There was no point in grading, where Sam was concerned.

He deepened the kiss, his sensuous lips flexing over hers in an urgent fierceness that left her breathless. She felt him spread his heavily muscled thighs to give him better balance. He slid his big hands over her buttocks, jerking his hips against him. The pulsing heat form his groin reached out to her, made her groan into his soft lips.

Raunchy Romance Read The Diva Diaries Cont)

The groan tightened his body, and even as he cursed himself for his lack of control, something inside cried out with aching clarity – she was so exquisitely right for him, it was criminal. She fit to him like a perfectly fashioned suit, like a glove fit a hand. Like a woman was supposed to fit a man.He had no idea what he wanted from her except to bury himself in her so deeply he would be lost. He didn’t know why he was so attracted to her, why only she could ignite these primal urges.

The more he kissed her, the more he wanted. The need careened around inside him until he growled deep in his throat and pushed her down into the pile of hay.

He slid his hips against her slim ones, while he softened the kiss to woo rather than to conquer.

It was Sam’s undoing when her mouth moved over his in such obvious worship, like a woman paying homage to something beyond her comprehension, something so enchanting and captivating that it defied human understanding. He felt the strength of her arousal and moved against her with an abandon that startled him.

When Sam kissed her, he sensed an innocence, as if she hadn’t been kissed like this before, had never felt this twisting passion that was eating him up. As if she were untried. It couldn’t be possible, as he felt her melt into him and her reaction shattered every other thought apart like glass splintering into tiny crystal shards.

She sighed against his mouth as the wet heat of his tongue came up against her parted lips, which she opened eagerly. She moaned as his tongue explored her mouth possessively, expertly, running it around the silky sweetness, moaning more when her tongue entwined with his, stroking, tasting begging for more, much more. Her scent was intoxicating, very feminine, and very seductive.

“Now, Sam.” He planted his palms on either side of her and plunged into her with deep, uncontrollable thrusts. He had no finesse left, no self-control. It was raw, base and wild. She started to come before he bottomed out. He felt her contracting around him, heard her breathy gasps spiralling several octaves higher and pure satisfaction exploded through him. Holding himself deep even as the need to climax beat at him, he ground against her as he felt her climax go on and on and on. All he knew for certain was the feel of her coming apart beneath him was the biggest turn-on he’d ever felt.

When her orgasm tapered off, he began to pump steadily in smooth, hard stroke’s Jenna wrapped her legs around his hips and moved in concert with him and he sucked in a breath.

He thrust two, three, four times and came in a blinding, clenching, white-hot pulsation after pulsation.

Moments later, shuddering with satisfaction, he eased down on top of her. He held her to him and rolled to his side, filled with a ferocious possessiveness.


4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at retail stores, newsagents and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $6.95.

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