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October 16, 2015

Fun First Date Ideas

Do you have a first date coming up? Keep calm. It’s going to be ok. The idea with planning a first date is to choose something unique and creative without it being too out there. We’ve got three tried-and-tested fun, romantic date ideas that will guarantee you a second date and beyond.

Be a local tourist
When was the last time you explored your own city? Seeing your city with someone else will give you both a new perspective and guarantee a fun day or night out. Check out local parks and attractions, a festival, or an exhibition. For something different and a little energetic, choose a mid-morning or afternoon walk along a well-known promenade or path. It’s always good to have a place nearby where you can grab a drink and bite afterwards.

Don’t cringe – bowling today is not the bowling of your childhood! Bowling can make for a great first date. It’s always a laugh, especially if you start off with a few drinks at the bar first to ease your nerves. Most bowling alleys now have a DJ or bands playing on different nights, and snacks to share after the game. You can plan a little wager on the game with the winner choosing where to go for drinks afterwards.

Cooking class
Rather than going out for dinner, why not sign up for a cooking class? This will give you both an opportunity to learn new skills and have fun while doing it, and it takes the pressure off having to be one-on-one. Afterwards, sit down to get to know each other over the delicious food you just prepared. 

Have a great first date idea? Share it in the comments!

January 31, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Feel Sexy

  1. Find your hidden hot spot. Make a fist and note where your middle finger hits your palm. Reflexologists believe stimulating this spot, which corresponds to the heart centre, helps ignite sensual feelings. Press the spot rhythmically with the thumb of your other hand for 15 seconds, then rotating the thumb there for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times and switch hands.
  2. Follow the sun. If you feel sexier on bright days, there’s a reason: just 15 consecutive minutes of exposure to sunlight signals your brain to release the feel-good chemical, serotonin. Sit at a sunny window or take a short walk to soak up your share.
  3. Buy something pink – a scarf, a cardigan, a lippy, a pair of shoes. Pink enhances feelings of unconditional love, says Aleta St James, an emotional healer and colour-balance therapist. Ruby red heightens feelings of romantic attachment. Or pick something orange, a zesty shade that delivers a quick libido lift.
  4. Wear a garter belt, or stockings held up by suspenders, to work.
  5. Reinvent sensual massage. Use the backs of your hands, forearms, lips, even your hair to caress and soothe your partner.
    1. Fake an afterglow. A little steam can give you that flushed, just-got-lucky look. Here’s how: pick some petals from some wilting flowers, put them in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Add 3 drops of lavender oil then drape a towel, tent-like over your head. Steam for 5-10 minutes to open your pores, moisturise and stimulate circulation.
    2. Just say no. Take a break from sex for however long it takes to change your usual pattern. Focus instead on kissing and light caressing, like you used to in the early days of your relationship. When the hiatus is over, your partner will have to be carried out on a stretcher!
    3. Paint your toe-nails red. Try it and you’ll notice that little spring in your step and how seductive you feel, whether barefoot in a bathrobe or strutting about in strappy sandals.
    4. Listen to swoonworthy tunes, songs that make you go “ahhhh”. Some of the SheSaid team’s favourites: Everything But The Girl albums, Frank Sinatra, Massive Attack, John Coltrane, Astrid Gilberto and Stan Getz and someone even admitted to getting turned on by Neil Diamond.
    5. Do like Marilyn Monroe did and sleep in your favourite fragrance – and nothing else.And finally, an option for those of you who are open to exploring the connection between spirituality and sensuality, breathing can heighten sensual perceptions. Try this technique before lovemaking: inhale deeply so your lower belly expands; exhale slowly and fully, using the abdominal muscles like bellows to expel air from the lungs. With each complete breath focus a lot on the base of your spine (= strength), your uterus (=sexuality), stomach (= emotions), heart (=love), throat (=expression), forehead (=intuition), and crown (=divinity). Then imagine golden beads of light caressing your entire body. When you’ve finished, concentrate on your heart and ask it what it desires. Pay attention to any physical sensations you feel in response.


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