All My Darkest Secrets Are Hidden In The Office Restroom

The modern office bathroom has become a place for things to be said and done that would never be uttered beyond its walls.

If Your Husband Is Your Best Friend, You’re Screwed

Maybe it’s the term ‘best friend’ that’s the trouble.

Get down to the Nitty Gritty

How well do you think you know your nearest and dearest? Does your best friend like anchovies on her pizza? If your boyfriend had to have an injection in the eye or stiches in his tongue, which would he prefer? These, and other probing questions will be answered in the roll of the dice with new board game Nitty Gritty.Developed by Aussie chick Nicole Johnschwager of Manly, NSW, Nitty Gritty is aimed at capturing ‘those late nights with firends, gossiping, telling secrets and killing yourself laughing’ when you uncover hitherto unknown quirks, phobias and other quaint personality traits about your loved ones.

There are 1000 questions divided into five categories for hours of up close and personal fun. The squirm-worthy Skeletons In The Closet category has such gems as: ‘Have you ever purchased anything from a sex shop?’, while the Love It/Hate It category tests your knowledge on seemingly simple

questions about likes and dislikes. But be warned, things can get a little sticky, especially after a few wines!A game best played with a group of good friends, Nitty Gritty will have you wincing with embarrassment one minute then howling with laughter the next.

SheSaid’s Six of the Best

1. Would you streak at a football match for $2,000?
2. Have you ever called your partner by a previous partner’s name?
3. Would you stick your hand in a jar of cockroaches for $50?
4. If you went out for dinner with an ex, would you tell your current partner about it?
5. Do you think it’s worhwhile to die for your country?
6. If you found $100 on the beach what would you do?

Available from Target stores nationally $49.95 or for more info see www.nittygrittygame.com