These feminist podcasts are taking down the patriarchy, one issue at a time. 
Clothes do not make the woman. Or do they…?
My husband fearlessly carries my purse, helps our daughter shop for prom dresses and enjoys being the passenger in my car.
It’s time to change the discussion when it comes to women and sex.
If you make me split the bill on a date with you, don’t expect me to go out with you again.
I get teary-eyed at the thought of explaining racism to her.
“I wish I could build a time machine to go back to when you were hot.”
Don’t tell me my dress looks good on me between the hours of nine to five.
It hardly bothers me anymore. And that’s what bothers me.
To the casual observer, I was taking his ‘jokes’ with a grain of salt. Inwardly, I was panicking.
It’s not a wild leap to link sexist culture to an abundance of codependency issues in women.
I stumbled into a world of misogynism, humiliation and degradation. And I liked it.
Yep, even in 2018, women are losing in the workplace. 
The Olympic sport has historically been arguably over-involved in what its female athletes do – or do not – wear. 
Studies show one in three porn viewers are women. So why the silence, shame and stigma?
I stopped sitting there and taking it, and started calling people out. And the results were nothing like what I expected.
“Women must earn less than men because they are weaker.”