Raunchy Romance Read Silent Desires

His hands grazed the soft skin just under her arms, bare from the cut of the dress. With his thumb he reached out, letting the pad tease her erect nipple. Joan closed her eyes, her head tilted back, and Bryce placed a gentle kiss in the soft spot between her neck and collarbone.

“More,” she whispered.

“Shhh,” he said, then brushed a kiss over her lips. “My payback, my rules.”

She whimpered in response, a soft needy sound and once again Bryce almost lost control.

He didn’t though. Not yet. Not until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He moved his hand, and lowered his mouth to her breast, suckling her through the thin, purple material. With his other hand, he returned his attention to her thigh, stroking up until the tips of his fingers brushed against the lace of her panties.

She shifted her stance, widening her legs to give him better access. Bryce smiled. The woman knew what she wanted, and damned if Bryce didn’t want the same thing?

“This?” he whispered, tracing the pad of his finger over the elastic band between her crotch and her thigh.

“Yes,” she murmured, then shook her head. “I mean no. More.” She forced the words out. “Bryce, please.”

“More,” he repeated, feigning confusion. “You mean like this?” He cupped his palm, and then stroked his fingertips over her satin covered mound.

Her panties were damp, and she bucked against his hand, an involuntary movement as her body demanded even more.

He shifted their positions until his legs straddled her, and her opposite thigh was pressed against him. His erection rubbed against her leg and now he moaned in pleasure, his body tightening as her sweet heat stroked him.

“Bryce.” His name was a whisper, but it was also a demand. He slipped just the tip of his finger under the elastic, barely grazing her flesh, and nowhere near the wet spot where he knew she craved his touch.

“Like that?” he said.

“Dammit, Bryce, Touch me,” she said, her voice low and delicious. “Touch me or you’re really going to learn about payback.”

October 21, 2003

Raunchy romance read Red Shoes and a diary (contd )

She brought her hands up to her breasts, kneading the soft flesh and pinching her nipples. Her skin felt hot beneath her fingers. She stroked her hands lower, letting them slide down over her body. Her fingers moved between her legs and she touched herself the way she wanted him to touch her.Nick growled deep in his chest, giving himself away. She laughed, low and throaty, realising she’d been right. The blindfold was supposed to put her at a disadvantage. Yet she’s managed to wrest control from him by indulging her true self.

In an instant, his hand covered hers, both guiding and encouraging her movements. She moaned when she felt his fingers delve inside her. The rush of trembling heat his touch created sent her hurtling toward release. Then Nick pulled both of their hands away, denying her satisfaction.

“Oh, please, I-”

She smelt the heady scent of a rose just before sensing the silky petals against her lips. Almost as soon as she felt it, he moved the bloom away. Then the velvety petals caressed her knee, her hand, her throat. Meghan quivered with impatience, not knowing where the rose would touch her next or when his fingers would replace it.

Nick trailed the flower over her shoulder and along her arm, then over her right breast. Her nipple puckered at the silky touch and excitement rippled in her belly as he took the other one in his mouth. She revelled in the feel of his lips and tongue and teeth against her sensitive flesh. Her body ached for him, for a different kind of touch. The rose, now warm from her heat, glided along her abdomen to the dewy flesh between her thighs.

He followed the flower’s path, leaving gentle, moist kisses in its wake. A guttural cry escaped her as she arched her hips to meet his mouth. His lips ravished her hungrily and she revelled in his expertise. Then he stopped again playing a game of exquisite torture.


“Shh. You’re not ready”

“Yes, I Am!”


Her belly quivered as rose petals fell like summer rain onto her bare skin. Then Nick covered her, surrounded her. The smell of sweat and shampoo mixed with the scent of the flowers. She spread her legs and wrapped her ankles behind his knees.

His penis lengthened, hard against her delicate flesh. She pressed her mouth to his throat, her hands gripping the hard muscles of this back. His heart pounded in rhythm with her own as his ragged breath warmed her face. Her body wept in preparation of his claiming her.

The sudden tensing of the muscles in his arms and thighs was her only warning before he plunged himself into her. His first thrust had her gasping. The next had her crying out his name. After that, she could only call on the supreme deity.

June 10, 2003

Raunchy Romance Read The Boy Toy

From The Boy Toy by Eugenia RileyHis hands slid boldly up her stockinged thighs, until he had hiked her skirt high above her waist. Allison writhed with flagrant suggestiveness.

Expression intense, Pete was staring down at her hips and legs clad in sheer lacy panties, sexy black garter belt and stockings. When he touched her bare inner thigh she arched against him wantonly. “You’re not taking off that garter belt, woman.” He touched her mound through her bikinis and she cried out softly. “I want to see all of that hot black lace as I drive into you.” He tugged at the wispy fabric of her crotch. “But it’ll be a damn shame to rip off these pretty panties.”

His provocative words made her burn. Allison boldly met his gaze, catching his hand and pulling his fingers into her cleft. “No need to,” she informed him.

“Oh sugar!” The look of mingled surprise and naked desire that crossed his face rocked Allison’s world. Eagerly Pete explored her with his fingers, grinning as he found the secret crotch panel that parted in the middle. He whistled. “Why, Ms. Tracy. So businesslike on the outside. But under all that starch, a secret fetish for naughty underwear, eh?”

“Yeah, cowboy, you’ve got my number,” she purred.

He parted the panel wider with steady fingers, making her go deliciously achy inside, leaving her feeling exquisitely vulnerable to him.

His beautiful features grew fierce with desire. “What’s your secret fantasy, Allison?” he rasped. “That a man will see you like this and want you so bad, he won’t be able to wait to tear these panties off you?”

“Yes, oh yes. Don’t wait.” She threw her trembling arms around his neck.

He eased his body downward. “But no man worth his salt would deny himself this pleasure first.”

Even as she wondered what carnal torture he had in mind, he parted the panel wider, and her feminine folds. Then he touched her with his tongue only. In just the right place.

Allison screamed, her hips coming up off the couch. She was so aroused, so tormented, that the sensations streaming through her put her in a panic.

He chuckled. “Easy honey, I just want to get you ready.”

She squirmed. “I-I’m ready. So ready.”

He was undeterred. “Lie still or I’m going to whack that pretty fanny of yours.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, yes I would. I said lie still.”

May 13, 2003

Raunchy romance read The Boy Toy (contd)

Seething with frustration, Allison managed not to buck again, thought the torture was unbearable as Pete gently flicked her with his hot, slightly rough tongue. Shattering sensations pulsed and peaked inside her, leaving her mindless, almost incoherent. When his index finger began stroking her mound of hair, she sobbed helplessly.”Hot damn,” he murmured, brushing his mouth over the downy fuzz. “Even here, you’re shot through with gold.”

“I – want to be – shot through with you,” she panted.

“I know, honey, I know.” But still he persisted, caressing her with mind-bending skill, then pushing a finger inside her. She moaned and his finger left her, making her feel momentarily bereft. Then she came apart entirely as he shoved in two and began relentlessly stroking her G-spot.

Allison went wild, frantically seeking escape, yet there was none. She was jolted by one uncontrollable orgasm after another, the sensation harder, stronger than anything she’d ever felt ion her life. Pete was devastating her, overwhelming her senses, killing her with a pleasure such as she’d never known before. She was left to sob, shudder, wildly toss her head.

Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. “Oh God, Pete, I can’t take-”

“Sure you can, angel. Sure you can.” Relentlessly he plied her flesh until she cried out – one, two, three times. Then at last he took mercy on her, sliding his body upward, soothing her trembling lips with his mouth, drowning her with his sex-laced tongue, while her own hand grabbed frantically at his belt buckle, his zipper. With a ragged sound he pulled back, retrieved a foil packet from his pocket, freed his swollen penis and began rolling on a condom.

His grin was wide. “You’re good and wet now.”

“Yeah,” she gasped, boldly staring at his generous endowments. “I’m – ready for the drive shaft to start pumping.”

“Now who’s spouting dirty shop talk?”

Allison didn’t get to answer as his mouth smothered hers again. Despite her being so slick, his entry was far from effortless as the tip of him probed her. Heavens, he was colossal, so hot and rigid. Allison struggled to take him in, her body crying out for him.

He heard her cry and lost control, shoving himself in deep and tight. Both of them groaned convulsively. The sensual rub of her underwear only heightened the delicious torment.

He rested a moment, breathing hard. “Still think I’m a scrawny little runt?”

Allison was riding a wave of sizzling, purest ecstasy, arching against him to enhance the shattering friction. “You’re definitely big where it counts, cowboy.”

Then he was thrusting hard, pounding into her, lifting her hips up off the couch. Allison wrapped her long legs about his waist, arching greedily to take everything he could offer her. The rapture surging inside her was so powerful it almost hurt. She sobbed as she climaxed again and again, and then at last…

With him.

Pete knew he had her now. Allison was taking her pleasure wantonly-deep, hard, one scorching pinnacle after another. She was a wildcat in his arms, but also totally vulnerable and open to him. The look of primal abandon in her eyes was almost more than he could bear. And the sight of her in the naughty black lace sent him spiralling upward on a searing erotic ride such as he’d never known…


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May 13, 2003