Simple Ways To Spend More Time With The Kids

Spending quality time with the kids doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You don’t need to take them on some lavish outing, especially if you can’t afford it – that just causes stress for all of you.

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Instead, there are some really simple and inexpensive ways to spend time with the kids that you can both enjoy. The primary thing to remember is that they want your undivided attention, and that’s about all they want.

Going for a walk

When was the last time you went for a stroll with the kids just to walk and talk to them? It’s so simple but quite often parents have a way of complicating things. The walk doesn’t have to be to a specific destination, make it a bit of an adventure and let them lead the way.

A key thing to note is to leave the technology at home or use it only in an emergency. There’s no point taking the kids for a walk if you’re on the phone the entire time or distracted with other things.

Going for a drive

Last week my son asked if we could go for a drive to nowhere in particular. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t too keen as I had other plans that day. Yet wanting to spend some extra alone time with him, I agreed, and we both ended up having an amazing outing.

We got into the car, just the two of us, and together we decided which direction to drive. Even younger kids will have an idea of where they would like to go. For us this provided an excellent opportunity to have a great conversation. That’s not always an easy task with teens and despite only spending a few hours together, we both continue to feel that connection.

Get involved with their school work

Parents of younger kids will often help with reading and writing tasks. Yet as they get older parents will leave school work predominately to their kids. Many parents have no idea what they are learning at school, particularly in high school. We nag to get the work done but really that’s often where parental input stops.

Ideally, kids want their parents to be involved in their schooling and that includes high school aged kids. Particularly if you’ve got a child who’s not doing homework, being aware of what tasks they have can help them significantly. Plus it provides a perfect opportunity to spend time together.

You can then organize outings which revolve around their schooling. This not only boosts their interest, but it will motivate them to be more productive. You’ll end up spending less time nagging about schoolwork, which equates to more quality time together.

Keep it simple

As basic as it sounds parents need to remind themselves to keep parenting simple. Don’t put additional pressure on yourself to provide a magnificent day out when a few stress free hours together on a regular basis is all they need. It’s all about listening to your kids, sharing their world, their woes and providing your undivided attention. It really is that simple!

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September 13, 2015

Create Beautiful Lasting Memories At Disney On Ice

What’s your earliest childhood memory? For me, it’s a wonderful one with my late dad, marvelling at a starfish at Hawaii, at age three. For my best friend of 20 years, it’s a much-treasured memory of seeing an early version of Disney On Ice, also at age three.

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To a child, few things are as exciting as the magic and wonderment of the ultimate princess experience, Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream, touring the nation now.

Disney, Disney On Ice, Dare To Dream, school holidays activities

And so my two littlies, aged three and two, were beside themselves with joy when we headed to see the show in Brisbane. They’d dressed up in their finest – Frozen-themed dresses, jumpers and shoes – and indeed the scene before the show would have made the late Walt Disney well proud: hordes of Disney princesses as far as the eye could see, even some adult-sized ones also resplendent in costume.

Celebrating 75 years of Disney Princess stories, Dare to dream showcases two of Disney’s modern-day princess stories: Tangled and The Princess and the Frog together with two of its most-beloved fairytales; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella. It’s an action-packed skating spectacle bound to warm your heart, just as it did mine.

My daughters whooped, danced, laughed and smiled non-stop throughout the show – this will warm the cockles of the hearts of even the most tired, jaded parents, just as it did ours. And parents will enjoy the experience too – the beauty, sparkle and skill demonstrated in the ice-skating show are a true joy to behold. How on earth do you run and dance in ice skates? Even the show’s warm-up act displayed Olympian-like prowess on the ice!

This is a great school holidays experience for the whole family. I’m confident my little lasses will savour and remember this experience for many years to come. Check it!

Disney, Disney On Ice, Dare To Dream, school holidays activities

Book tickets for the upcoming Melbourne and Sydney shows now via Ticketek.

July 1, 2015