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It all gets a bit complicated, but does it really need to be?

Serve Him Up: Djokovic Voted US Open’s Sexiest Player

With the US Open in its third day of play, the temperature is rising on the sticky, humid courts of Flushing Meadows, New York City. However, it’s not just the thermometer that’s making the stadiums steamy. Victoria Milan, a dating website for married/attached people looking to cheat (move over, Ashley Madison), has taken a very interesting US Open poll. According to the ladies on the website, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is not just #1 in the rankings, he’s also been voted the #1 most desirable player at the 2015 tournament.

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In order to discover this staggering statistic, the website asked 8,364 of its female members whether tennis players feature in their sexual fantasies. A colossal 79 per cent of these women admitted that the heaving, lunging forehands, backhands and aces made them a little hot under the collar, with a few clear favourites. Novak Djokovic led the pack at 28 per cent, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal (of Tommy Hilfiger fame) came in a close second at 24 per cent and the Swiss maestro Roger Federer rolled in at third with 16 per cent.

Here are the Victoria Milan data specifics, to give you an idea of who to save your smile for:

1. Novak Djokovic – 28%
2. Rafael Nadal – 24%
3. Roger Federer – 16%
4. Fabio Fognini – 9%
5. Gilles Simon – 7%
6. David Ferrer – 5%
7. Benoît Paire – 5%
8. Andy Murray – 3%
9. Feliciano Lopez – 2%
10. Grigor Dimitrov – 1%

Personally, I think Rafael Nadal should be a resounding number 1, but, like, whatever…

This isn’t the first time that tennis players have been acknowledged as the best celebrity crushes. InStyle and Elle magazine have each recently released a list of the sexiest male tennis stars, citing (along with the top three) players such as the Czech Tomas Berdych, Italy’s Fabio Fognini (Google him, you’ll thank me later), and the smoldering Spaniard Feliciano Lopez (who was recently described by commentators as “genetically modified”).

And they’re not the only ones jumping on the bandwagon. Sugarscape.com capitalized on the terrific tennista trend circa Wimbledon, compiling their own top 14 list. Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov (ex-boyfriend of Russian beauty Maria Sharapova) got the biggest mention, because let’s face it, he’s magnificent. And don’t forget the 6 foot 10 American John Isner, the boyish good looks of Canada’s Milos Raonic, and Spain’s David Ferrer, whose Disney-esque face and princely physique will leave you breathless (again, please, PLEASE Google him).

So what is it about tennis players that makes them so incredibly crushable? CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, stated that the fact that tennis players do it for the ladies is not surprising. “Muscles flexing, sweat dripping, determination and strength are all showcased during the US Open, and once a bit of imagination kicks in, it’s no wonder the female members of the audience are the most avid viewers. Everyone has a fantasy – and it’s easy to see how US Open tennis players just make it so easy for women,” he explained.

But it’s not just all that sweaty, gladiatorial action on court that makes us gleefully giggle. Think about it; these guys are not only in peak physical condition, plus super tall (no need to sacrifice the stilettos), they’re just inherently dateable. They’re disciplined as hell (none of that egomaniacal superstar actor crap), conditioned to keep their heads in high pressure situations, and all that practice at good-sportsmanship gives them a gentlemanly core. Add to that the fact that they get flown around the world by sponsors for 10 months of the year with their entourage of coaches, family, and partners, and you’ve got the perfect boyfriend!

I am unashamed to say that on my bucket list, along with skydiving, meeting Meryl Streep, and hunting for sexy vampires in New Orleans (they all apparently live in the South), is spending a period of time as a tennis WAG. Seriously, I can think of nothing better than running around the world with my gorgeous, disciplined, gentlemanly boyfriend, and watching tennis from the exclusive players’ box all day, every day. Admit it; 2015 is a VERY attractive year for tennis. So gentleman, if your wife or girlfriend has developed a sudden interest in the sport, be warned; she’s probably (in fact, definitely) in awe of more than the fabulous tennis skills on display.

I’ll leave you now with a serve of my top 10 US Open tennis hotties. You’re welcome.

Images via The Guardian, Tommyhilfiger.com, Dailymail, Harpers Bazaar, Tennis View, Aircelchennaiopen.org, Express, Ksiazkizbojeckie.blox.pl, Sexpornimages.com, Zimbio, Tennisworldusa.org

Sex Survey Reveals Aussies’ Bucket List Of Sexual Fantasies

Australians are more sexually curious and adventurous than ever before, a recent sex study has revealed.

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The Under the Covers Sex Survey was commissioned by Australia’s largest adult dating site, Adult Match Maker, in late 2014. Developed by Sydney sexologist, Dr Michelle Mars, who specialises in the sociology of sex gender and sexual well-being, it primarily focussed on sexuality and sexual fantasies.

More than 7,600 Australian respondents answered AMM’s inaugural sex survey anonymously, shedding light on what blows our hair back in the bedroom. So, is straight sex really the norm anymore? Apparently not! And women are more sexually bold and willing to explore and take risks than ever before, according to the sex survey.

“One of the major findings is that we may not all be as straight or as sexually conservative as we think we are,” Dr Mars says. “Women in particular seem to be up to some interesting things!”

sex survey, sex, sexual fantasises

Key sex survey findings included: “kinky sex” is a popular fantasy with 60 per cent of respondents, and post-Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) is popular, with 30 per cent of respondents including it in their list of sexual fantasies.

And look out heterosexual blokes, you may have more competition than ever before; 36 per cent of women identified as bisexual and the heterosexual women who took part in the survey are 50 per cent more likely than men to fantasise about women and 50 per cent more likely to act on their fantasies.

In addition, there’s some key differences between what men and women fantasise about.

“Men have a wider range of sexual fantasies, scoring higher in all categories and are more likely to be drawn to hardcore activities such as golden showers and porn,” Dr Mars says. “Women, on the other hand, are more likely to fantasise about sex toys, tantric sex and their partners.

“But 30 per cent of both women and men like the idea of strap-on sex.”

So, what’s so great about strap-on sex?

“The short answer is,” says Dr Mars, “there are all sorts of spots in the anus and vagina that don’t get the attention they might during sex, or perhaps they do get attention but not at the same time, the prostate gland and the penis come to mind.”

sex survey, sex, sexual fantasises

Other key survey findings concern our sexual identity. For, some 25 per cent of respondents identified as bisexual, 0.4 per cent of women identified as lesbian, 1.6 per cent of men identified as gay and a further 5 per cent said they are unsure about their current sexual orientation.

Dr Mars says while the lesbian and gay figures are in line with Australian population estimates, the percentage that identified as bisexual or unsure far exceeds previous population study estimates which put the nation’s bisexual population at less than two per cent.

So, in the wake of the sex survey, what’s Dr Mars’ overall advice when it comes to exploring our sexuality? She believes we need to be more light-hearted and pleasure-focused in our sexual thinking.

“When we seriously consider sex we tend to think about health and disease rather than considering the links between sex health, mindfulness and quality of life,” she says. “It’s time we started exploring and understanding our sexuality and the ways it can help us to live happier healthier lives.”

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What do you think? Is this in line with your sexual fantasies?

Images, in order, via nypost.com, supplied and www.timeanddate.com.

How Normal Are Your Sexual Fantasies?

A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine sought to uncover the most common and uncommon sexual fantasies in men and women, and – perhaps unsurprisingly – found quite a disparity in the results.

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The study asked 1,516 people (799 men and 718 women) what they fantasized about, and found that most of us are pretty vanilla, although the nature of what we fantasized about varied dramatically based on gender.

While 61 per cent of men fantasized about interracial sex, only 27 per cent of women shared this fantasy. Fifty-seven per cent of men wanted to have sex with someone younger, compared to just 18 per cent of women.

Being sexually dominated – spanking, bondage, forced sexual experiences – was popular among both men and women, but the latter was one of the most prominent fantasies for women (more than 60 per cent) – a fact the researches think links to the prominence of 50 Shades of Grey. However, women were far less likely to want their fantasies realized.

The most typical fantasies for women involved having sex in a specific place, while the most predominant fantasy among males was – surprise, surprise – the threesome.

Regardless of the differences, one thing was certain: almost everybody wants oral sex!

Within both sexes, urination (either peeing on or being peed on) is among the least common sexual fantasies.

See more of the findings in this awesome graph made by Reddit user, IronyAndWhine.

How normal are your sexual fantasies?Image via 2dayfm.com.au

How’s your sex life?

Men dream about sex with their best mate?s girlfriend, girls about lesbian sex, both agree the opposite sex just don?t get it when it comes to foreplay. That?s the bottom line according to the results of the recent Durex Global Sex Survey. In its sixth year, the survey was completed by over 50,000 people around the world.Here?s what was revealed?

People around the world are enjoying a busy love life, having sex an average of 139 times a year. And some countries are racing way ahead ? the French are the most amorous having sex 167 times a year followed by the Dutch (158) and the Danes (152). Australians fared well having sex on average 144 times per year. Lovers in Singapore (110) and Thailand (112) have sex the least.

Almost a quarter of people globally (24%) declared they would have sex within a month, and 17% said on the first night. Half the people said they had a one-night stand and men are more likely than women to have a fling, but only just (54% compared to 42% of women).

Australian women revealed they wanted more foreplay (42%) and wanted their lovers to be creative, gentle and slow down when making love. Boys think women lack creativeness and also wanted more foreplay. 13% of men also revealed they wanted their partner to talk less in bed.

The car is still the most popular place to have public sex for Australians (68%) followed by the beach (44%), in the park (39%) and in the bush (36%). 10% said they had sex in a telephone booth.

Norwegians are more likely to have sex on the first night (32%) but it doesn?t always last with 72% admitting to a one-night stand.

The Durex Global Sex Survey revealed that more than two thirds (68%) would reveal their sexual fantasies to their partner but are less likely to own up to an affair (47%).

More than 40% of Australian men fantasised about having sex with a best mate?s partner while half the Australian women surveyed admitted to fantasising about sex with another woman. Globally, the most popular fantasy is sex with a celebrity with 65% of people admitting they?ve thought about it.