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You decide it’s time to spice up your love life, but there isn’t a sex toy in sight. Maybe you’re staying the night at bae’s and your whole naughty kit and caboodle is stashed under your bed at home, or maybe you’re strapped for cash and can’t rationalize blowing $200 on a vibrator.

Thankfully, as it turns out, there are a plethora of everyday household items that can be used as sex toys.

It’s important to be inventive in the bedroom to keep things interesting, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get off in fun new ways. In fact, the possibilities are pretty much endless when you get creative with what you already have in your home.

Just be cautious, as risks always exist with any improvized sex toy. You don’t want your night of passion ending up in the emergency room. So always be clean, cautious, and go easy.

Whether you’re playing alone or have someone to join in on the fun, here are eight household objects that’ll help you get to Pleasure Town even faster…

1. Cucumber

The most phallic of vegetables, everyone seems to have one in their crisper. And the girth and length of the cucumber makes for a perfect DIY dildo. Add the coldness of being in the fridge, and you have an extra stimulating toy at the ready. Just ensure it’s washed and used with a condom, and definitely don’t serve it to your dinner guests afterwards.

2. Kitchen spatula 

A multi-use kitchen utensil most of us use to whip up post-coitus pancakes with, now your humble spatula can help put you in the mood, too. Spatulas are smooth in texture and non-sharp, so perfect for stroking the body with and then delivering a nice swift spank. To find your spanking threshold, simply start soft and work your way up in intensity.

3. Banana

You could spend your pay packet on the latest G-Spot stimulator, or you could head to your fruit bowl and improvize instead. Bananas are curved perfectly to hit your G-Spot with little effort required – just make sure you put a condom on first and use one that’s fairly firm. Alternatively, a banana skin makes the perfect sheath for guys to slide their penis in and out of for ultimate stimulation during foreplay.

4. Hair brush 

Why not get ready in the morning then take your beauty tools back to bed with you? A hair brush can tickle and tease all of the erogenous zones of the body quite like nothing else can. Go soft or hard bristle, or even mix it up by swapping between the two; then work in circular motions over the body to get the blood pumping in all the right places.

5. Shower head 

Warm rushing water on your clitoris is a guaranteed way to get off quickly and cost-free when you’re home alone. Alternatively, using your shower time as a pre-sex warm-up to get you in the mood is a great way to get clean and dirty with your SO at the same time…

6. Washing machine 

For the times when you’re feeling a little lazy, let your washing machine do the hard work for you. Sitting on the washing machine while having sex will vibrate your entire body, giving you a head-to-toe earth-shattering orgasm. You’re welcome.

7. Spoons

Chill metal spoons in the freezer then massage them over your partner’s erogenous zones (read: lips, nipples, thighs) for a sexy foreplay sesh that’s oh-so cool.

8. Clothespins

Whoever thought the clothespins you use to hang out your clothes would make a fun little BDSM toy? Excellent for heightening sensation play during sex, or by yourself, clothespins applied gently to nipples can delicately squeeze and entice. Just be careful taking them off so as not to do damage.

Images via giphy.com and tumblr.com.

Comment: What household items have you discovered also double as DIY sex toys?



Where Angels Fear To Tread (… but go anyway)

Where Angels Fear To Tread (… but go anyway)

I?m always surprised by the number of women I meet who say they?ve never set foot inside a sex toy shop. Actually, not just surprised but aghast. But then I?m very openminded and some women are less so. I?d like to suggest however, that it?s not only an eye-opening adventure but a fun one, and especially worth a few laughs if you go along with a girlfriend.

The trick is not to go in expecting men in trench coats, a sleazy guy behind the counter and a particularly bad 1980?s porno soundtrack playing in the background. These days, many adult shops are designed with women in mind. I will say though, that I went to one that looked like a throwback from the good ol? 70?s, complete with psychedelic wallpaper peeling at the corners, a big burly guy with a handlebar moustache and many dust-covered toys aimed more for men.

Ladies, trust me. If you have a spare couple of hours, cross the threshold with a couple of your closest friends and enjoy the sights and delights that an adult toy shop has to offer.

There are all kinds of items for sale, including board games (of the adult variety), naughty ice cube trays shaped like breasts for instance, slinky lingerie, novelty trinkets, condoms of a gazillion different varieties, and flavoured body paints and lubes from kahlua to fruits of the forest. Then of course, there are dildoes, vibrators, handcuffs with fluffy covers, and heaps more fascinating and intriguing paraphernalia.

Many of these stores are staffed by women. Female customers make up the majority of clientele in this Noughties Decade of the New Millennium. Women are more curious, more assertive and more open to their own sexuality and thus, like to explore different possibilities in their sex lives. So clever entrepreneurs find ways to cater for the female customer. Saleswomen, non-threatening music, shop layouts like a department store and brightly-coloured, well-lit interiors create an atmosphere in which ladies can feel comfortable and inspired.

Of course, if you really want to be discrete you can easily purchase sex toys online at sites such as www.sharonausten.com. But you can’t go past the devilish little thrill that goes with being surrounded by dozens of phallic objects and sexy toys and lingerie, and the opportunity to touch them with your hands and check out their size, texture and colour up close and personal? At some stores, you can even taste test the lubes and chocolate body paints! Don?t you absentmindedly grin at the idea of buying something that comes with free batteries, and that isn?t from Mattel? These are toy stores for grown-ups. Indulge yourself, live a little and while you?re at it, make a wish list. Santa may only come once a year but with his sack filled with mischievous goodies, finding out who?s naughty and nice keeps the old man ho-ho-ho?ing along!

Gina Luca

* Gina is a freelance writer whose passion for talking to people on the Internet provides much inspiration for her writing.