How To Spice Up the Missionary Position

The missionary position is ol’ faithful in the bedroom. It’s what you use when you don’t know what else to use. It can become pretty mundane if it’s a dish you regularly order from the menu, but it doesn’t have to be! Missionary allows for multiple variations with only the slightest of adjustments, so follow these hot little tips for better sex.

Coital Alignment Technique

Otherwise known as CAT, the Coital Alignment Technique is a similar position to traditional missionary, but the man slides his body up a few inches so that his pelvic bone is on top of yours and the whole of his weight is on top of you (rather than on his elbows). He then grinds into you rather than thrusting, so that the base of his penis constantly presses against your clitoris.

While it doesn’t allow for deep penetration for the man, the constant clitoral stimulation is more likely to bring you to orgasm during intercourse.

Pillow play

Placing a pillow underneath your backside during missionary helps to keep your pelvis raised. Penetration will be deeper for the man, and his penis will also hit your frontal wall where the G spot is located, making it a beneficial position for both of you.

Head rush

Dangling your head and shoulders off the edge of the bed while engaging in missionary can heighten an orgasm for some women. As long as you don’t become lightheaded or dizzy, the tingling that occurs in your upper body will create a magical bodily experience when your lower half follows suit.

Knee hugger

Instead of spreading your legs apart as he enters you, bring your knees up to your chest and rest your legs over his shoulders. Not only does this provide deeper penetration for him, his penis will push against the back walls of your vagina for increased stimulation.

Legs together

Bringing your legs together instead of splaying them apart while he is inside you provides a completely different sensation despite being a tiny variation on the missionary position. He will feel your vagina tighten on his penis, and because he is forced to enter you from an angle grinds against your clitoris, it is a more pleasurable way for women to enjoy a position that traditionally favours men.

Do you have any tips to spice up missionary? 

6 Great Sex Positions to Try Right Now

One of the best ways to heat up your love life is by trying a few great sex positions. For great sex and bigger, better orgasms, nothing beats adding a few new tricks to your repertoire. Isn’t great sex worth a little experimenting?

Here are a few hints on how to have the best sex of your life by trying out a new position or two. These “how to” tips should get your motor running in record time!

The Counter Top

We’ve all seen variations of this position in sexy movies, so why not try it yourself? You lie down on a counter or table and he enters you while standing up. This is a great sex position for both of you because he can go in deep and feel in control while you can still move around.

Doggie Style

This is a great sex position for achieving female orgasm, because the woman is free to move around for optimal control. In this position, the male can pleasure her in many ways by stimulating her G-spot and clitoris with his hand or a sex toy. The secret to giving her a mind-blowing orgasm is to provide stimulation to both areas!

Woman on Top

Another position that gives you more control—for the ultimate orgasm. This position with the woman on top while the partners face each other allows her to control the depth and motion while giving both her and her partner access to her clitoris. Guys enjoy this position because they love the view!


Again, the ladies love those positions that offer control over penetration. Spooning offers a tighter fit as well as easy access to the nerve-rich vagina and rectum. This is a great sex position for early morning lovin’!

Pillow Talk

Why not spice up the missionary position by slipping a pillow underneath your booty for an improved angle of penetration? This pelvic lift can help your partner zero in on your G-spot with his penis. How-to hints include experimenting with pillows and folded blankets to find just the perfect amount of lift.

Ankles Up

The downside of the missionary position is the lack of full penetration. You can correct that by lifting your ankles up over his shoulders or placing the soles of your feet on his chest. This lets his penis go inside you as deeply as possible and hit your G-spot for a thrilling orgasm!

Fess up: what are your favourite sex positions?

Between the sheets – Ask him to give you a belly orgasm.

Yeah, we hadn’t heard of it either!Sit erect on the edge of a chair. He should stand behind you and place his hands, pointing downwards, in a triangle on your abdomen-and rub. You’ll feel your ovaries get warm and tingle a bit. Breathe deeply. You’ll soon begin to feel a sexy buzz.

Get him to tickle your Ahh! zone.

Known as the anterior fornix zone, it’s a soft, squashy bump located on the front wall of the vagina between the G-spot and the cervix. This hot spot, kind of like a second G-spot, has awesome bliss potential-studies show that stroking here helps women to become easily lubricated and experience single or multiple orgasms during sex.

Hear this: Ears are an underrated erogenous zone.

The lobe and the small area behind the shell have a hot line to the nerves. Stimulation from a darting tongue or a light, probing finger can be a powerful aphrodisiac especially when combined with heavy breathing into the ear. Some men find it so exciting they actually climax from it.

Between the sheets – Sick of the missionary position?

Sick of the old missionary position? Why not try this creative variation.

This position is slightly more technically advanced than the basic missionary position for the adventuresome couple only!
The person on bottom and the person on top switch leg positions. The person on bottom closes their legs (in the missionary position, the legs straddle (the person on top)). The person on top straddles the legs of the person on bottom. Visually, at least in my mind, it looks as if the person on top is doing a wide-legged push up. The benefit of this position is simple: for the person on top, additional stimulation to the penis and for the person on bottom, additional sensations on the inner thighs. Caution: the top position is a good physical workout. Expect to sweat.

The two in one orgasm

Sex experts believe we experience two types of orgasmic sensations-the first is a sharp twinge that occurs when the clitoris or base of the penis is stimulated; the second is a warm melting feeling that happens when the inside of the vagina or the shaft of the penis is aroused to climatic heights.You can experience both types, one after the other in a single love fest. How? He caresses your clitoris until it’s almost too sensitive to touch; then he moves his attention to your vagina. Once you are feeling totally aroused, he moves back to your clitoris. Meanwhile, you are doing the same with his penis, moving from the base to the shaft to the head, and back again. Experience an hour of climatic bliss.

For a more intense orgasm, lie on your back with your head lower than the rest of your body, either by lifting your hips with your hands, with the help of some supporting pillows under your hips, or by positioning yourself so that your head hangs slightly off the bed. This increases blood flow to your brain and changes your breathing, both of which can add to arousal.