It’s my quirks and habits which make me who I am. 
You were supposed to build me up, not tear me down.
“One teacher with a makeup wipe was powerless to undo the damage of society…”
This isn’t Sleeping Beauty. There’s no prince coming to rescue you.
Ever feel confused about where you stand, or like you’re being taken advantage of? Read on.
The good news is, it’s never too late to get your identity back. 
I pride myself on my self-confidence. Except when it comes to men. 
I find a measure of compassion for her that I’ve never been able to apply to myself.
I’ve learned that someone else’s opinion of my body doesn’t matter.
Don’t suffocate in stress, worrying about the unimportant stuff.
I don’t need a pat on the back for acknowledging something that’s already obvious.
I’m 43-years-old, and I want my mother.
Because no one should have to take recluse in bed every time they eat.