I’m letting go of past hurts, through my vagina. Republished from Whimn.com.au.
Project your endless disappointments into the mirror, which is where I’m quite sure it all starts.
A lifetime of living as “the fat girl” left me with serious emotional scars that no diet could heal.
I am done feeling like a bad person because the number on the scale is higher than it was a year ago.
Oh yeah, she said it! This week women were tweeting about rape culture, pronouns, and body positivity. 
It’s hard to be stressed when aromatherapy smells this damn good. 
“There’s so much more to life than worrying about your size.”
Oh yeah, she said it. This week women were tweeting about boobs, boyfriends and bathrooms. 
Oh, yeah, she said it! This week some wonderfully woke women were tweeting about the Amazon, body positivity and learning to love yourself. 
The only weight young girls need to lose is the weight of a capitalist agenda that preys on the insecurity we teach them to have. 
But here’s what happened when I opened up about it on Facebook …
I’m at my most vulnerable as I address the toxic comments I get online as a woman. 
I’ve always felt uncomfortable about my boobs.
Wake up: you don’t get to decide what I can and can’t wear.
It’s so easy to fall into a pattern where we give and give until there’s nothing left.
It wasn’t like I intended it to work out this way.
Congratulations on having it all figured out. Now keep it to yourself.
It had a far more profound effect on me than I thought it would.