Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends that can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue. Dubbed as the new sea salt sprays, they are made from concentrated amounts of sugar extracts which can help to strengthen the hair follicle, and make it thick and bouncy!

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How do they work?

Sugar sprays work in the same way a traditional salt spray would: spritz into dry or damp hair, then leave to air-dry naturally for best results. Sugar sprays are actually better for your hair since they don’t leave a sticky residue and will make your hair shine (in the good way!).

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends which can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue.

They are also designed for fine hair types since they create the volume of added texture, making each strand look thick and healthy. Concentrate most of the spray on the mid-section to the bottom of your hair, then massage gently with your fingers to create added volume. You could also dry your hair on a cool temperature to speed-up the process if you’re in a hurry to leave the house.

Where can I get a sugar spray?

Depending on your price range, there are high end options plus a great variety available at the drugstore.

Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Texturising Sugar Mist, $17

Apply the spray to small sections of your hair, then use a diffuser to create the illusion of body and texture in your hair.

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock, $18.99

Or you could make your own elixir using water and sugar and concentrating it mainly on the ends of your hair. For extra lift at the roots, stick to a sea salt spray; or combine the two for a unique look!

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

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September 11, 2015

Half Up Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Want a quick and easy way to take your hairstyle straight from the beach to the bar? Braids are quick and easy-to-learn ways to transform your hair, whether it’s freshly washed or even a little on the oily side. If you do tire of the braid, simply undo your hair and work with the defined curls left behind.

Best for girls with long and un-layered hair, this look is perfect for an evening out since it is very much undone. The more the hairstyle drops, the better it becomes. So don’t worry if it looks a little on the messy side, just spritz with some sea-salt spray and let your hair run it’s natural course.


  1. This hairstyle looks better on hair which is not freshly washed, since it will highlight the natural texture and form. If your hair has recently been washed, wait for it to dry then spray in some mousse or texturising spray. This will give the hair some body, and will allow it to sit in place a lot better.
  2. Let your hair part naturally, and then start off by grabbing a small section from the left side – closest to the face. Then pull a thin strand of hair from underneath and cross it over the top half of the other strand. As you fishtail braid the hair, take strands leading from the forehead down to the ear. Work your way down the length of the hair, then fasten with a hair tie.
  3. To create a messy and undone type of hairstyle, simply rub the braid between your fingers. This will create a more beach-inspired look which is perfect for summer weather.
  4. Repeat the same step on the other side of your head, before fastening the braid with another hair tie. If you’re finding it difficult to distribute the same amount of hair for each braid – don’t fret. Just work on the technique of fish braiding the hair, then everything will fall into place next time.
  5. Now backcomb the hair at the crown of the head. This will give the look some much needed definition without the use of hairspray. You can also achieve this voluminous look by blow drying the hair at the crown on a cool setting.
  6. Grab the ends of each braid and pin them so they are interlocking behind the head. If your hair is extra-long, feel free to create a messy bun from the ends of the braids. Secure the entire look with a few bobby pins, so they won’t fall out.
  7. For some sexy beach waves, spritz a tiny bit of sea salt on the ends of the hair.

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July 12, 2014