December’s New Romance Books

December is the perfect month to catch up one of these new romance books, whether you’re taking some time for yourself before the relatives take over your house for Christmas, or you need a new read for your summer holidays. Here are 5 of our favourite romance novels to lose yourself in this month.



Catch of the Day, by Carla Caruso. Published by Penguin Books, RRP $15.99
After a regrettable incident at the office Christmas party, up-and-coming fashion editor, Winnie Cherry, is banished to coastal South Australia to set up a beach lifestyle magazine – 300km from nowhere.

Her friends joke that she’ll marry a rich cray fisherman and stay there for good, but Winnie has other ideas. Determined to get back to Sydney within two months, she gets to work and starts counting down the days. Until she meets handsome freelance photographer Alex Bass, and sparks begin to fly.

As Winnie is increasingly drawn into the close-knit local community, she starts to question whether city life is really what she wants.  That is, until Alex drops a bombshell that casts dark storm clouds over all her coastal dreams…


Southern Star, by J. C. Grey. Published by Penguin Books, RRP $15.99
Her reputation and career in tatters, Hollywood siren Blaze Gillespie escapes the scandal by fleeing to the Queensland property she still calls home.

Sweet Springs has been deserted for years and Blaze focuses all her energy on restoring the run-down homestead. Faced with hostile locals who have never forgiven her for flitting off to Hollywood, Blaze turns to her neighbour, handsome cattle farmer, Macauley Black, for help.

As Sweet Springs returns to its former glory, Blaze and Mac can’t resist their growing attraction. But when Blaze becomes the target of some serious threats, it looks like trouble has followed her home to Sweet Springs.


Small Town Storm, by Elise K. Ackers. Published by Penguin Books, RRP $15.99
Nineteen years after a devastating crime almost killed her, Erica Lawrence has returned home. In the small town of Olinda, her story is legend. And now everyone knows she’s back, including top cop and her childhood friend, Jordan Hill, the only person to ever touch her guarded heart.

When a woman’s body is found brutally murdered, suspicion soon falls on Olinda’s newest resident and even Jordan must admit that the evidence is stacking up against the woman he swore to protect.   While Jordan and Erica struggle with their feelings for each other, the murders continue and the tension in town grows. Together, they must find a way to prove Erica’s innocence – before she becomes the killer’s next victim.

Brilliantly capturing the intense range of emotions felt when trust breaks down, Small Town Storm is a startling Australian debut and 2013 Romantic Book of the Year Finalist.


Sweet Seduction, by Jennifer St George. Published by Penguin Books, RRP $15.99
Together for the first time in one heartwarming volume.

The Convenient Bride: Sienna De Luca will do anything to save her family’s hotel, and ruthless Italian businessman Antonio Moretti knows it. With problems of his own, he proposes a marriage of convenience that will secure his next business deal and save Sienna’s hotel.   In keeping with her part of the bargain, Sienna travels to Venice with Antonio, who introduces her to a life of luxury and opulence. Antonio soon realizes he has vastly underestimated Sienna.  Unexpectedly, she gets too close, and when she discovers his dark secret, Antonio’s perfectly planned life begins to unravel…

Seducing the Secret Heiress: Diamond heiress, Charlotte Wentworth, is passionate about two things – cooking and her  fiancée, Paul. Until the day she finds out Paul has been unfaithful.    Charlotte flees to Europe, determined to build her own life without her family’s fortune. When she meets gorgeous TV producer, Gabe Grenville, she keeps her connections secret and soon finds herself the star of his new cooking show. But how will he react when he discovers Charlotte’s true identity?


Summer at the Lake, by Erica James. Published by Hachette Australia, RRP $29.99
It was a wedding invitation that changed everything for Floriana…  If she hadn’t been so distracted at the thought of having to witness the one true love of her life get married, she would have seen the car coming.   If she’d seen the car coming, there would have been no need for elderly spinster Esme Silcox and local property developer Adam Strong to rush to her aid.   And if Floriana hadn’t met Adam and Esme she would never have had the courage to agree to attend Seb’s wedding in beautiful Lake Como.

For Esme, Lake Como awakens memories of when she stayed at the lake as a nineteen-year-old girl and fell in love for the first time. So often she’s wondered what happened to the man who stole her heart all those years ago, a man who changed the course of her life.

Now it’s time for both Esme and Floriana to face the past – and the future – on the shores of this most romantic and enchanting of lakes.

What are your favourite romance books?

December 10, 2013

Raunchy romance read As Bad As Can Be

from As Bad As Can Be By Kristin HardyThey stopped to kiss outside of the bar. Shay could hear the throb of the music through the walls, could feel the throb of sex running through his veins. Control was gone, he was saturated by desire.

In the dark of the back parking lot, urgency compelled him to drag her close and feast on her mouth. Now, now, now drummed insistently through his bloodstream. He straddled the motorbike and pulled on his gloves. Then Mallory melted into his arms.

?Don?t wait,? she whispered, ?here.?

He felt her hand unbuttoning the front of his shirt and slipping in to stroke his chest, pinch the nipples lightly. Then her other slid out to stroke his thighs, the heat of her fingers coming through the denim of his jeans.

A car rushed by out on the highway, but the parking lot was silent, everyone inside dancing to the band. Now, he thought. Nothing mattered but that he should silence this desire that was slowly driving him mad.

The hard, smooth planes of his chest, the parallel ridges of his abs quivered under her fingers. It was irresistible. She wanted to be licking them, tasting them, and lying against him skin to skin. She wanted to see him naked, then touch all of him.

Mallory could feel him shuddering against her fingers. Wondering what it would feel like to make love with him made a jolt of anticipation run through her. Knowing that his desire for her had brought them to this point was intoxicating. Soon, she thought, almost unable to breathe for the desire clogging her lungs. His arm wrapped around her to pull her close, onto the seat in front of him.

She?d thought about sex with him for nearly a week, teased him, goaded him, urged him on. Now, it seemed, his inhibitions were gone. She?d unleashed a different Shay, one driven by desire. Gone were any attempts to hold back. Instead he pushed her relentlessly, pushed them both. His hands were hard and urgent on her, his mouth demanding a response.

Mallory tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed his mouth harder against hers. Once, she?d aimed them toward this moment with a goal in mind. Now, the act itself was the only thing that mattered. Friction, pressure and heat fused together in one inextricable tangle of sensation, until her entire being focused on the connection of their lips.

July 8, 2003

Raunchy romance read As Bad As Can Be (contd)

He skimmed the tip of his tongue down her throat and he untied her halter-top and the red dress fell away. She let her head fall back against the arm supporting her. His other hand, his clever fingers, searched out the front clasp of her bra and flicked it open. She helped him pull the stretchy red fabric out of the way.

The low, involuntary sound she made, not quite a groan, was one Shay echoed as his hand slid up over her bare breast. The slight roughness of his palm teased, the warmth inflamed. Then he began concentrating on her nipple, spiraling in toward it, brushing it, squeezing it until she was riding the delicious knife-edge of pleasure and pain. She did groan then, in surrender, in anticipation.

Anticipation was what drove Shay, as he leaned down to lick at her nipples, feeling her shudder at the sensation. He knew she could feel, had to feel his cock straining against the denim of his jeans. In the faint light of the parking lot, her aureoles showed as dark smudges on the pale fullness of her breasts.

He bent his head and his mouth was on her sucking first one, then the other nipple. There was something primal about it, the feeling of that hard nub against his tongue against his lips. There was something immensely arousing in hearing her soft cry.

Then she was pushing his head away, standing up and reaching down to unfasten his jeans. In rapid succession he felt the shock of night air on his cock, then the bigger shock of the heat of her hand.

Mallory laughed softly and gave him a stroke that had his breath hissing in. ?No underwear, Shay? You are walking on the wild side.? She moved her hand, then ran her finger up to the tip of him where she could feel the pearly drop of precome that had slipped out. She slid her fingertip down the length of his hard-on, spreading the slippery fluid and leaving a trail of frenzied nerve endings in her wake.

Then she raised her fingertip up to her lips and sucked on it, as she?d done before with the bourbon. ?Mmm, I think I need a better taste.? She knelt down beside him and slipped him into the wet heat of her mouth, and the world turned into a single spot of blinding pleasure.

The sound of Shay?s helpless groan sounded in Mallory?s ears as she moved her mouth up and down the hard length of him. There was something incredibly arousing about the immediacy of giving pleasure that generated such an obvious response. She moved her head, the silky smooth skin tightened against her lips. She stroked with her tongue, he caught his breath. She sucked, and she could feel his body tense as he fought for control. Then his fingers where pulling at her shoulders to raise her.

?No,? she protested. ?I want to . . .?

?Now,? he said raggedly. ?I need to be in you now.? Then he cursed.

?What?? she asked, fumbling in the pouch at her hip.

?We don?t have a condom.?

?Oh, yes, we do,? she breathed pulling one out of her bag. ?Don?t miss a trick, I believe you said?? The plastic crackled. Mallory leaned in for a kiss and threw a leg over the bike so that she straddled Shay, her legs atop his. He pushed the silky dress up to her hips. She felt his palms run over her thighs. Then he slid them underneath her and helped her rise.

?Mmm, now who?s living on the wild side?? he murmured as his fingers slid over the bare skin under her skirt.

Mallory moaned a little at the slippery smooth feel of the head of his cock as she rubbed it against the slick cleft between her legs. Then he put his hands on her hips and pulled her down. And all she could do was clutch blindly at his shoulders and cry out at the slippery friction as he impaled her on him.

His hands were strong around her ribs, holding her, helping her move. His flesh pulsed hard and hot inside her. Every stroke sent shivers racing through her. Every stroke, sent shivers racing through her. Every stroke, he went so deep that pleasure and pain blurred into one overwhelming surge of sensation that had her fighting not to cry out. The sliding, tormenting friction pulled her nearer and nearer to orgasm until she tumbled over, moaning and jolting against him. And an instant later, he followed.

4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at retail stores, newsagents and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $6.95.

July 8, 2003