Ditch New Year Resolution & Create A Happy Year

For a FREE one-to-one lifecoaching session at Sarah’s practice, coach2balance, see details at the end of the article.New Year’s resolutions. I’m over them! Who has ever made a New Year’s Resolution and actually stuck to it? I know there are a few of you out there who can prove me wrong and good on you. But for most of us, New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside before we’ve even reached February 1. It’s the whole concept that worries me. Why set major tasks on an evening when most of us are swaying to and fro under the influence of copious amounts of champagne? The world seems rosier and challenges seem a breeze. So why not ditch the New Year’s Resolutions and focus instead on the great things you achieved last year. Focus on what you did accomplish rather than on what you didn’t. By doing this you can identify the things you were doing right. Now let’s see if we can apply them to other areas of your life.The plan of attack:

This year can be different. I remember reading once that the definition of insanity is “doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome.” This rings very true for me and many of those people I coach. Why do it that way? I often get asked and my response is often “why not, has it ever worked the way you have been doing things previously?”

So I propose this New Years Resolution is TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Create a year of new beginnings in all areas of your life.


Based on this let’s look at what you did in the year 2000. List all of your accomplishments. Put them somewhere as a reminder of what you do create.


Identify what you do not want in your life. Distinguish those things that must go. This could be a new attitude, new job, better relationships, your home, and debts. Get clear on those things that are clogging your path.

November 1, 2000

Become happy

If you’ve started to stray off your true path and you don’t know how to get back on to the happy road then you may need to read on. Many unhappy people want to blame their boss, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents or even the government for their unhappy existence. Boring isn’t it? There are many people out there who live in a state of self- pity because they think they aren’t lucky. These sort of people say things like, “Oh! I’m just not lucky” or “They wouldn’t employ me, I’m not good enough”. Christina from the Big Brother house is a perfect example of this type of person. One thing you have to remember is that only you can figure out exactly what would make you happy. It is your job to do this, no one else’s. Have you heard yourself saying something like this?, “I just want my boyfriend to say he loves me a little more”. What you should have really said is, “I would love to be in a loving, romantic relationship with someone.” Another case scenario, “I want my friends to stop making me guilty if I can’t see them.” You should really say, “I want to stop feeling guilty.”Now what you should do rather than harbouring all this unhappiness is answer these three questions. Sit on your own and think about them seriously and once you have finished them, you can either keep them in a special spot, read them to someone you trust or throw them away.

  1. Think about a situation that makes you happy. What elements of this situation do you want to keep? What do you want most right now?
  2. Now think about a situation that makes you feel angry or sad. What is it about that situation that you wish were different.
  3. What do you really want from your life right now?
October 1, 2000