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September 29, 2015

Ways To Nurture Your Long-Term Relationship

Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship will tell you that they often lose their spark. Couples find themselves doing the same things over and over again. They eat the same foods, visit the same places, make love in the same old positions and over time they put less effort into their relationship than they do into raising the kids, working and just about everything else.

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It’s totally understandable – life is damn hectic! Finding time for each other can be really tricky. But couples need to think of their relationship as if it were living, breathing, growing, evolving organism. Just like a plant. Without any attention they won’t survive. They’ll simply wither and die.

Obviously, no-one wants that to happen. Break-ups are difficult, painful experiences. Instead, couples want a thriving, passionate, loving partnership. So it’s just a matter of giving it the attention it needs to make that happen. Here’s a few suggestions to give you an idea of where to start:

Find time to talk and listen to each other. Not about the kids, finances or mundane day-to-day living – that stuff saps us of our life force and our libidos. Instead, talk about things that you’re passionate about, things that worry you, and the type of things that you talk to yourself about. Share all these thoughts with your partner. This will bring you much closer if they know what you’re thinking and vice-versa.

Say “I love you” every-single-day. Verbalise how important your partner is to you. Sometimes we assume they know, but in reality, they need to hear it.

Plan to have dirty weekends away. OFTEN! If you can’t afford to go away, then organise some dirty weekends at home. Switch off the technology, get the kids taken care of, walk around the house naked, and make some time just for the two of you.

Get a bucket list together of things you’d both like to see and do. Research things together and most importantly, devise a plan to make it happen!

Go out on dates with other couples. Particularly on that you find interesting and fun. It’s incredible how much you’ll discover about your partner when your’re in good company.

Include laughter into your life on a daily basis. Watch comedies, go to see live stand up and play practical jokes on each other.

Share the load. Prepare meals together, share house-hold chores and make each others life easier.

Surprise your partner. It could be with small tokens of affection or doing something special for them like organising a night out. We all know how nice it is to receive flowers or gifts for no reason.

Join a community group. Do this together to fill your lives with purpose. It could be a sport, hobby, or interest group.

Encourage each other to have a rich and fulfilling life as an individual. If your partner is a happy and satisfied person, this will lead to less relationship problems in the long run.

Do as much as you can together. And enjoy each others company. Why? The more time you spend together, the harder it will be to live without each other. This is so important during times when you argue and when you might feel as if you need some time apart. However, missing each others company and presence will ultimately reunite you.

Never lose sight of love. Never forget why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.


September 22, 2015

Online Dating Vs Traditional Dating

History tells us, that for as long as romantic relationships have existed, people have sought help in finding them. From centuries old arranged marriages and matchmaking clubs through to personal ads and well-intentioned-friend-orchestrated blind dates.

And more recently, yet unsurprisingly, modern technology has been enlisted as the new cupid.

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But with the internet‘s irruption into modern relationships, you have to wonder: has the internet changed the way we date, and is online dating better than traditional dating?

The answer to the first part of the question is simple, and relationship experts agree – the way we date has changed. Dramatically. No longer are we confined to love matches being sought from within our existing social or professional networks. No longer are we bound by geography to find our perfect match. The internet crashes through these barriers and opens a deeper pool of potential partners.

Not only has the internet broadened the love pool, but it has also changed the way in which we seek a partner.  We no longer rely on those who intimately know us to help select our other half. Instead, we place our romantic fate in the hands of computer systems and algorithms designed to monitor our dating behaviour and preferences.

And to a certain degree, with online dating, we no longer ‘choose our chase’ based purely on the physical, as we would when spotting a love interest across the room. Instead, online dating offers a brief snapshot into the life of another in the form of a profile, which at least initially allows us to connect on a more cerebral rather than physical level.

But with the many (seemingly beneficial) changes brought about by the internet, is online dating actually better than traditional dating?

On this, the jury is out. And the debate centres around communication, chemistry and commitment.

Communicating online is not always as straightforward as it seems, and sometimes, through lengthy emails and texts, a false intimacy between strangers can develop, leading to unrealistic love expectations.  The only way for online daters to really know if they will be good together, is to meet on a traditional date, face-to-face.

Which brings us to chemistry. With a slew of profiles on offer, the catalogue style of online dating can create a ‘shop around’ mentality. Many online dating websites allow the user to specify height, body shape, hair and even the eye colour of their potential mate, and it becomes tempting to by-pass any profiles that don’t meet your criteria. But chemistry is more complex than physicality alone, and if you were to meet on a more traditional date, perhaps the charms of a person would give you reason to take a second look.

Which brings us to commitment. The act of browsing large numbers of profiles can lead online daters to view each other less as people and more as one opportunity amongst the many, which in turn can reduce their willingness to commit. Simply put, we no longer take the time to get to know one another, especially when our next date is only a few profiles away.

So while the debate of online dating vs traditional dating plays on in the background of life, I offer my opinion. In your search for the good life, do both – use online dating as part of your overall approach to love. But remember, no romantic pen-pals! The ultimate goal is to take your dating offline.

I did, and so far so good. So very, very good.

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September 14, 2015

5 Signs That Chivalry Isn’t Dead

It’s easy to become jaded by today’s dating scene where ‘hook up’ culture reigns supreme and men are, well men are douches. However, despite popular opinion, chivalry isn’t dead.

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Every now and again our faith is restored in men, when we’re lucky enough to witness an act befitting of a true gentleman! These men exude chivalry in even their smallest actions and remind us that there are still good ones out there.

It certainly doesn’t take a grand gesture or costly display of affection to win a lady over. Often, it just takes a little sincerity and a genuine display of romantic interest. To prove this to you, here are 5 signs that chivalry isn’t dead.

Opening doors

It’s surprising how few men still do this. Whether it’s opening the door to a cafe, or rushing around the car to let you in or out, this simple gesture goes a long way.

A man that goes out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable and puts your well being first is certainly a keeper.

Giving you his jacket

It’s been a long, cold winter, so a man who is willing to give up his jacket when you’re cold is basically a commodity. Once again, this shows he cares enough to put your needs above his own. Men may generate natural warmth better than women, but when it’s frosty out, they’re bound to get cold too.

Cherish this gesture because ladies, it’s the little things that count.

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Sharing dessert

You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through food? Well any man who’s willing to share their mouth-watering dessert, especially the last bite, is a man you should never let go!

Sending flowers

Have you ever received flowers at work? I haven’t, but some of my colleagues and friends have, and let me tell you, it’s made me jealous! I’m not talking about a hundred-dollar bouquet of roses; I’m talking about something much simpler. A single stem of your favourite flower, or a bunch randomly picked up from the supermarket. Random gestures that shows he’s thinking of you are the best sort of gestures.

Holding your hand

This simple, romantic act of intimacy is thrilling, especially when you’re in a new relationship. It’s one we often take for granted but it’s also one of the things we can do to be close to those we care about without having to rip our clothes off! A man who will hold your hand is a man who truly cares because your relationship goes well beyond the sex.

Chivalry isn’t dead; knights in shining armour still exist and courteous men are not extinct!

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September 7, 2015

Singer Nathaniel Willemse On Career, Style And Dating Dos

Curious to know what goes on in a man’s world? Perhaps you’d like them to share their views on romance, first dates, style, or career progression? Well, SHESAID is here to help, therefore each week we will be featuring some of the most influential males in the business including musicians, stylists, models, TV personalities and athletes.

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Recently SHESAID caught up with musician and former X Factor contestant Nathaniel Willemse. Talking all things career, style and romance, the singer opened up about his biggest fears, finding ‘the one’ and confided: confidence versus looks…

You’ve come a long way since Australian Idol and X Factor – spill, what’s your secret to success?

Perseverance, determination, a love for what you do, drive.

Singer Nathaniel Willemse On Career, Style And First Dates

What projects do you currently have in the works?

My new single will be out this year along with the album. I’ve also teamed up with Sony Mobile and Boost Mobile to celebrate the launch of the new Sony Xperia E4 smartphone. It has this awesome PartyShare app which lets up to 10 people share playlists and DJ a party together, and streams pics to your TV.

In October I’ll also be throwing the Ultimate House Party and I’m searching for a co-host! One lucky winner and 20 mates will get to party with me and enjoy a private performance. You can find out more by heading over to

Do you ever get intimidated by other artists in the industry?

I’m only envious of other artists. I’m only here to better myself, not to be better than anyone else.

What are some style tips that you’ve accrued throughout the years?

The creative direction team at X Factor are always dressed up to the nines and they told me: “Never feel that you can’t overdress.” I’ve taken a leaf out of their book! In terms of my style inspo, it has to be Kanye West.

We hear you recently married, congratulations! How did you know you had found ‘the one’?

The most important thing was that she understood me and I understood her. To date a musician is pretty hard – you’re away a lot and your schedule is all over the place. She understood me from day one and I wouldn’t want to let go of such a good thing in my life.

What do you find more attractive in a woman: looks or confidence?

I actually thinks it’s a combination of both, although they do say confidence is a girl’s best asset.

What’s the most romantic thing that you’ve ever done?

Proposed in Times Square in NYC.

What are your best first date tips for women looking to find love?

Let down your guard, be yourself, relax and just enjoy the date.

How do you deal with nerves?

I breathe and tend to do a lot of affirmations. It’s about creating a positive mental state for whatever situation you’re in.

What is your biggest fear?

There’s a couple: 1. Failure 2. Patting a lion! I love lions and I watch documentaries on National Geographic all the time but I always watch the bad stuff like trainers getting attacked. I love them, but hate them!

What have you got your sights set on over the next year?

More work on my music – I’ve got my new single and album coming out. I’ll also be going on tour and hosting the Ultimate House Party in October with Sony Mobile and Boost Mobile.

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August 11, 2015

Tomorrow Will Be The Least Romantic Day Of The Year

The eHarmony Dating Index is forecasting some of the lowest levels of dating activity this year, with the least romantic day of the year predicted to fall on Wednesday, July 15.

The eHarmony Dating Index measured interest in dating from 2012-2014 using Google search data for relevant terms like ‘date venues’, social media mentions of phrases like ‘date tonight’, and traffic to, to plot daily interest in dating on a scale of 0 to 100.

Over the past three years, the third Wednesday of July has averaged 35 points on the Index, 15 per cent below the average daily score of 41 and 56 per cent lower than Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year which sees an average score of 80. More peaks are usually seen around Christmas and the summer season.

As for a typical week, the Index shows Saturday as the most romantic day, and Wednesday the least romantic.

With eastern Australia in the midst of a cold front, this July looks to be no exception to the typically unromantic period. Studies commissioned by eHarmony show that 46 per cent of local members and 61 per cent of Australians find it challenging to plan exciting dates during winter, and a further 1 in 4 Aussies say their dating frequency won’t rise until the mercury does.

eHarmony dating and relationship expert, Melanie Schilling, says: “While our energy levels are lower during the cold weather, winter is full of opportunities for romance with the intimacy that comes with cosy winter dates! We can’t beat Mother Nature but we can change our dating mindset to not let the weather be a barrier, otherwise we risk missing good opportunities to meet potential partners.”

July 14, 2015

5 Kinds Of Douchebags To Avoid When Dating

When fictitious heroine Bridget Jones declared in the hilarious 1996 best-selling book-turned-film, Bridget Jones’s Diary, that it was her new year’s resolution not to “fall for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends or wives, misogynists, megalomaniacs, chauvinists, emotional fuckwits or freeloaders, perverts”, women cheered the world over in solidarity.

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It was a fine list. Unfortunately, when you’re dating, you’re bound to encounter at least some of these douchebags, plus many more other heinous varieties. I should know: I spent many years in the dating wilderness in my late 20s and early 30s and while some of those years were deliriously happy, others were marked by misery due to my penchant for repeatedly dating the wrong kind of man. Eventually, I learnt the error of my ways, and through sheer good luck/fate/design, I met the man of my dreams, who is now my husband.

To be clear, dating Mr Wrongs can have many happy side-effects: hot, no-strings-attached-sex; good, silly and carefree fun; self-discovery; and zero commitment, all of which have their place. But if you’re after a long-lasting relationship, with someone compatible, there are certain types of men you should definitely steer clear of. Here is my list of top 5 douchebags to avoid, at all cost!

dating tips, love, single girl

  1. The Commitment-Phobe

If a man tells you his most serious, long-term relationship has been with a pot plant, you’d better bolt the other way. Seriously though: listen hard to what men tell you about themselves. And ask lots of questions. If he says he isn’t “good at long-term relationships” and isn’t after anything more than a short-term fling – believe him. You aren’t a fixer or a fairy godmother – that’s not your job.

Stay well away from men who fear intimacy and deep, emotional connections. And, if you realise down the track you’re dating one of these douchebags, who just wants all your goodies, with zero commitment – and that’s not what you want – it’s time to kick him to the kerb (not literally, ouch). The right guy won’t be able to stay away from you. What’s more, don’t believe the mythical bullshit about how men can’t commit: many blokes want to get married and have kids.

  1. The Serial Philanderer

In the dating universe, you’re bound to meet at least one troublesome douchebag who only sees the world through the eye of his penis, dates multiple women at once, and cannot stay faithful in a monogamous relationship. If you’re unlucky enough to find out that the man you’re getting naked with, is also doing the deed with two or 20 other women, abort, abort, abort! Try really hard not to give your heart to men with this affliction; you will seldom change them and it will only end in heartbreak – trust me on this.

  1. The Mummy’s Boy

I once seriously dated a man whose mother would routinely come over to our house to wash and iron his clothes and/or arrive with freshly baked cookies. Oh the rage! Don’t put up with men who are just looking for a mummy substitute: find an independent, self-made man who has long-since cut the apron strings and can well and truly fend for himself. And this means being able to cook and know his way around the laundry, for fuck’s sake. You are no one’s domestic slave, girlfriend. It’s 2015, not the 50s! Look for an evolved man with good life skills: someone who’s done some hard work on himself

  1. The Hopeless Addict

When seeking a long-term partner, do your best to avoid people with serious addictions, be they porn, gaming, gambling, alcohol, drugs, food or sex, for example. We all have vices, but people with really unhealthy and dangerous habits will only sap your time and your soul. Again, it’s really hard to change someone – they have to want to do it for themselves. So, when you meet addicts – tell them to get the help they need – and go find someone deserving who shares your same values, lifestyle and outlook.

  1. The Abuser/Mentally Unwell

Mental health issues are both common and serious in our community. Unless you’re a qualified, practising psychologist, never try to fix someone’s grave mental health problems. In addition, if you encounter any abusers – be they emotional, mental or physical – get out of there, as fast as you can. You’re no one’s whipping boy. I once dated a man in my early 20s who repeatedly told me I was fat, even though I worse size 9 jeans back then (those were the days). Men’s nasty, snide and belittling comments are always about them and their own insecurities/problems/mental health issues – don’t put up with it – ever!

dating tips, love, single girl advice

What do you think? Have you dated some of these top 5 douchebags?

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July 8, 2015

Married At First Sight: When Sweet Turns Sour

This week on our favourite spot of reality TV, Married at First Sight brought us much more than we had bargained for. The previews have kept us eagerly awaiting Monday night – and let’s just say that it didn’t disappoint! The long walk down the aisle seems far far away during this week’s rollercoaster. The ‘L’ bomb was dropped; cracks started to show between resident cuties, James and Michelle, and sweet turned into sour with one of the couples leaving the show for good!

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First things first: our favourite country boy Lachie is back at the farm since storming out on Clare after a heated argument last week – curse words flew as they bickered over Clare controlling their relationship. “Have I given everything to the process? Yes. I’ve given her everything. Has she? No,” vented Lachlan; understandably annoyed at his wife for prioritising her time and activities, and we don’t blame him. “I’m not going to sit back and cop sh*t constantly – we need to take a breather.” Amen, Lachlan.

Cut to Clare teary eyed and proclaiming her love: “He should know that he is the most important thing in my life. He should know that from everything that I’ve said and from the way that I’ve acted.” Really, Clare? You spend most of your time yelling at him and poor Lachlan only wants to love you!

Next up we see Alex spending some quality time in the city with urban girl Zoe. Coming from two different worlds is proving interesting for this couple, but Alex claims that he’ll do anything to be with her. Cue our hearts melting!

After being taken aback by how small Zoe’s one bedroom apartment is, the couple is off on a cultural outing to one of Zoe’s favourite places: The National Gallery of Victoria – or as Alex calls it: “The National Garr-ley of Art.” How is he just so damn CUTE!?  Even inside the gallery the blonde-haired babe looks to be genuinely enjoying himself. “She’s opening me up to lots of new experiences and I hope I’m doing the same for her,” he says. Gush… We love you, Alex!

Meanwhile, over in Roni and Michael’s corner, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Last week we saw Roni try her hardest to make their situation work with no help from Michael – mind you, we’d be pretty hesitant too after last weeks blowup! Since having previously been married, Roni seems to feel very insecure about her relationship with Michael. What’s a couple to do? Call in the relationship expert, of course. Eeeekkk! Things are getting seriously awkies.

The relationship expert advises the couple to reignite the spark, but Michael doesn’t want a bar of it and insists that they have already skipped the fun part. Come one Michael, just try a little! As much as we hate to say it, Roni appears to be here for all the right reasons – and her husband, well…  Try to find that spark again, please!

While Roni and Michael crumble, feisty Clare is making a dash to the farm in the hope of rekindling and reconnecting with hubby Lachlan. Speaking to the car cam, Clare reveals that she doesn’t actually like fighting. Ahh, come again? You fight ALL. THE. TIME. And poor Lachie is then left to pick up the remains. Love must really conquer all, however, because Lachlan seems to forget about having to walk on eggshells and his face lights up as soon as Clare arrives. While he appreciates her making an effort, the farmer seems to have learnt a thing or two and shows Clare to her bed (the back shed) if they fight again. Good one, Lachie!

Working hard at getting their relationship back on track, Michael and Roni head out for a trivia night with friends. However, it’s not long until Roni’s outgoing nature turns a little obnoxious and Michael once again gets cold feet. Michael waves the white flag: “Just because I committed to the relationship, doesn’t mean that Roni is the perfect girl for me. I tried to make it work, but I’m not wanting to force it.” Cut to Roni hoping that Michael may see a change: “I am hopeful that Michael sees me for the beautiful woman that I am. I would like to think that there is still hope.” Tear, tear for Roni.

Back in Ferntree Gully, Zoe takes a day off work to make Alex’s favourite roast chicken dinner. But it doesn’t take long for what was meant to be a romantic evening to turn sour. After Zoe explains the fun she had being a house wife for the day, Alex does a quick 180 and gets antsy and confronts Zoe about her constant jabs at him needing a housewife. “It’s beyond a joke now, I don’t even care about dessert,” says Alex before making a dramatic exit. Poor Zoe, she was only playing coy! Why did her joke hit such a raw nerve? Unlike the other couples, not all that is damaged is lost – and when Alex finally returns, the couple talk it out and make everything better with a smooch and a hug.

What’s more, the smitten pair then take their relationship that one step further over a romantic dinner when Zoe says what we have all been waiting for… “Alex, I think I’m falling in love with you.” OMFG!! And the best bit? He says it back! Ahhhhh… We love you guys.

Meanwhile, under the advice of the relationship councillor, Michael and Roni are using “relationship cards” to get themselves talking. However, when Michael pulls the card that asks him to share what he is afraid of, he opens up to tell Roni that he doesn’t see enough in the relationship to keep it going long-term. “I can’t flick the switch and go ‘wow, i’m in love,’” he admits. A teary Roni then packs her bags and takes off her ring, while Michael chooses to switch his band to his right hand as a momento of their time together. After a parting hug, Roni then leaves for the final time and heads back to her own place. Cue violins.

Last on the agenda for episode five was the in laws. Clare and Lachlan do remarkably well and it’s smiles all round with Lachlan’s Mum saying that she has never seen him happier! Alex’s parents are a cute as a button, however grill Zoe to see if she could stand leaving the city for the burbs. To our surprise, she claims that the move was always a plan for when she had kids. Yay! James seriously gets on our nerves as he introduces Michelle to his folks – while Michelle charms and says it was lovely to meet his parents, James seems shocked as he asks: “Really? I’ve got my three month dose now.” Mhmm, now we are starting to see why you were still single, James.

And… that’s a wrap! Next week we see which couples choose to go the distance and continue their relationship. Will we be tuning in? You bet!

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June 16, 2015

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon’s Over As Pairs Split

This week on Married at First Sight: Roni and Zoe butt heads during the foursome’s first meet-and-greet dinner party as Roni faces yet another failed marriage; Clare once again unleashes the beast in a heated argument with Lauchlan (what’s new), James and Michelle show no signs of slowing down – and finally, we find out which couples have done the deed!

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It’s episode four of the ultimate social experiment and the four couples are finally set to come face-to-face during an arranged dinner party. Before all the fun begins, we get to take a look and see how the couples are progressing after last week, in which they took the plunge and moved in together.

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

In a bizarre twist of fate, Alex and Zoe are cuter than ever with the couple negotiating laundry duties. Reminder: Alex NEVER does his washing and instead offloads it to his poor mum. Zoe is keen to get to know more about Alex, particularly his duties as a plumber and heads down to his worksite. “There are a lot of people wearing fluro,” the brunette beauty points out. “But fluro’s not really in this winter.” Hey Zo, just a heads up: Alex is a plumber, not a fashion designer!

Getting down to business – nearly literally – the couple discusses sex after Alex asks Zoe how many times a week a couple should be getting down and dirty. “I think it’s healthy to have it at least four to five times a week,” answers Zoe. Looking like a kid in a candy shop, it’s clear that was not the response Alex was expecting. Delighted, he jokes: “I didn’t know I’d married a hornbag,” and admits “two or three” times was the mark he’d hoped to hit.

Moving on to Roni and Michael, there’s undoubtedly trouble in paradise. Michael appears to be avoiding Roni after he ditches his wife in favour of a night with the boys. “I won’t know what to do with myself,” says Roni. “You’ll survive,” snickers Michael. Hmm… We can see who wears the pants in this relationship – that is, if you can even call it a relationship anymore!

While wining and dining with his mates, serial dater Michael confesses that Roni may not be the right girl for him. “I’m worried the spark isn’t there,” he says. Perhaps that’s because he’s never had to seriously commit to anyone, let alone live with them? Just sayin’.

Cue: couples dinner. Finally, after two weeks of married life the four newlyweds face-off. With chemistry radiating from all of the couples bar Michael and Roni, tension surfaces when Zoe makes a remark about how being nervous on your wedding day means your committed to the relationship. Clearly reeling that her marriage has fallen by the wayside, Roni arks up. “Everyone’s different. And every couple and every dynamic of a relationship is different — you can’t say that,” she says.

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

Continuing her rant, she points out: “I’m really invested. I’ve been married before — I know the hard work that’s involved.” Enter Michael to the rescue – ha, jokes. Proving that he’s well and truly not digging his wife, he’s quick to jump to Zoe’s defence before allowing Roni to run off and cry. Making himself look even more like a douche (sorry, but it’s true), Michael confesses to the other men that he “didn’t find that very attractive.” Come on Mikey, cut her some slack! She’s trying – which is more than we can say for you.

To wrap up the newlywed’s dinner, the dirt is dished on which couples have slept together – and to no one’s surprise, each pair besides Roni and Michael has done the deed. Alex and Zoe wasted no time consummating their marriage with Alex confessing that they had sex on night two, while Clare – who jumped in the sack with Lachlan on night one – confessed: “Let’s just say that the bed is not cold on a winter’s night.” Information too mucho? Finally, James and Michelle: well they’re just all peaches and cream with a “healthy sex life.”

The last segment of the show sees Clare and Lachlan get into an argument over the farm. Country lad Lachlan isn’t happy that his wife neglects to spend much time with him there, so he addresses his concern. “You’ve only spent one day at the farm and I’ve spent virtually every other day here,” he says. “There’s been massive sacrifice on my part.”

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

Not impressed that the 36-year-old put on the pants for once, Clare explodes: “Sorry for making you unhappy… I don’t care where we f*cking live. Let’s move to the f*cking farm right now!” before storming off. This sees Lachlan finally reaches his limit as he tells the camera that he needs a “breather.”

Things are seriously heating up, so tune in next week for more Married at First Sight!

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June 9, 2015

Study Reveals Two Thirds Of Us Tell First Date Fibs

Okay, ladies, if you’ve ever lied about your age, income or residency on a first date, you’ve been caught out! A new study has revealed that a whopping 61 per cent of both men and women lie about themselves on first dates, and to our surprise, the fibs differed greatly between genders.

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Activity website Chillisauce found that the fellas were most likely to talk up their income, adding a sizeable 20 per cent on top of what they actually make, while the ladies were all too happy to bump nearly four years off their age. Oh, the deceit!

Apparently working as a secretary, receptionist or labourer doesn’t cut it nowadays, either, with both sexes admitting to lying most about their occupation. Men confessed to telling their dates they were an entrepreneur, pilot or invest banker, while the ladies were most likely to insist they were a teacher, interior designer, or wait for it… a model. Obviously some people don’t realise Instagram isn’t an agency.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. The study, which surveyed 8000 Brits, highlighted that unlike us, males were rather truthful about their age and where they grew up. And the females? We’re apparently more comfortable opening up about our wealth and previous relationships. Go figure!

Now, before you call bullshit on your latest Tinder or RSVP date, in the survey it was noted that 44 per cent said they’d come clean by the third date – a good indication that they plan on sticking around. On the contrary, however, 25 per cent of participants said they would only confess if they were caught out. Time to ask your pilot lover to see his plane? Absolutely, girlfriend.

As for the ultimate first date turn-off, most women agreed that overconfidence was a potential deal breaker. In saying that, though, we were also the most forgiving when it came to a date who talked about themselves too much. It must be all those free flights they’ve promised!

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April 9, 2015
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