Camera Vibrators For The Ultimate Vagelfie

Selfies have come further in the past 18 months than anyone could have anticipated, and now, there’s a new kid on the block. Enter (pardon the pun) the age of vaginal selfies, or vagelfies. No longer content on taking selfies of the outer regions of the body, women are sending intimate pics of their private parts to partners, and into cyberspace!

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With each new trend comes a new wave of technology. There are now two unique adult toys ready to capture the ultimate vagelfies, plus a playful addition for couples to have some intimate fun with.

The Sex Selfie Stick, as it’s been playfully named, is a great little toy for couples that brings technology into the bedroom. Just as the adopted name implies, it’s a 165mm x 25 mm rigid silicon vibrator which comes in three colours, violet (pictured), black and khaki.

The one major difference is it has a built-in camera lens and LED light at the tip. This is to illuminate the otherwise dark nether-regions which only gynecologists have had the opportunity to see. It can also be used for women who want to investigate their vaginal region if they have any health concerns such as cysts.

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The Sex Selfie Stick is priced at around $185 and has been a massive hit. Sexploration now has a whole new meaning and couples and singles are having more fun than never before. Plus, this brings a whole new dimension to sexting and phone sex. Apparently orgasmic contractions can be captured on screen and sent into cyberspace –great for long distance relationships or keeping it fresh!

As far as vagelfies go some are proudly sharing their pics and videos online. Did you know that there’s a website for that?! The downside of this neat little toy has been the need for the cable and being attached to a computer during camera operation. However, manufacturers have rectified this by producing the Siime Eye – a product that has all the original features but the versatility of wireless use. Coming in at around $80, that’s probably more the go!

vagelfies, vaginal selfies, sex selfie stick, sex toys


Users have been exceptionally impressed with both models and the response has been overwhelming. Who would have thought so many people would want a birds-eye vision of their vagina!? Some did argue after the release of the original model, however, that their selfie or belfie sticks could take similar shots.

So, if you want to see how it works, you can view the demo on YouTube. And lastly, if you want to purchase the sex gadget, ask your local adult sex-toy shop if they stock it or head to SVOKOM for more information.

There’s no doubt that this is the latest in sex toys, and given the response, what’s the bet that this is just the tip of the iceberg in sex toys to come!

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May 1, 2015

Sex Selfies: Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

Is sex an intimate, loving act between two people OR something to show your 2768 closest friends on Facebook or Instagram?

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Enter the case of the sex selfie – or sexfie, if you will – whereby an increasing number of Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts are popping up on social media, urging people to post before, during and after sex selfies, presumably taken with another consenting adult.

If this repulses you, as it does me – the horrors cannot be unseen, once you’ve chanced upon it online – perhaps we’re not the target demographic, as it seems to be the latest popular social media craze primarily among teenagers and twenty-somethings.

So, what are the repercussions of sex selfies? Is it just a bit of fun or something much more sinister? And how should you react if a friend or family member is posting such risqué shots of themselves online?

Leading Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein is no fan of sex selfies either, saying it cheapens sex and is degrading to both men and women. “It’s wrong – I worry about the way social media makes teenagers and young adults disconnect with the meaning of sex,” she says. “They’re so consumed by sharing it and copying what other people are doing. It’s like: ‘I’m flaunting to everyone else that I just had sex.’

“It goes beyond peer pressure, it’s societal conformity! It’s FOMO (fear of missing out) as its worst and this is amplified by a thousand because of social media.”

sex selfies, relationships, intimacy issues

As to what posting sex selfies offers people, Dr Nikki says the enjoyment comes from the psychological buzz. “For teenagers and young adults, it’s about the attention you receive once you post it – getting the social media ‘likes’ and the ego boost from boasting about it to your mates.

“The loss of intimacy is a massive thing – young people aren’t being taught about the joys of intimacy by positive role models.”

So, what if young girls are being coerced into having their sex pics posted online? Dr Nikki says this is also an issue as young people are so desperate to just fit in.

“Sex selfies might get young women in precarious situations whereby they’re doing  things they’re not wholly comfortable with.

“And it can potentially be degrading to both sexes – they’re both seeing each other as objects.”

sex selfies, relationships, intimacy issues

As to what impact sex selfies have on relationships, Dr Nikki says the outlook is bleak. “The big risk is for future relationships: will they be based on intimacy and pleasure? Or will this sex selfie craze lead to more relationship and marital breakdowns and infidelity?

“People are looking for the wrong thing.”

Another red flag, she says, is sex selfies’ enormous potential to embarrass the participants.

“A lot of young people aren’t aware of how easily accessible social media pictures are,” Dr Nikki says. “A lot of people’s families are on Facebook. And there are a lot of people being shamed on social media without their consent and this can even lead to bigger societal problems like suicide.”

Of course, telling young people not to do something can have the exact opposite effect, especially given the practice is trendy, in part, due to the shock factor. But Dr Nikki advises people to openly discuss the dangers of sex selfies with their peers and family members.

“Today’s fast-paced technology often means a total disconnect for young people,” Dr Nikki says.

“Where does it go next? There’s a lot of mind-numbing going on right now.”

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What do you think? Are sex selfies just risqué fun or something much more dangerous?


  • Once a picture leaves your control it can easily and quickly be shared with many people. A recent study by the UK Internet Watch Foundation showed that up to 88 per cent of self-generated images, including sex selfies, have been collected and put onto other sites.
  • If you or a loved one is at risk of abuse, or have been abused online or offline, or had your image shared without consent you can report the abuse to the Australian Federal Police at You can also report it to your local police station and may also want to seek independent legal advice.

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February 3, 2015