3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Looking to spice up your same-old makeup routine, but don’t know where to start? If you want to try something new, there are many different ways of making your eyes pop, just by using a different mascara or eye-shadow. Whether you’re into a winged-liner, smokey eye or even wearing falsies, here are three looks which are perfect for a romantic evening look.

1. Winged liner

A classic winged liner is the best place to start if you’re thinking of expanding your makeup look. Start off with fresh eyes, then lightly prime them so the eyeshadow will stay on for longer. Apply a neutral or flesh-toned colour across the entire lid – this will act as your base. To make the eye pop, add a light colour to the inner half of the eyelid, and a darker one to the outer half. Blend well so there are no harsh lines. As for the winged-liner, use a felt tip to get a precise flick and follow the natural curve of your eye.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

2. Glamourous lashes

There is nothing sexier than a nude lip and lots of lashes. Taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner, run a soft brown shadow over the crease of the lid and blend out well with a fluffy brush. Curl your lashes then apply mascara and wait for it to dry completely. Trim the false lashes to your eye-shape, then add some glue and wait for it to get tacky before applying over the natural lash line.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

3. Smokey and pink

This twist on a classic smokey eye is fun and flirty for a night out. Apply a primer then use a neutral toned eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Line the inner corner with a light pink colour, and the outer corner with a darker mauve – then blend out well to conceal any harsh lines. Apply lashings of mascara and even add a cat-eye flick if you’re feeling adventurous.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Image Source: Hair Romance, Nicole Guerriero, Makeup Geek.

July 19, 2014

New Beauty News – February

Isn’t It Romantic makeup collection

Romance is the order of the day in the fashion capitals of the world with fashion shows heralding the return of alluring, mysterious, flirty femininity. Get all girly and be gorgeous.Not so shabby

If the romantic shades and textures of shabby chic inspire you, you’re going to love the new Isn?t It Romantic makeup collection from Clinique. Create this season?s look of love with dusty rose, soft pink and plum shades for eyes, lips, cheeks and nail. It?s about being pretty, innocent and sophisticated all at once. Think gently flushed cheeks to seductive eyes and gorgeous rosebud lips.

Don?t miss Clinique?s Lips and Cheek Colour in Plum Passion. This limited edition two-in-one wonder is reminiscent of a time when ladies used a dab of lippy to add a subtle glow to their cheeks. Add a touch to your lips and cheeks to create a look of Victorian charm, all coy blushes and bitten lips. A stylish mirrored compact makes this product ideal for the new romantic in all of us.

$34 for a limited time from Clinique counters nationally.

Mull it over

Prescriptives new Surrender Collection is a

Surrender Collection

to come from the autumnal months ahead. Mulberry is the key to this new range and dominates the collection from eyes through to lips and cheeks.Try the lush Tint Balm for the Lips, a soothing, sheer lip balm with a slick of mulberry and a hint of flavour. Added SPF 15 makes this a great essential to see you through until winter.

$39 from Prescriptive counters nationally

Precious stones

Estee Lauder?s new colour story is Mineralites – and as the name suggests, these colour draw on the magic world of the earth?s minerals for inspiration. Think sparkling quartz, shimmering gemstones and lustrous pearls. Colour abounds in this glamourous collection from the stunning Pure Color Eyeshadows ($38) in Pearl Stone or Mocha Cup to the divine Pure Colour Gloss in Quartz ($40).

And while a dazzling rock for your ring finger might just be wishful thinking, you can add

Exaggerate Hydra Colour Lipstick

of your own to your fingertips with Pure Color Nail Lacquer in White Petal, Garnet or the limited edition Marcasite ($33).Available from Estee Lauder counters nationally.

Do Exaggerate!

New Exaggerate Hydra Colour Lipstick from Rimmel has a great moisturising formula that helps boost the lip?s natural hydration process. You?ll get softer, smoother lips from the very first application.

Rimmel delivers a great moisture surge for lips with this innovative formula that preventing moisture loss from the outside as well as increasing the moisture levels from the inside. Tiny moisture capsules penetrate the lips? surface to deeply replenish for up to 24 hours.

Rimmel?s Exaggerate Hydra Colour Lipsticks are available in 12 extravagant colours and at $13.95, a beauty bargain!

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January 14, 2003