Kate Middleton And Prince William Name Their Princess

No more guessing, no more speculating and certainly no more betting, because the Royal baby has officially – and finally – been named. Drum roll please… Introducing Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana born Saturday, May 2 and weighing a healthy 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

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While Alice was a firm favourite among bookies, the Duke and Duchess opted to honour their immediate family and instead went with a feminine version of the baby’s grandfather, Charles, and also the middle name of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa. The name Charlotte is also of great significance to the Royal family with both a Queen and a Princess sharing the name, too. No Beyoncé or Sheryl here, sorry social media.

The new princess’ middle name – or one of – Elizabeth, is obviously a nod to her great-grandmother and the current Queen, however it’s also the middle name of her grandmother on Kate’s side, Carole Middleton. And last but certainly not least, Diana is a tribute to William’s late mother.

As for little Charlotte’s god parents, princesses Beatrice and Eugenie look to be favourites, while a report by the Telegraph suggests that David Beckham is in with a shot for god father after he attended the Royal wedding in 2011. According to the article the betting odds are 25-1 as an outsider. Who’d have thought?

Regardless, we’ve had enough speculating for one baby and think Kate and Will did great with naming their new bundle of joy. Welcome to the world Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

What do you think of the royal baby’s name?

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Bets Are On: What Will The Royal Baby Will Be Named?

After weeks of speculation, Kate Middleton has finally given birth to a baby girl! Now all bets are on as to what the duke and duchess of Cambridge will name their little princess – literally.

According to gaming website Ladbrokes, Victoria and Elizabeth were rather popular over the weekend, however Alice and Charlotte have surfaced as the firm favourites among punters. In case you’re wondering where the names come from, Alice was the name of one of Queen Victoria’s daughters and also the mother of the baby’s great-grandfather, while Charlotte is said to be a feminine form of Charles, which would be an ode to Prince Charles – the child’s grandfather. So many generations of names to consider!

Of course, Diana is the sentimental favourite, however some people are royally opposed to naming the new princess after her late grandmother. “Should her name be bestowed as a first name upon the baby, it would be perceived as a slap in the face to the monarchy,” wrote Victoria Arbiter – the Royal commentator for CNN. On that note, we call Diana for the middle name – seems only fitting, right?

It’s not just the name that everyone is speculating over, either, with some betting agencies even going as far as to offer odds on the colour of her hair. Just in case you were wondering, William Hill is offering 6:4 brown, 2:1 blonde, 5:2 black, and 8:1 ginger.

In the meantime, as we all eagerly anticipate and await what the name of the first princess born into the British monarchy in 25 years will be, mother and daughter are happy and healthy. “Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well,” said Kensington Palace in a statement.

The Royal family are now home spending time together.

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Tabloids Claim Kate Middleton Has Given Birth

Reports have surfaced that our precious Kate has already given birth to a baby girl!

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However, Royal spokespersons have assured no release has come from the family about the birth, or even the gender for that matter. In fact, it’s been speculated that Kate is still pregnant and being seen out and about.

Along with the questionable announcement, further claims have surfaced surrounding family dilemmas at the birthing.  In a front page exclusive for Life & Style, it was reported that Kate had undergone an emergency c-section and one of the family members had been banned from the hospital after a “blow up.”

OK! Magazine ran a similar story stating that the family member in question was Kate’s mother, Carole Goldsmith. They claimed she went “crazy in the waiting room.”

Victoria Murphy, the Daily Mirror’s Royal correspondent, dismissed claims as “absolutely hilarious” and told the paper: “Kate clearly hasn’t had her baby. We saw her out and about twice earlier this week and she is scheduled to do another engagement next Friday before she goes on her maternity leave.”

“Take it from me, she’s definitely still pregnant. And trust me, when this baby is born there won’t be any missing the news – it will be everywhere,” she continued.

So while rumours are rife, it seems the world will need to wait a little while longer for another Royal baby.

Kate is due in April, as everybody eagerly anticipating would know.

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