“I don’t condone treating sex workers as objects, but I do treat their services as a commodity.”
I answer calls at my own discretion; if I feel uncomfortable, I have the right to say “no” and hang up.
You don’t have to be a prostitute or a porn star to earn money from sex.
How many people can say they play with sex toys during their morning meetings? 
In a post #MeToo era, how does sexual consent work, when the people involved have been paid to perform?
It’s sad people react negatively to women who choose sex work. 
Mistress Natalie is just like any other woman. Except she has a very impressive whip collection.
I am not denying that some strippers may find their jobs empowering, but in my experience, stripping is no more or less empowering than any other job I’ve had.
I know this isn’t what you pictured for me at 26, but it’s a job, and it’s the best job for me.
We have enough women hating in this world already. Do you really want to add to it?
You may not like what you’re about to read, but you need to hear it.
People don’t have a clue how to distinguish voluntary sex workers from exploited trafficking victims.
Like many of us who have experienced unemployment, Always Greener actor and former Play School presenter Merridy Eastman turned to her local Centrelink office for assistance. They found her a job as...