Sharon Stone On The Cover Of L’Officiel Australia

Hollywood legend Sharon Stone prepares her return to the spotlight, appearing on the cover of the February 2015 edition of L’Officiel Australia. Sitting for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with the magazine, 2015 sees Stone reclaiming her superstar status, the culmination of a long climb back to the top following a brush with death in 2001 that almost cost her everything.

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The 56-year-old speaks frankly about survival and sexuality alongside a photographic portfolio that proves the actress remains as assured in her own skin today as she was 23 years ago in her breakthrough role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct.

From that seminal role to her L’Officiel shoot, Stone is no stranger to controversy but, she says, “I can play a provocative character, that doesn’t make me provocative.”

L'Officiel Australia, Sharon Stone

Matthew Paroz, L’Officiel Australia Executive Editor, who interviewed Stone for the February issue says: “After nearly three decades in the business, Sharon is determined to make 2015 her biggest yet. In many respects, she’s an old-fashioned movie star – but unlike past generations, she embraces her age. With all she’s been through, she sees growing older as an honour.”

The February issue of L’Officiel Australia is a celebration of beauty from 20-year-old Lily McMenamy (daughter of ’90s supermodel Kristen McMenamy) to 43-year-old soul singer Erykah Badu and former model Stone. Models Poppy Delevigne, Barbara Palvin and Elisa Sednaoui also feature, as does actress and new mother Lake Bell. Star chef Heston Blumenthal speaks with L’Officiel on the eve of his move to Australia and the magazine also talks with fashion designer Michael Kors about the road to success—which, for him, has been anything but smooth.

The February 2015 edition of L’Officiel Australia follows the debut issue of the French fashion and luxury magazine last month. The 94-year-old publication is France’s oldest and most respected fashion title, and the 25th international edition brings an inimitable Gallic savoir faire with an Australian accent.

January 21, 2015

Marky Marky and his new girl

Marky Marky and his new girl

Gone are the Calvins and here come the nappies and sleepless nights. Actor, Mark Wahlberg and his girlfriend, model Rhea Durham, became parents last week says The Italian Job star’s publicist. The girl, named Ella Rae, was born in Los Angeles, where the couple share a home. No word on the newborn’s weight or other details. It’s the first child for Wahlberg, 32, and Durham, 25. The two former underwear models (he for Calvin Klein, she for Victoria’s Secret) have been dating since 2001, after the breakup of Wahlberg’s relationship with The Fast and the Furious actress Jordana Brewster. ”Rhea is what I was looking for,” Wahlberg once told People magazine. ”She has really strong morals and high standards, and I like that.” Nice to see strong morals still get the spunky guys!

Stone’s not rushing into anything

Since recently announcing her divorce from Phil Bronstein, executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, actress Sharon Stone apparently isn’t rushing back into the dating scene as reported in some local mags. Stone allegedly told Access Hollywood she hasn’t dated at all since she and her husband separated. So guess Goldie Hawn?s son is safe at this stage! “This is a whole new life”, Stone admitted. She says she wants “to take it kinda slow” and “do it in a way that’s fun and gentle.” Phew! Glad she doesn?t want to do it fast and hard!

Elle attacks post-natal diets

Elle Macpherson, known as ?the Body’, has recently attacked the current fad for fast post-natal weight loss, saying there appears to be a “competition” between women to see who could lose weight most quickly after a baby. “It’s unhealthy for both mother and child,” Macpherson said in the October edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Celebrity mums, including Victoria Beckham and Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah-Jessica Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones, just to name a few, are encouraging women to go on crash-diets straight after giving birth. ?I haven’t lost every skerrick of weight yet, but that’s normal – I only had Cy in February,? said Elle. ?Sure, I may not be skinny-skinny, but who cares?” Elle has attacked the “ridiculous” pressure on women to lose weight quickly after childbirth. Good on you Elle, most of wished we looked as good as she did after having a child and being almost 40 too!


September 9, 2003

Wanna see a catfight?

Wanna see a catfight?

According to the Hollywood Reporter the newly single Sharon Stone is in talks to play the villainess in Catwoman starring Halle Berry. Stone would apparently be playing the role of cosmetics giant who secretly runs an evil empire. Mrs Evil perhaps?

Sex Author Comes Out With New Book

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell takes a darker look at the world of sex in her new novel Trading Up. Early reviews report that the book tells the story of anti-heroine Janey Wilcox, a Victoria’s Secret model who sleeps with men to get ahead and befriends women solely for the same purpose. “Janey figured she might as well use sex as a weapon and enjoys using sex as a power over men. But the interesting thing about the book is it shows that using sex as a power over men doesn’t really work anymore,” Bushnell told reporters in a recent interview. “Relationships (with men) don’t last forever any more; it really is about female bonding.” Well said Candace!

You Muppet!

“Muppet,” “Eeyorish” and “bada bing” among the 3000 new words included in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which hits stores this month. But what exactly does “bada bing” stand for – it’s defined as “an effortless act.” We knew that!

Is anyone there?

Sounds like Ren?e Zellwegergot more than she bargained for when she bought a summer house in the Hamptons. Even though the yanks rave about summer in the Hamptons?, it can be a ruined when a ghost won’t leave! According to Sky News, the “Chicago” star has been plagued by a bothersome poltergeist, which is why she had to call in an actual ghost buster. The psychic expert told Zellweger that the unwanted house guest has been living there for years and her name is Lillian. According to those who have lived there before, she often plays tricks on the residents. “My first experience was sensing a presence,” one former owner said. “And one night, when I was lying in bed, it felt like there was a large block of ice next to me.” Hopefully Debra Messing from Will and Grace isn?t scared by spooky visitors as Renee offloaded her haunted house on the red-head and her husband!

Jude Law: Footloose and Fancy Free?

Now reports from the celebrity spotters for the New York Post say Jude Law is not pining away at the news of his divorce and that he was actually out celebrating his new freedom this past weekend at a party thrown by actor Stephen Dorff in Malibu. There were a bevy of beauties in attendance, including Courtney Cox, Natalie Imbruglia and a very single Sharon Stone. “Jude came with Jonny Lee Miller (Angelina Jolie’s ex-hubby) and talked to all the girls,” one source reports. “Let’s just put it this way, he is very single.”


August 26, 2003