How To Avoid Razor Burn

Let’s just set the record straight – it’s not only men who suffer from the terrible side effects of razor burn!

Sometimes even shaving your legs with a fresh blade and layers of shaving gel isn’t enough to keep the itchiness and sensitivity away. Follow just a few of our tips to get flawless legs in no-time!

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DIY shaving lotion

Don’t use the same old-shaving gel packed with countless chemicals and fragrances which are probably breaking out your skin in the first place. Make your own with just a few handy ingredients straight from the pantry.

Mix together equal amounts of rubbing alcohol, witch hazel (or any other toner), 8 aspirin tablets and crush until they form a fine paste. Apply this to your skin after shaving to prevent any future rashes or razor burn.


After shaving your legs, it’s important to wash-off the product with lukewarm water. We don’t want the water to be boiling hot since it could only irritate your skin as well as your pores. Pat your legs dry with a towel, then immediately apply a thick, hydrating moisturiser to your legs.

Pay attention to problem areas such as ankles, behind your knees, and your knee caps since they require some extra care. This will prevent any future rashes from popping up all over your skin.

Clean razor

Sometimes using a razor which is old or blunt can lead to endless skin conditions such as razor burn. Every time you finish using it, rinse well with soap and warm water to remove any hairs or shaving gel which can build-up, and clog the blade. Pat dry with a towel and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or running water.

Shea butter

Over-exposed pores can usually be a nightmare to deal with, especially since they can bleed when interacting with a razor. If you suffer from these bumps, it’s important to use an oil-free shaving lotion which won’t harm your skin.

Shave carefully in large strides, and don’t unnecessarily go over the area more than once. When your legs have dried, apply a sheer butter over the area and relax – this will soothe your legs and will eliminate any bumps on your pores.


Do you exfoliate before or after shaving? The best time to give your skin a little TLC is before going in and shaving your legs. Run a shower or warm bath and soak for 10-15 minutes. Now is the best time to exfoliate your entire body with a formula which isn’t too drying – but still leaves skin looking and feeling flawless. Wash-off the product, then use a mild shower gel before shaving.


Did you know that deodorant helps to eliminate any side effects of razor burn? Dab just a bit of the thick formula on your bumps and razor burns to instantly soothe irritable skin (but only use a stick-deodorant!) Aerosol cans should not be used on exposed or cracked skin since they can make the area feel 10x worse.

Do you have any tips for treating or avoiding razor burn?

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